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Taiwanese Official Declares Island Will ‘Not Bow to Intimidation of the Chinese’

Pro-independence supporters carry a banner shouting that Taiwan is not part of China outside of the Democratic Progressive Party, or DPP, presidential campaign headquarters Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016, in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwanese turned out to vote for a new president Saturday, with the China-friendly Nationalist Party likely to lose power …
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Christian Converts from Islam Regularly ‘Bullied’, ‘Threatened’ in Netherlands

And we wonder why some whites hate immigrants and start slaughtering innocents.... Maybe cause nobody cares that much more Muslim violence against Christians is happening world wide.

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Dutch Christian relief organizations report that Muslim immigrants who convert to Christianity are regularly threatened or bullied, with some saying they get death threats “every single day.”

In an article published this week by Crux, a U.S.-based online Catholic news outlet, three former Muslims living in the Netherlands relate the hostility they suffer for their decision to convert to Christianity.

One man, an Iraqi national named Faradoun Fouad, said he converted in 1999 and soon after began receiving death threats.

“Directly after my conversion to Christianity I received the first threats. People who I thought were my friends, became my enemies,” he said.

“Even Muslims who are not very conservative told my wife that they would kill me,” Fouad said. “I’m still getting threats every single day.”

He said the threats take different forms, through phone calls or text messages, and even though he has reported them to the police several times, the threats continue.

In Islamic law, apostasy — conversion from Islam to another religion — is punishable by death.


Want to turn off the internet? It could happen if a solar storm hits the Earth

It's happened before and it could happen again.

Roughly 2,700 years ago, an unusually powerful solar storm swept past the Earth, scientists announced in a new study. Though it had little to no impact on people in that long ago, pre-industrial and pre-technological world, such an event today would cause widespread power outages along with potentially disastrous communication and navigation failures.

The solar storm, which was in 660 B.C., was about 10 times stronger than any known event in the past 70 years, study lead author Raimund Muscheler said.

A solar storm of that strength would be "a threat to modern society in terms of communication and navigation systems, space technologies and commercial aircraft operations,” the study said.

Scientists studied ancient ice in Greenland to uncover clues about previous solar storms. Looking at an ice core that dated as far back as 100,000 years, researchers found radioactive isotopes that indicated a very powerful solar storm 2,700 years ago.


Pakistan Military Accuses India of Airstrikes Across Kashmir Border -UPDATED

This is serious business as both nations have Nukes and could create World War Three

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s military spokesman tweeted that Indian aircraft crossed into Pakistan on Tuesday and carried out an airstrike but said there were no casualties from the attack.

image from media.breitbart.comMaj. Gen Asif Ghafoor said the Indian “aircrafts” crossed into the Pakistan-controlled Muzafarabad sector of Kashmir. He added that Pakistan scrambled fighter jets and before turning back, the Indian jets they “released payload in haste,” near Balakot, on the edge of Pakistani-ruled Kashmir.

There has been no comment from India.

The incursion could have been in retaliation for a deadly Feb. 14 suicide bombing in India’s half of Kashmir that killed at least 40 troops. The Pakistan-based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed responsibility. The bomber who made a video before the attack was a resident of Indian Kashmir.


India, Pakistan Worst Escalation in Decades Over Downed Jets...

Pilot savagely beaten...

14,000 bunkers built along border...

The Future of Europe, according to the Bible

Broken Now, but will reform into The Beast of Revelation!

Age of schism in west...

Five hundred years ago a political and religious crisis tore Europe apart. Now the continent is entering another age of schism. It is no secret that the European Union is in severe crisis. Besides the challenge of Brexit, the established order is threatened by a range of other schismatics and heretics to the south, east and indeed within the Franco-German core. What is less well understood is that in many ways we have been here before – 500 years ago, when the Reformation tore Europe apart.

Around 1500, most of our continent was shaped by a single geo-ideological and geopolitical order, or at least a common imaginary. Roman Catholicism reigned supreme from the west coast of Ireland to the eastern borders of Poland and Lithuania, from Norway’s North Cape to the heel of the Italian boot. A wronged wife in Yorkshire could appeal to the papacy for justice if necessary. You had to go quite far east or south-east to encounter the rival Christian order of Orthodoxy in Muscovy and much of the Balkans. This was the result of an earlier schism in the church, creating a second Rome in Constantinople, and after the fall of that city a Third Rome in Moscow. Europeans referred to their continent as “Christendom”.

This order was already under some pressure. The Roman Church was generally perceived to be in crisis. Clerical ignorance and corruption, for example the sale of “indulgences”, were increasingly regarded as intolerable. Demands for reform were widespread. In England, one of the great realms of Europe, the common people chafed under clerical abuses, and the monarchy under papal constraints on its authority. Ever since the Middle Ages, the parliamentary statute of “praemunire” had made it illegal to sue for justice in a foreign court, at least with regard to high matters of state. When all was said and done, though, the sense of inhabiting a political commonwealth was deeply ingrained throughout most of the continent.

