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Battle of Monongahela
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Here Comes a Rare and Wonderful Astronomical Event in the Night Sky of December 7th ~ The Occultation of Mars (Live Link to Watch)

The moon will pass directly in front of Mars, blocking it from view. This event, called an occultation —from a Latin word meaning “hidden”—happens once or twice per year somewhere on Earth.

The moon will turn full as Mars arrives at opposition to the sun, resulting in an almost perfect alignment in space of the sun, Earth, moon and Mars.

 An illustration of the night sky on Dec. 07 showing the full Cold Moon in close proximity to Mars.

An illustration of the night sky on Dec. 07 showing the full Cold Moon in close proximity to Mars. (Image credit: Sky Safari Astronomy)

Mars at opposition will meet up with the full moon next week (Dec. 7). Here's how to see it

Every once in a while, something will appear in the sky that will attract the attention of even those who normally don't bother looking up. 

It's likely to be that way in the evening hours of Wednesday (Dec. 7) when the full moon will appear in very close proximity to the now-brilliant planet Mars. In fact, the moon will turn full at 11:08 p.m. EST (0408 GMT on Dec. 8) followed by Mars arriving at opposition to the sun just 87 minutes later. This will result in an almost perfect alignment in space of the sun, Earth, moon and Mars. 

People, who are unaware or have no advance notice, will almost certainly wonder, as they cast a casual glance toward our nearest neighbor in space on this first Wednesday in December, just what is that "bright orange-yellow light"? Sometimes, such occasions bring with them a sudden rash of phone calls to radio and television stations, local planetariums, weather offices and police precincts. Not a few of these calls excitedly inquire about "the mysterious UFO" that's closely hovering in the vicinity of our natural satellite!

If you don't live in any of the locations listed below that will provide a good chance to see the event in person, you're in luck: The Virtual Telescope Project will be hosting a livestream of Mars at opposition(opens in new tab) beginning at 11:00 p.m. EST on Dec. 7 (0400 GMT on Dec. 8).


Warnock's church evicts poor while paying him $7,400 monthly for housing

Hypocrisy on Steroids......
Just a thought before today's runoff
Raphael Warnock (Courtesy photo)

Raphael Warnock (Courtesy photo)

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A new investigative report from the Washington Free Beacon documents how Ebenezer Baptist Church in Georgia, where Sen. Raphael Warnock preached before he moved to the Senate, has evicted poor people from a tower of apartments it owns over past due amounts as little as about $28.  Read More

Book of Psalms miraculously saves man's life in Jerusalem bombing

Nearly penetrating all the way through before stopping, quite appropriately, on a verse in Psalm 124'

By WND News Services

The Book of Psalms, held by the bombing victim, prevented a shard of debris from piercing his body. (Photo courtesy Shaare Zedek Medical Center)

The Book of Psalms, held by the bombing victim, prevented a shard of debris from piercing his body. (Photo courtesy Shaare Zedek Medical Center)

(ALL ISRAEL NEWS) -- As the proverb says: “She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, and happy are those who hold on to her.”

A small Book of Psalms being held by a 62-year-old man in last week’s pair of terrorist bombings in the Jerusalem area potentially saved his life.

Debris from one of the bus stop bombs struck the cover of a small Book of Psalms, nearly penetrating all the way through before stopping, quite appropriately, on a verse in Psalm 124: “Our soul is like a bird that escaped from a box of hardships.”


Phenomenal prophecy for future hidden in Jesus' first appearance ~ Watch Joe Kovacs share the Good News!

'God is a good Author. He makes you read the entire book to be able to put the book together'

(Photo by Jaka Škrlep on Unsplash)

(Photo by Jaka Škrlep on Unsplash)

United Nations calls Israel's founding a 'catastrophe'

The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” ~ Genesis 12 1-3


Here is a very good, short video on the evil of the UN... 

'Shameful' event to be held at headquarters in 2023

The Healthiest Bread in the World! And it is delicious!

Dr. Eric Berg ~ Author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning

Wanting to eat the healthiest bread but don't know where to buy it or how to make it? 