What the Bible Says About the Future of Europe:

image from cache.eupedia.com   Make no doubt about it, there will be a "strongman" of Europe. He will be a man, not a woman. When he appears (and I don't know when) he will convince the civilized world that he is the greatest person who will have ever lived. He will be more popular than Jesus, and will fool many people. In fact, Jesus said that unless God loved His elect, even they would be deceived! Paul calls this evil man "The man of lawlessness." The man of lawlessness in 2 Thessalonians 2:1–12 is an antichrist who will come on the world stage at the beginning of the Day of the Lord. This Day, sometimes called the “end times.”  He is given the title “man of lawlessness” because he will oppose God's Law, just as the Catholic Church and most so-called Christian Churches do today!   Daniel 7 speaks of this man as a “boastful” king who will “try to change the set times and the laws” (verses 11 and 25). He will come offering a false peace and prosperity to the civilized world and will with his media-star- personality, convince everyone that he is a great human being.   He will be able to perform fake miracles, bring nations together in a global government,  and  align religiously with the Roman Church and the Pope, the False Prophet, and also an Antichrist.  They will make a covenant with Israel for three and one-half years (cf. Daniel 9:27, where “seven” indicates seven years). In the middle of the seven years, the man of lawlessness will break his covenant with Israel, stop their sacrifices (Daniel 9:27), and enter the temple to set himself up as “god” and demand worship (2 Thessalonians 2:4). This is the “abomination that causes desolation” that Jesus spoke of in Mark 13:14.

Two beasts are described in Revelation chapter 13, one from the sea (vs. 1) and one from the land (vs. 11). With the beast out of the sea, we come to that one who, regardless of his claims as the white horse rider or peace maker, comes as a great source of darkness into the world. He comes not to save the world, but to damn the world. In essence, what we have in this chapter in the rise of the beast and the false prophet is nothing short of the ‘trinity from hell’ in that both are the product of the machinations of that old serpent, the devil or Satan.

My view, which is NOT BIBLICAL, but just a hunch, is that this strongman of Europe will ride in on a wave of populism which is now raging worldwide, but unlike what people needlessly fear in Donald Trump, this man (maybe another billionaire) will use Trump's "game plan" to fool the world. The big difference of course is that the main stream media will anoint him, as they did Obama, as a savior!  The media is evil, controlled by the prince of the airways (Satan) and will always get it wrong when it comes to predicting evil people.  So, again, in conclusion, I will not doubt for a minute that we may see, appearing on our TV screens, a liberal billionaire who will come to prominence in Europe.  He will probably be German (but maybe Italian of Germanic decent).  Isaiah chapter 10 predicts that the antichrist or beast is Assyrian.  Assyria IS modern Germany!   Dr. Herman Hoeh wrote in "Germany in Prophecy!": "When the ancient Greek writers wanted to distinguish the Assyrians from the Arameans or Syrians, the Greeks called the Assyrians, 'Leucosyri' - meaning 'whites' or 'blonds' as distinct from the very brunette Syrians who still live in Mesopotamia." (Plain Truth, Jan. 1963, p.17). By the time of Christ, the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder recorded that the Assyrians were now dwelling north of the Black sea (Natural History, IV, 12, p.183). By this time, they had moved north.  But they did not stop there, as Herbert Armstrong wrote in The United States and Britain in Prophecy: "The Assyrians - before 604 B.C. - left their land north of Babylon and migrated northwest - through the lands that are now Georgia, the Ukraine, Poland, and into the land that is called GERMANY today. Today the descendants of those Assyrians are known to us as the GERMAN people" (pp.143-144, 1980 ed.).

For centuries, the German people have dominated the heartland of Western Europe. Yet they are a people who know very little about their true origin - or at least refuse to know. The Germans themselves are responsible for hiding much of this knowledge, just as many tried to hide their past at the end of the Hitler era. Just as the modern-day Israelites are one family of people from many different tribes, so too are the German people today. They number well over 100 million people worldwide - most of them residing in Germany and Austria.

We know who the nations of the world are. This knowledge, from God's word, enables us to understand the news today, and why and where things will happen - what to expect - and everything we need to know.

The STRONGMAN of EUROPE will appear on the world stage and when it happens - TROUBLE is about to hit the fan.......

Peace in Korea? Doubtful

First published in Feb 2018 - repeating after today's news:

North Korea has produced enough bomb fuel for up to seven new nuclear weapons during denuclearization talks, study reveals ahead of second summit between Trump and Kim

Updated: Since writing this article in February of this year, Trump has met with Kim Jung Un.  The photo ops looked great, and hopefully Trump has made a deal of the century.  I for one am routing on that scenario and hope to be wrong, but the following was my concern, and still maybe the end result still... But recent events in the past week is proving my belief. THERE IS NO DEAL

 By Bob Barney-ThePlainTruth.Com

If the Korean Nations unite, it will be under North Korean rulership!  Donald Trump was right in bullying Korea into talking, but I am afraid the Deep Staters surrounding him have led him astray in believing that a unification of Korea can happen.    Will we learn from history? Will we listen to the warnings from our God?

Will you and every other American decide whether to listen to our God and obey, or continue down the road to globalization, world government  and total destruction of our way of life. The problem is not new. This has all happened before--over and over again, but we are a stubborn people who refuse to learn from our past. In the Bible, God warns us against false peace promises that weak leaders promise, but we are warned not to heed. In Jeremiah 6:9-14, God says this:
    "This is what the Lord GOD (Jesus) Almighty has said: Everything will be taken from the rest of Israel as the last grapes are taken from the vine; let your hand be turned to the small branches, like one pulling off grapes. To whom am I to give word, witnessing so that they may take note? see, their ears are stopped, and they are not able to give attention: see, the word of the Lord has been a cause of shame to them, they have no delight in it.  For this reason I am full of the wrath of the Lord, I am tired of keeping it in: may it be let loose on the children in the street, and on the band of the young men together: for even the husband with his wife will be taken, the old man with him who is full of days.  And their houses will be handed over to others, their fields and their wives together: for my hand will be stretched out against the people of the land, says the Lord.   For from the least of them even to the greatest, everyone is given up to getting money; from the prophet even to the priest, everyone is working deceit. And they have made little of the wounds of my people, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace."

     Another translation says: "'Everything is all right! Everything is all right!' But it's not all right. And everything is NOT all right indeed! If we don't change things soon, we will end up as slaves to an end time beast called the King of the North, in the bible, and a false prophet, who I believe will be a Pope. The Bible is quite clear that the Holy Roman Empire is the 4th and last beast-type regime that will rule the earth. In Revelation, there are seven resurrections of that empire, and the 7th may be soon upon us. God help us if it is. There is no rapture, we all go into the tribulation and we all must endure to the end, or be martyred for Christ. This is The Plain Truth--as sobering as it is. PRAY we are not living in these times.

Other Bible Quotes: 

Jer 11:  They offer superficial treatments for my people's mortal wound. They give assurances of peace when there is no peace.

Ezekiel 13:10:  This will happen because these evil prophets deceive my people by saying, 'All is peaceful' when there is no peace at all! It's as if the people have built a flimsy wall, and these prophets are trying to reinforce it by covering it with whitewash!

We need to be aware of God's word, and the awful predictions that will be coming true, including the end of The USA, United Kingdom and other Western Nations.   We need to heed the warning from God, and STOP OUR GLOBALISM, or we will end up fulfilling prophecy in OUR lifetime...   We can delay it, if we as a nation heed God's words.....

The rush to peace at any price is pushing the world closer to that great middle eastern war which Revelation 9 tells us will kill up to a BILLION people.   I can't even fathom killing on such a degree.  It's seems impossible, but God's word says it is coming to past, and the clowns in this White House are making this disaster more real every day!  If you don't read the Bible, you can not understand what is happening today!  Get prepared, WAR is COMING- NOT PEACE!

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Today's Story (June 12) :  'I DO TRUST HIM'

The Worst World War Is Yet to Come

TimerunningoutThe 20th century was witness to the most terrible wars in human history. Thankfully we haven’t seen anything on like scale in the 70 years since World WarII. But will there ever be a time like this again, when genocidal leaders in attempting to rule the world wreak death and havoc on this level?

Your Bible says there will be such a time.

In the face of growing world crises, a charismatic leader akin to the worst dictators of the past will ultimately arise in Europe with promises of peace and safety. Ten other leaders will unite with him, giving their national sovereignty over to this ruler for a short time. The biblical book of Revelation refers to both the power bloc and its leader as “the Beast”—a revival of the Roman Empire.

In fact, this revival will follow the pattern of the Holy Roman Empire in returning to the church-state union of medieval times. The Beast ruler will form a partnership with the prophesied False Prophet, the leader of the great false church system known as Babylon the Great (Revelation 17)—religion being seen as a means to hold the politically unstable empire together. False miracles will convince the masses to follow the False Prophet and the Beast.

Despite its weaknesses, the European power will, like its predecessors, be transformed into a war-making apparatus. An astonished world will ask: “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Revelation 13:4). Yet there will indeed be war— the very worst ever.

North-south conflict—the spark

Conflict between this coming European superpower and a Middle Eastern coalition will be the final manifestation of the struggle detailed in the prophecy of Daniel 11 between powers to the north and south of the Holy Land—Syria and Egypt respectively in ancient times, with the northern power eventually becoming Rome and its successors. Daniel 11:40 says that at the time of the end the king of the South will push or ram at the king of the North.

Psalm 83 presents a confederation of nations, now Muslim, united in common cause against Israel (Psalms 83:1-18). This may equate to the final kingdom of the South, perhaps centered in Egypt, the largest Arab state, or possibly Saudi Arabia, homeland of Islam.

Daniel 11:40 shows that some kind of provocative action will be launched from this region against the final king of the North, the European Beast power. It might be a major terrorist attack, in line with jihadists’ dreams of striking against European Christendom. In any case, this is the spark that ignites a new world war, as we next see huge retaliation by the northern power, which includes its forces invading and occupying parts of the Middle East and North Africa—and entering the Holy Land (Daniel 11:40-43).

America and other nations devastated   Read More

Ring of Fire volcanoes erupting is Biblical sign of END OF DAYS, claims Rabbi

Forward: Just like in the time of Jesus' earthly ministry, today, like then, all the religions knew that Bible prophecies were being fulfilled. In Jesus' time, all the religions knew of the birth of the messiah of Israel.  That's why Magi came!  Today, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and even those with no religious views, see signs of a coming "End Time."

Ring of Fire

RING OF FIRE: Could the volcanoes and earthquakes be the sign of the end of days? (Pic: GETTY)

Volcanos and earthquakes are constantly shaking the Ring of Fire – an area of high seismic activity which ranges from New Zealand, up to northern Russia, across the US and then down to Chile.

Indonesia felt an explosive eruption and earthquake over the weekend in the latest major activity of the 25,000 mile long horseshoe.