The Healthiest Bread Recipe to Try at Home

Dry Ingredients:

  • 1 cup almond flour
  • 1 cup arrowroot flour
  • 1/3 cup coconut flour
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 2 tsp active dry yeast
  • 1 ½ Tbsp very finely ground chia seeds
  • 2 Tbsp organic psyllium husk powder

Wet Ingredients:

  • 1 ¼ cup filtered water
  • 2 tsp maple syrup (This is consumed by the yeast, which lowers the glycemic index.)
  • 1 egg


Steps of making the healthiest bread in the world | The Healthiest Bread Recipe In The World

  1. In a large bowl, whisk together the almond flour, arrowroot flour, coconut flour, and sea salt.
  2.  Heat water at 105-110 °F. Add 2 tsp of maple syrup and stir. Add the yeast and let the mixture stand for 10 minutes. The yeast should bubble or foam. If it doesn’t, start all over again.
  3.  Stir the finely ground chia and psyllium powder into the yeast mixture. Let it stand for 1 minute to thicken, then whisk.
  4.  Pour the thickened yeast-chia mixture into the dry ingredients and mix with a wooden spoon until thick and fully combined. The dough will be slightly sticky, but workable. Knead for 1 minute.
  5.  Put the kneaded dough back into the bowl. Cover with a damp cloth and place in a warm spot to rise for 1 hour.
  6.  Preheat the oven at 425 °F with a pizza stone (or cooking sheet) inside.
  7.  Divide the dough into two balls. Place one of the dough balls on a square parchment paper or a cutting board. Dip your hands in water and shape the other big dough ball into small round balls. Brush with egg wash, if desired. Use a serrated knife to cut a tic-tac-toe pattern on the top.
  8.  Slide the prepared dough onto the preheated stone or cooking sheet. Bake for 35-40 minutes. Please note that baking time can vary; the measure of doneness is an internal temperature of 205-210 °F.
  9.  Let your baked goodies cool completely on a wire rack. (Not allowing the loaf to fully cool before cutting may result in a gummy interior.) Once completely cooled, slice and serve, or store in an airtight container. To re-crisp crust, toast or reheat at 375 °F for 5-10 minutes.

You can't call this grain bread or wheat bread because the ingredients do not include grain products like wheat and whole-grain flour. Whole grains, and even refined grains, can cause bloating to people.

This healthy bread recipe is nutritious and safe for you compared with the loaf of bread you’re used to eating. The slices of bread you can have with this recipe make a healthy replacement to your multi-grain bread or whole-wheat bread dishes.

Why Is My Homemade Bread Recipe the Healthiest?

Man kneading dough over table | The Healthiest Bread Recipe In The World

I would not call this type of bread the healthiest without discussing the nutritional information and calories of the ingredients and what health benefits of vitamins and minerals they can provide...


6 Health benefits of grounding for autoimmune disease

Bare feet of small child standing barefoot outdoors in nature, grounding concept.

(Natural News) Earthing, or grounding, is a therapeutic technique that offers many benefits. According to some, it can also help protect against harmful free radicals and autoimmune diseases.

What is grounding?

Throughout the majority of history, humans have slept on the ground, gone shoeless or worn footwear made from animal hides that allowed equilibration with the electrical potential of the earth.

However, these practices have been discarded as times advanced and many modern inventions made life easier. But some of these changes can be viewed as detrimental because people lost the pivotal energy transfer from the ground to the body.

Thankfully, the practice of grounding can help you enjoy certain health benefits.

Grounding or earthing is a therapeutic technique that involves different activities that help “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth. This practice relies on earthing science and grounding physics to explain how electrical charges from the earth can offer certain benefits.

There are different types of grounding, but all of them focus on helping you reconnect to the earth.

You can do this through either direct or indirect contact like:

  • Lying on the ground, like in the grass at a park or on the sand at the beach
  • Walking barefoot in the grass on your lawn or on a sandy beach
  • Wading in water in a clear lake or swimming in the ocean
  • Using grounding equipment like grounding socks, grounding bands and patches, grounding sheets or blankets and grounding mats

While direct contact with the earth is optimal, using grounding equipment can help if you live in an area with inclement weather conditions or if you want to practice grounding in clinical settings. (Related: Don’t like to meditate? Try joyful grounding.)