It encompasses the entire Pacific Ocean and includes the vast majority of world’s earthquakes and volcanoes.

Rabbis have suggested the apparent increase in activity this year could show the world is heading for the end of days as laid out the Hebrew Bible. 


Is life for you about to change forever?

By Bob Barney

Last chanceThe mission of The Plain Truth is to warn the world of the coming events which will change their lives. These are not new warnings, in fact, they are thousands of years old. They can be easily found in the Bible. However, most people do not understand biblical prophecy because they cannot see a connection to today when reading these ancient predictions from people with names like Ezekiel, Micah and Zechariah. The Plain Truth scans world events and tries to connect the dots between biblical forecasts of what God has warned us of, and today's headlines. One of the reasons why most do not understand prophecy is that they are not armed with the keys to understand who the players are in the world today. When we read prophecies concerning nations like Assyria, Ephraim and Edom, we don't recognize those nations today. Once our readers are given these keys and are educated that Assyria is Germany, Edom is Turkey and Ephraim is the United States, then their eyes are opened in understanding that God is talking to us today from the pages of the Bible.

It is important to understand that the United States, Great Britain, Scandinavia, France and most of the nations of Western Europe are actually the lost tribes Israel. Since most prophecies concerns these 10 lost nations, we can then understand that many if not most of these warnings from God were meant for our eyes!

In today's topic, it is important to understand that we may be on the verge of an earth shattering event in the next two years which could alter life in the western world as we know it! This is no chicken little warning, in fact, it is a warning from NASA and many of the top scientists of the world! This warning fulfills God's prophecies concerning the destruction of our nation by both natural and man-made events. Please take the time to educate yourself and be prepared for what could be the most life changing event in your lifetime. If you prepare yourself, you can survive what may befall us. If you are not prepared, you will end up like the victims of Katrina or Japan! 

The Shocking Plain Truth About Mohammed and the Dome of the Rock

Saudis to Build First Nuclear Research Reactor

This is the problem with the Deep State and the media's attack on Saudi Arabia.  This nation is destined to become part of the "King of the South" found in chapter 11 of Daniel in the Bible.  The last thing we need right now is to help that happen.  This is a ploy to build a nuclear bomb - WHICH THEY WILL DO- and Trump needs to stop the anti-Saudi rhetroic and keep Arabia in the fold as long as possible.

Saudis to Build First Nuclear Research Reactor

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, seen here posing for a selfie during a brief appearance at the opening of a flagship investment forum in Riyadh, is scheduled on day two to give his first speech since the murder of critic Jamal Khashoggi
The Times of Israel reports: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Monday laid the foundation stone for the kingdom’s first nuclear research reactor, state media said, as the kingdom seeks to diversify its energy mix.

The reactor was among seven projects launched by the prince during a visit to Riyadh’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, the official Saudi Press Agency reported. SPA offered no details on when the research or non-power reactor — typically used for research, development and education purposes — would be built and at what cost.

Saudi Arabia currently draws on oil and natural gas to meet its own fast-growing power demand and desalinate its water.

Read more here.

Macron Calls for ‘Real European Army’ to Protect EU from U.S

A Beast is rising in Europe, and if you are a Plain Truth Reader, you know that the Bible promises that the evil coming antichrist will arise out a United States of Europe!  Yes, Europe, under the Holy Roman Church is the end time beast of Revelation, and will become the enemy of the USA.  You need to know just WHO the players are in today's world!  Click Here  and you will be amazed just who the nation's are today, as prophesied is the Bible!  You can not know what is going to happen unless you know who we are, and who "they" are!   Macron's France, by the way is a lost tribe of Israel named Rueben! And they, like in WWII, will be enslaved by the coming antichrist!

French President Emmanuel Macron has reiterated calls for a image from 2.bp.blogspot.comEuropean Union army, this time saying that it is needed to protect the bloc from China, Russia, and even the United States.


The progressive leader, a proponent of greater EU federalisation which will result in the reduction in sovereignty for European nations, told Europe 1 Monday night that the bloc needs a “real European army”.

“We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Macron said, according to Agence France-Presse.  MORE

What would the world be like if all the Muslim states banded together into a "Muslim United States ?"

And we know this is going to happen! Read Daniel 11, and see about the rise of a United States of Muslim Nations that will for and become know as the biblical "King of the South." Muslim King of the South

The United States of Islam- AKA The Kingdom of the South Daniel 11

Let us just consider that all the Muslim countries somehow come together to form the ephemeral caliphate.


  1. Democracy - what's that? The states of the Arab peninsula would be the elite class of any caliphate like this and these guys know no A, B or C of democracy.
  2. Lack of democracy might not go well with all the Muslim countries. Mind you, countries like Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and if you consider the recent past, even Bangladesh and Pakistan  are flawed but fledgling democracies.
  3. Muslims of the subcontinent, Malaysia, Indonesia and other states in the APAC region would be second class citizens in a caliphate dominated by the oil rich OPEC countries - now that's a bulk of the citizenry.
  4. Large scale exodus of smart, freedom loving, liberal Muslims to US, EU and owing to the geographic proximity, even to India.
  5. Laws are formulated by people who wield the power and by that virtue, Shariah will the defacto constitution of the caliphate. Just look at the "overwhelming" support Sharia has in all the countries and thik about the plight of population that might want to have a more liberal law structure. Blood bath!

  6. Genocidal elimination of minorities - Shias, Christians, Hindus silently put to sword.
  7. Language will be a huge issue. Not all Muslims speak Arabic. Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, Malay, Indonesian and a plethora of other languages and dialects. Will the caliphate impose Arabic on its citizenry? We all know the consequences of that.


  1. Sure, the oil money can take you places. But does the state control the revenues? No, it will controlled by the Arab elites leaving the common man at lurch.   Read the Rest here

Turkey's President Erdogan warns the world is heading towards 'a war between the cross and the crescent'

By Bob Barney

       Turkey's dictator is not far off, as he predicts yet another crusade war!  The Bible long ago, in the Book of Daniel, predicted a 2,000 year war between what he called the King of the North (which will be modern Europe, in the end times) and the King of the South, an Arab league of United Nations. 

In the Book of Daniel, we are allowed by God to see a vision of the end-time world, just before the return of Jesus.  What Daniel is told from Heaven is that two SUPER POWERS would be enemies during the last days, fighting each other until Christ's return. A THIRD SUPER POWER would enter this World War, just a fraction of time before Armageddon. That third super power is clearly China.(Rev 9:16).

The two great super powers are called: The King of the North (Europe) and The King of the South (a great United States of Muslim nations- from Iran-North Africa.).  You can read the entire battle in Daniel11: (my notes in blue)

3"Then a mighty king will rise to power who will rule a vast kingdom and accomplish everything he sets out to do. (this is Alexander the Great)
4 But at the height of his power, his kingdom will be broken apart and divided into four parts. It will not be ruled by the king's descendants, nor will the kingdom hold the authority it once had. For his empire will be uprooted and given to others. 
5v"The king of the south (United Muslim Nation) will increase in power, but one of this king's own officials will become more powerful than he and will rule his kingdom with great strength. 
6"Some years later, an alliance will be formed between the king of the north (Europe and the revived Holy Roman Empire) and the king of the south (United Muslim Nation) . The daughter of the king of the south will be given in marriage to the king of the north to secure the alliance, but she will lose her influence over him, and so will her father. She will be given up along with her supporters. 
7 But when one of her relatives becomes king of the south (United Muslim Nation), he will raise an army and enter the fortress of the king of the north and defeat him. The Invasion of Europe by Muslims
8 When he returns again to Egypt, he will carry back their idols with him, along with priceless gold and silver dishes. For some years afterward he will leave the king of the north alone. 
9 "Later the king of the north (THE CRUSADES) will invade the realm of the king of the south but will soon return to his own land. 
10 However, the sons of the king of the north will assemble a mighty army that will advance like a flood and carry the battle as far as the enemy's fortress. THE CRUSADES
11 Then the king of the south, in great anger, will rally against the vast forces assembled by the king of the north and will defeat them.  (The Muslim leader-Saladin- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saladin)
12 After the enemy army is swept away, the king of the south will be filled with pride and will have many thousands of his enemies killed. But his success will be short lived. 
13 "A few years later, the king of the north will return with a fully equipped army far greater than the one he lost. 
14 At that time there will be a general uprising against the king of the south. Lawless ones among your own people will join them in order to fulfill the vision, but they will not succeed.(World War 1 and 2 and the formation of the JEWISH STATE in Palestine)
15  Then the king of the north (MAYBE HITLER???) will come and lay siege to a fortified city and capture it. The best troops of the south will not be able to stand in the face of the onslaught. 
16 "The king of the north will march onward unopposed; none will be able to stop him. He will pause in the glorious land of Israel, intent on destroying it. (HITLER??? or beyond today)
17 He will make plans to come with the might of his entire kingdom and will form an alliance with the king of the south. He will give him a daughter in marriage in order to overthrow the kingdom from within, but his plan will fail. (Hitler allied himself with the Muslim world)
18 "After this, he will turn his attention to the coastal cities and conquer many. But a commander from another land will put an end to his insolence and will cause him to retreat in shame. (England, Denmark, Holland, France and the USA)
19 He will take refuge in his own fortresses but will stumble and fall, and he will be seen no more. (1945- refuge = a bunker????)
20 "His successor will be remembered as the king who sent a tax collector to maintain the royal splendor, but after a very brief reign, he will die, though neither in battle nor open conflict.  (A NEW HITLER YET TO BE FORMED!!!!)
21 "The next to come to power will be a despicable man who is not directly in line for royal succession. But he will slip in when least expected and take over the kingdom by flattery and intrigue. 
22 Before him great armies will be swept away, including a covenant prince. (The King of England!)
23 By making deceitful promises, he will make various alliances. With a mere handful of followers, he will become strong. (An Antichrist - the End Timed King of the North- The Beast of Revelation)
24 Without warning he will enter the richest areas of the land and do something that none of his predecessors ever did -- distribute among his followers the plunder and wealth of the rich. He will plot the overthrow of strongholds, but this will last for only a short while. (The formation of the WORLD GOVERNMENT!!! Only China and the Muslim world will excluded) 
25 "Then he will stir up his courage and raise a great army against the king of the south (The Muslim Unified Nation). The king of the south will go to battle with a mighty army, but to no avail, for plots against him will succeed. 
26 Those of his own household will bring his downfall. His army will be swept away, and many will be killed. 
27 Seeking nothing but each other's harm, these kings will plot against each other at the conference table, attempting to deceive each other. But it will make no difference, for an end will still come at the appointed time. 
28 "The king of the north will then return home with great riches. On the way he will set himself against the people of the holy covenant, doing much damage before continuing his journey. (He will war against Christians! THE TRIBULATION BEGINS!- and the reign of the TWO WITNESSES of Revelation (Rev 11))
29 "Then at the appointed time (THE END TIME) he will once again invade the south, but this time the result will be different. 
30 For warships from western coastlands (THE USA???) will scare him off, and he will withdraw and return home. But he will vent his anger against the people of the holy covenant and reward those who forsake the covenant. 
31 His army will take over the Temple fortress, polluting the sanctuary, putting a stop to the daily sacrifices, and setting up the sacrilegious object that causes desecration. (The third Temple is HERE at this time)
32 He will flatter those who have violated the covenant and win them over to his side. But the people who know their God will be strong and will resist him. 
33 "Those who are wise will give instruction to many. But for a time many of these teachers will die by fire and sword, or they will be jailed and robbed. 
34 While all these persecutions are going on, a little help will arrive, though many who join them will not be sincere. (FALSE CHRISTIANS!)
35 And some who are wise will fall victim to persecution. In this way, they will be refined and cleansed and made pure until the time of the end, for the appointed time is still to come. 
36 "The king (of the NORTH) will do as he pleases, exalting himself and claiming to be greater than every god there is, even blaspheming the God of gods. He will succeed -- until the time of wrath is completed. For what has been determined will surely take place. 
37 He will have no regard for the gods of his ancestors, or for the god beloved of women, or for any other god, for he will boast that he is greater than them all. (He will be a SOCIALIST-Nazi-Communist)
38 Instead of these, he will worship the god of fortresses -- a god his ancestors never knew -- and lavish on him gold, silver, precious stones, and costly gifts. (Socialism-Communism)