Dangers of free radicals

The ground represents a reservoir of free and mobile electrons or negative charges. These charges can help neutralize the positively charged free radicals, or reactive oxygen species (ROS), that can cause cell damage and result in disease and degeneration.

Free radicals like hydrogen peroxide are inherently unstable compounds that are both byproducts of aerobic metabolism and synthesized through different physiochemical and pathological states.

While free radicals can be beneficial, in excess they cause oxidative stress, which is linked to autoimmune disease and other chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes mellitus, ischemic diseases (like coronary artery disease) and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Benefits of grounding

Grounding is a technique that doesn’t require expensive equipment and that offers benefits such as:

Blood sugar regulation

People with autoimmune diseases such as Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis or ulcerative colitis are at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes because of common mechanistic pathways.

Blood sugar dysregulation and insulin resistance are also common predisposing factors in the onset of autoimmune disease. Research has found that practicing grounding over a three-day period can help decrease fasting glucose among people with diabetes who have poor glycemic control.

Endocrine balance

The over-production of inflammation-inciting cellular messengers called pro-inflammatory cytokines are a hallmark of autoimmune rheumatic diseases. They can activate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which oversees your body’s stress response.

This can result in pro-inflammatory, autoimmune-exacerbating hormones overtaking anti-inflammatory hormones such as glucocorticoids, which can then cause an inflammatory cascade and tissue destruction.

Practicing grounding can help influence this often dysregulated hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-thyroid axis.

Blood viscosity

Studies suggest that the majority of autoimmune disorders like Behcet’s syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are all accompanied by a greater risk of experiencing venous thromboembolism (VTE), which are blood clots that form in deep veins.

Experts think that this is due to disturbances in the immune system and the fact that systemic inflammation “modulates thrombotic responses by suppressing fibrinolysis, upregulating procoagulant and downregulating anticoagulant.” These processes favor clot formation and prevent the degradation of blood clots.

But study findings suggest that healthy volunteers who tried grounding for two hours had significantly less aggregation of red blood cells, indicating a substantial reduction in blood clotting potential. The grounded volunteers also possessed greater zeta potential, which is a marker for the ability of red blood cells to repel each other.



From Samantha Brown's Places to Love Blog

With so many fantastic places to visit in Florida, it’s no surprise that most Americans make their way here at least once in their lives for a warm, sunny vacation! Crystal white beaches, bucket list worthy amusement parks, and all sorts of interesting history mean you could keep coming back and discover something new each time.

I’ve been down to Florida more times than I ca count, and I’ve always loved each trip. There’s a reason we’ve highlighted so many local destinations on “Places to Love!” Check below for some of my top picks.

Hurricane Ian 2022 Note: Did you know most of Florida bounced back rather quickly from Hurricane Ian? While news coverage would have you believe the entire state has been left in ruins, the only areas that really sustained significant damage were in the southwest. If you were thinking of escaping the winter for a Florida vacation this year, don’t worry about rescheduling. You’ll find many places barely had a scratch and are more than excited to welcome visitors once more.

Fantastic Places to Visit in Florida Right Now

Fort Clinch on Amelia Island

Amelia Island

Less than an hour from Jacksonville, Amelia Island is an absolutely underrated family destination in northeast Florida. Ever since it was “discovered” by Jean Ribault while the Timucuan Indians were settled here in 1562, it’s been under control of the French, the Spanish (twice), the English, a group known as the Patriots, another group known as the Green Cross, a pirate claiming it for Mexico, the Confederacy, and, finally, the United States. Phew!

Be sure to visit Fort Clinch, which goes all the way back to 1736, and grab a drink at the Palace Saloon, Florida’s oldest bar. Enjoy the 13 miles of pristine beach and get on the water with Kayak Amelia. And if you’re traveling with any bird lovers, know that Amelia is the east gateway to the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.