Today, we are witnessing today is the re-birth of both the King of the North and the King of the South, the rise of China and the decline of the United States of America.  We are at the edge of the time of the end. We could have many more years ahead of us yet, as there is no Temple and other signs that must occur, but we would be blind not to see that the stage is being set for the coming Kingdom of God!

So reading today that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hits back at Austria on Saturday after the country moved to expel several imams accused of spreading radical Islam, comes as no surprise.  The President warned of a global war between Christians and Muslims as he blasted Austria's move to close mosques and expel Turkish-funded imams--- another (and last) crusade.

No End in Sight for Germany’s New Military Budget

The revival of The Holy Roman Empire in the making.. Germany prepares for a massive military increase.

image from images.slideplayer.com

Germany’s military wants more money. Exactly how much money it will receive is a divisive subject within the new government.

United States President Donald Trump continues to demand that Germany spend 2 percent of its gross domestic product on its military. Doing so would cause German military spending to parallel that of Russia’s at $69 billion.

In 2017, Germany increased its military budget by 3.5 percent to $44.3 billion. It pledged to boost the defense budget by around $6.5 billion over the next four years. But in light of “outstanding requirements and need for modernization,” the Defense Ministry describes the additional $6.5 billion as “inadequate.”

German newspaper Bild reported on April 29 that Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen is trying to hold the federal government to ransom to get more cash. In 2019, she says, the military budget should be increased by $3.5 billion; in 2020, by $4.7 billion; and in 2021, by another $5.9 billion. Those increases would raise Germany’s defense budget by $14 billion, which would bring it up to nearly $70 billion.

“This is about the future capability of our armed forces and Germany’s ability to stand by our allies,” von der Leyen said.

A recent revelation should give von der Leyen’s demand even greater urgency. Der Spiegelreported that only four out of Germany’s 128 Eurofighters are currently ready for combat. But concerns were already on the rise earlier this year. The British Telegraph reported:

A parliamentary watchdog warned in February that equipment shortages are putting Germany’s ability to meet its nato commitements “in question.” Only 95 of the German Army’s 244 Leopard main battle tanks were operational at the time because of maintenance issues. None of the German Navy’s six submarines were operational at the end of last year, and only nine of a planned 15 frigates were in service. None of the Luftwaffe’s 14 A400M transport aircraft were airworthy on several occasions last year, and replacement aircraft had to be chartered to bring serving troops home.

If she doesn’t get her way, von der Leyen is threatening to end joint arms deals with France and Norway. Germany is currently building submarines for Norway, while Norway provides antiship missiles. Germany’s arms industry is also working on six C130 Hercules aircraft for a joint military transport squadron with France. If von der Leyen pulls out, the German arms industry will suffer and Chancellor Angela Merkel will have to deal with the diplomatic fallout.    Read More

Shocking satellite photos show entire towns obliterated after Guatemala's 'Volcano of Fire'

Giant clouds of superheated smoke and ash burned people alive and buried entire towns in a deadly volcanic eruption in Guatemala that killed almost 100 people.

Shocking satellite photos of before and after Sunday's eruption show whole suburbs wiped off the map as hundreds of houses collapsed when tons of falling ash crushed them.

What was once a collection of green canyons, hillsides and farms was reduced to grey devastation by fast-moving avalanches of super-heated muck that roared into the tightly knit villages on the mountain's flanks. 

Volcan de Fuego, meaning 'Volcano of Fire' spewed a 'curtain' of ash 20,000ft into the air and sent rapid pyroclastic flows through at least seven nearby towns in the biggest eruption for four decades.

Shocking satellite photos of before and after Sunday's eruption show he town of San Miguel Los Lotes wiped off the map as hundreds of houses collapsed when tons of falling ash crushed them
Shocking satellite photos of before and after Sunday's eruption show the town of San Miguel Los Lotes wiped off the map as hundreds of houses collapsed when tons of falling ash crushed them
Shocking satellite photos of before and after Sunday's eruption show the town of San Miguel Los Lotes wiped off the map as hundreds of houses collapsed when tons of falling ash crushed them

Guatemalan authorities were warned to evacuate citizens from the danger zone surrounding a volcano more than seven hours before it erupted.

READ MORE and see an incredible video here

image from pbs.twimg.com


image from www.telegraph.co.uk

A satellite image purportedly shows a North Korean nuclear test site  CREDIT: EPA/AIRBUS / 38 NORTH / HANDOUT

The dismantling of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in May might have been little more than a show.

In a move widely perceived as a concrete gesture of goodwill, North Korea demolished the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the presence of a few dozen foreign journalists, but no experts or international investigators. The North detonated explosives inside the tunnels, supposedly disabling the test site, but U.S. intelligence officials told CNN the blasts were not strong enough to completely collapse the tunnels.

“The explosions seem to have been too small” to have truly destroyed the test site, an international arms control official explained to reporters, “The fact that journalists were reportedly only around 500 meters from the explosions is a good indication that these were small blasts. And the amount of dust leads us to believe that they were quite superficial.” This assessment is reportedly based off of relevant seismic data.   MORE


Peace in Korea? Doubtful

Do YOU live near a volcano that could blow?


Here are the 10 most dangerous volcanic mountains in the U.S.

1. Kilauea, Hawaii

2. Mount St. Helens, Washington

3. Mount Rainier, Washington

4. Mount Hood, Oregon

5. Mount Shasta, California

6. South Sister, Oregon

7. Lassen Volcanic Center, California

8. Mauna Loa, Hawaii

9. Redoubt, Alaska

10. Crater Lake, Oregon

Source : U.S. Geological Survey

As Hawaii residents deal with the devastating effects of the eruption of the Kilauea volcano, a US Geological Service map has revealed the other US hotspots where residents are at risk of volcanic activity.

The United States Geological Survey counts 169 potentially active volcanoes in the country, with about 50 of them in six states are rated high priority or highest priority for monitoring.  

Alaska tops the at risk areas, with at least 50 volcanoes that have been active since 1760, attracting substantial attention from volcano watchers and researchers. 

Scroll down for the interactive map 

Lava is blurred as it erupts from a Kilauea volcano fissure, above treetops, on Hawaii's Big Island on May 17, 2018 in Kapoho, Hawaii. The United States Geological Survey counts 169 potentially active volcanoes in the country, with about 50 of them in six states are rated high priority or highest priority for monitoring.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5746231/Do-live-near-volcano-blow-Interactive-map-reveals-cities-risk.html#ixzz5FxEQGoHq 

Christianity 'End times fatigue': evangelicals find biblical case for Israel less compelling

Forward By Bob Barney:   The problem with all of these religious "experts" is that they are false prophets. Jesus warned against these con artist, disguised as ministers of the gospel.  They actually are preaching a false gospel, to deceive and confuse. Don't be fooled by these demon inspired teachers.  God clearly tells us that we can not know the time that Christ will return.  He gave us signs, many of which are being fulfilled now, but the end is NOT YET, it may not even be near!  America, is lost Israel, whenever you see a prophecy about Israel in the Bible, it NEVER means the tiny Jewish nation that falsely calls themselves Israel...    The USA, Canada, UK, France, Denmark, Scandinavia, and The Netherlands (Holland) are the nations of "lost" Israel.   The modern Jewish state today in the Bible is JUDAH!   Read Your Bible, don't listen to demons!

What still must happen BEFORE CHRIST RETURNS!

Now today's Story

For many on the Christian right, the state of Israel has been seen as a key to fulfilling prophesy. A new generation has other ideas

Bruce McCluggage enjoys a coffee at the Wild Goose, in Colorado Springs.
 Bruce McCluggage enjoys a coffee at the Wild Goose, in Colorado Springs. Photograph: Josiah Hesse

This week, the Trump administration completed its move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

At the opening ceremony, two of the American speakers were evangelical superstars: Pastor Robert Jeffress, the author of several doomsday booksabout Israel, and John Hagee, who interpreted recent lunar eclipses as evidence that the end times were nigh. The Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro, meanwhile, declared that Trump had “fulfilled biblical prophecy”.

The ceremony coincided with massive protests, in which 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces.

Thousands of miles away, in her home outside Colorado Springs, Kimberly Troup sat in a cluttered basement office. She is an evangelical Christian who takes to heart the Bible verse in which God speaks of the Jewish nation: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.”   MORE


Forward: The Plain Truth has covered this topic for years now. This event is probably going to happen in our lifetime-from the sun, or from an enemy!


Why Is The Middle East Always Going To Be In YOUR Future

Editor's note: This article was the very first one ever published on The Plain Truth back on December 14th 2007!