Anna Maria Island - places to visit in florida

Anna Maria Island

Slow down and step back in time at Anna Maria Island right at the southern tip of Tampa Bay. Everything about this place oozes with old Florida charm from the total lack of modern high rises to the preference for walking or biking instead of driving. Heck, if you don’t want to do too much exercise, they also offer up a free trolley to help you get around. Shop around cute boutiques or grab a long, leisurely lunch on the north side before soaking up the sun at a beach with sand so white, it looks like sugar. Really the only thing you want to make sure you’re on time for is the island’s famous sunsets.

Many call Anna Maria Florida’s best kept secret, so don’t say you heard about it from me!

Key West Bone Island Buccaneers - pirates

Florida Keys

With one of the most scenic drives in America, the Florida Keys is the land of eternal vacation for good reason. All the way down at the southernmost point of Florida (and the continental United States), this is area is comprised of “keys,” aka small islands made from coral deposits. It’s the perfect place to plan a girls’ trip, a family trip, and even a romantic getaway. In fact, my husband and I booked our own honeymoon at Sunset Key Cottages back in the day.

While down here, take your time stopping off at the different islands to see what makes each so unique. Dine on authentic Cuban food, sample all sorts of key lime desserts (not just the pie), and be sure to learn about all the famous residents of the keys from Ernest Hemingway to Jimmy Buffet to President Truman to Judy Blume, who’s still living there today and owns a local bookstore, Books and Books. Don’t forget to make time to visit Dry Tortugas National Park while you’re here as well.


Snow Extent in the Northern Hemisphere now Among the Highest in 56 years

Northern Hemisphere snow extent is currently indeed very high, now at about 41 million square kilometers, according to the NOAA/Rutgers Global Snow Lab. The most recent snow cover information is given in the image below.



The religion called climate change is about to insure the deaths of hundreds in the Northern Hemisphere areas of the globe. A disaster is brewing because the west is pushing bans on fossil fuels, leaving millions in the cold and without food. What they will need and not get is global warming!   Snow extent in the Northern Hemisphere at the end of November represents an important parameter for the early winter forecast. This year snow extent is running much higher than average and according to existing global estimates, it is now beyond the highest ever observed so far. Winter forecast, especially in its early phase and in Europe, might be strongly influenced by such a large snow extent, although many other factors need attention... MORE>>>>>

Wrestling the Scriptures ~ Richard Rives

Author: Richard Rives

Speaker, WorldNetDaily commentator, and author of the books "Too Long in the Sun" and "Time is the Ally of Deceit" www.toolong.com

Today many would tell us that its all about grace and that to concern ourselves with the commandments of God is to be legalistic.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are to be doers of the word, and not hearers only, and are told that to do otherwise is to deceive our own selves.

Throughout the ages, many have decided what they want or need Christianity to be and have been so bold as to suppose that it will yield to their desires. In search of non-Biblical grace, rather than conforming to Biblical precepts and acting upon them, they wrest the scriptures to their own destruction.

While “talking the talk,” they redefine Biblical Christianity to accommodate their own needs failing to recognize that true faith, as outlined in scripture, and as practiced by first century believers, is more than the recitation of Christian phraseology. It is walking the walk. It is a life-style of obedience to the commandments of our Creator, as recorded in the Bible, by the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s not being legalistic – That’s Biblical Christianity.

Earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints,
I’m Richard Rives with Just the Facts.


How many worldwide followers of Jesus are of Jewish descent? Number may stun you

Much of Christian media not aware of it, nor reporting on it

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

When Does the Day Begin?

Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments...Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments, painting by Rembrandt (1659) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Bob Barney

 Christ warned us to be aware of false religion, customs and laws. These warnings have basically fallen on deaf years. We must all know and pay attention to the most important "sign" of Jesus coming again; it is the spread of false religion and religious practices that are contrary to God. Over the years, God's Law, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, have been replaced by man's law. Our theologians call it being "saved by grace" when truly nothing of the sort is biblically sound or true of being saved in this manner.