By Bob Barney
We have war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, war is maybe coming to Iran, Israel and Syria. It has been this way since before you were even born. Why? After all, we had war in Europe in 1914 and 1940, but not today. War in Japan in the forties, but not in the past fifty years, so why has every decade seen a problem in the Mid-East? Is it Oil? Is it another reason.

In the late 1940's, the USA was the world's largest oil producer. We did not need oil from the middle east, yet war erupted between the newly formed Israel and its Arab allies. The same thing happened again in the fifties, and the sixties and we still really didn't need the Arab's oil. By 1973 we did need their oil and thus today, everyone without a view on history mistakenly assumes that war in the middle east is about oil. IT IS NOT!

This war has nothing to do with oil, or George Bush or even The United States per say; it has everything to do with religion and about God and God's role in world events. This article can be read anytime in the future and there will still be strife in the middle east. The strife ends, according to the Bible ONLY after Christ returns and not a day before. We realize that we claim to be a news site, and we are, but if there is a God, and it is the God of the Bible and if Jesus Christ is that God of the Bible, then what he has to say is news, is it not?

Continue reading "Why Is The Middle East Always Going To Be In YOUR Future" »

How to Build a Simple Faraday Cage for EMP Survival

This article could save your life!

Of all of the reasons to prepare, one that we all need to take seriously is the possibility of a catastrophic EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. This is a frequent topic in many post-apocalyptic novels and something that most of us are aware of, even if we do not completely understand the science.


As I wrote way back when in the article Prepping for an EMP and Solar Flares:

To be blunt about it, an EMP, if large enough, would affect the entire planet.  In an instant, civilization as we know it would change as we get swept backward in time by a century or two.

What is an EMP?

An electromagnetic pulse or EMP, is an abrupt burst of electromagnetic radiation.

To start with, an EMP is caused by certain types of high energy explosions.  A nuclear explosion, for example, will surely cause an EMP.  Likewise, an EMP can be the result of a suddenly fluctuating magnetic field.  Or, as I have mentioned before, it can be the result of Coronal Mass Eject (CME) from solar activity.  But perhaps most sobering of all, is the possibility of a man-made EMP weapon that is purposely deployed in order to wreak devastation on our planet.  Scary stuff.

Regardless of the trigger, an EMP can be devastating to the power grid, resulting in rapidly changing electrical fields that will create fluctuating electrical currents and wild voltage surges.  Bottom line?  The electronic gizmos we have come to rely on would be toast.  The microchips would be fried or so severely damaged that they would become useless.

So what would life be like following a massive EMP event or episode?  There would be no power, no transportation systems, no communication systems, no banking, no internet, and, no surprise, no food and no water delivery systems.  This would truly be an End of The World As We Know it situation.

Ask yourself these questions:

What if the power went out and never came back on?  Could you fend for yourself?

Could you keep yourself warm in the winter and cool in the summer?

Where would you find food?

What would you use for money if credit cards and ATM’s no longer worked?

How would you get from one place to another without transportation?

How would you wash your clothes?

How would you keep yourself healthy if sanitation systems were no longer functional and medicine could no longer be manufactured.

And the biggest question of all, how would you communicate with the rest of the world?




1FORWARD BY BOB BARNEY:  Actually, the United States is no longer a Super Power, as most believe.  Yes, we can fight limited engagements with moronic Middle Ages Muslims, but we could never sustain a true war with a true world power like China, Russia, or the emerging world super power of Europe, yet to come.  We are more like the Roman Empire in AD 500, then we are like Americas was in 1945.  Look at this link: Shipyards and Suppliers for U. S. Maritime Commission During World War II for the shock of your life!. If we lost an aircraft carrier today, it would take 5 years to build another. In World War 2, we lost 5 in a year and had that many built in a year!  In World War 2, we had our own steel, our own cars, our own energy, our own factories, our own materials.  We did not depend on China for much.  We can not fight a true world war.  Our people are too soft to suffer the wounds of war, and our press has sold us out to communist influence.  Traitors (we call the the media, and our global elite class) has sold America into slavery, and the next war will bring this horrible truth top light.  Few have any knowledge of what happened on the beaches of Anzio, Italy in 1944. By all accounts the the battle at Anzio was one of the longest protracted battles of the war with over 25,000 battle casualties (killed, wounded, missing, or taken prisoner) on each side of the conflict.  That's in a few days in history.  Could Americas loose 500,000 today?  the Bible actually mentions the fate of the USA and it is not pretty.  Long before the return of Christ, the United States, France, Britain, Denmark and the rest of "lost Israel" will have been destroyed, and our peoples in captivity under control of the BEAST GOVERNMENT of Revelation (Rome controlled EUROPE).  It's coming, be prepared ----make friends with GOD!

Now today's story by Pat Buchanan 

Before President Trump trashes the Iran nuclear deal, he might consider: If he could negotiate an identical deal with Kim Jong Un, it would astonish the world and win him the Nobel Peace Prize.

For Iran has no nuclear bomb or ICBM and has never tested either. It has never enriched uranium to bomb grade. It has shipped 98 percent of its uranium out of the country. It has cameras inside and inspectors crawling all over its nuclear facilities.

And North Korea? It has atom bombs and has tested an H-bomb. It has intermediate-range ballistic missiles that can hit Guam and an ICBM that, fully operational, could hit the West Coast. It has shorter-range missiles that could put nukes on South Korea and Japan.

Read more