Christmas, Easter, and Sunday worship actually pre-date the earthly ministry of Jesus! Yes, you read that correctly, these holidays have nothing to do with Christ and were being followed long before GOD became a man and walked among us. Even in the garden of Eden, the very first religious lie promulgated was the "immortal soul" doctrine. To this day, we believe the devil and that "we shall not die but be like God" and live forever as some spirit in heaven or hell. That is Satan's lie and almost every false religion has adopted it.

In Jesus' time, the Jewish nation, after years of captivity, began to adopt Babylonian ways. They took on the Babylonian calendar and "lost" God's true perfect one, and at the same time began the truly pagan observance of "evening days."  This simply means that, like the Babylonians, they began to start their day at sunset rather than sunrise. Like everything else, the theologians of the day twisted a few scriptures which may imply evening days and ignored hundreds of scriptures that proved that God's day starts in the morning. Most Sabbath keeping churches to this day follow this pagan start of the day and continue the practice of those lawless religious leaders that killed Christ! The same people He declared at his arrest were those who worshipped the DARKNESS, and darkness is when evil reigns! Yes, the nighttime is darkness and God IS NEVER in darkness! We read in Revelation that when Christ returns to Jerusalem, that where He is will always be in light! There will be no nighttime in the Holy City! Yes, it's in the same Bible that we all read. Revelation 21:23 "And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb [is] the light thereof."

In the very first chapter of the Bible, we read "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." 

When did this happen, in the evening time? Is there light at night? Read on..."And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. " See? He called the light DAY! It is clear, when GOD said "Let there be light" it became day! It was dawn!


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What Signs Should We Look For in These Times?

Are We in the Last Days (Prelim 1985)01 

By Bob Barney


Are we living in the last days? Are we in the END TIMES? Is the return of Jesus Christ right around the corner? These are the questions that many of us ask ourselves whenever we read the book of Revelation or the Gospel of Matthew.  How can we not want to understand the return of Jesus Christ and the awesome Kingdom of God that He will be bringing with Him?

Let us first discuss the misnomer with the term “end times”. Jesus was never talking about the end of the world and John in his book of Revelation wasn't speaking of the end of the world either; in fact, both men were talking about what is best described as “the end of the age” of mankind.

When God created man, Adam and Eve to be exact, a new age upon this earth began. It was the age of mankind, and it began approximately five to six thousand years ago as best we can tell. Adam was set up to rule this earth during this age but because of Adam’s sin he lost his right as ruler of the age of mankind. Many are not aware that the Bible plainly states that the Earth is much older than man. In fact, those who believe the earth to be billions of years old are not necessarily in conflict with the Bible at all! It is very possible that the earth is extremely old. In Genesis the correct translation of God creating the heavens and the earth is that God RE-CREATED the heavens and the earth after a cataclysm that is not mentioned. This former earth was under the rulership of the great archangel Lucifer, the angel who rebelled against God and became Satan. If Adam had not sinned, he would have been the ruler of this age and would have replaced Satan is the ruler of this age.

Believe it or not, the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ is rarely ever presented in the churches of today. What I am referring to is that Jesus as God is coming back to replace Satan as the ruler of this earth and usher in a new age. When Christ returns and brings the Kingdom of God with Him, it will entail a government that will have no end, and the age of man will actually come to an end. It would be a very important truth for the church to finally get on board with what Jesus was saying and meaning! Jesus was not merely talking about salvation, and He most definitely wasn’t talking about how to get to Heaven, the Son of God was talking about bringing God’s government to earth, complete with God’s laws and love.


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Are some of the cryptocurrency industry’s most important pioneers being targeted by someone?  We just learned that a 53-year-old cryptocurrency billionaire named Vyacheslav Taran has died, and he is the third big name to suddenly meet his maker in recent weeks.  So, is this just one giant coincidence, or is there some common denominator that links all three of them?  MORE>>>>>>>>


image from www.theplaintruth.com
November 27 - December 3
News Stories from Around the World:


Does God Care?

By Bob Barney

Jeremiah 12 Creation

New Century Version (NCV)

Jeremiah’s First Complaint

12 Lord, when I bring my case to you,
    you are always right.
But I want to ask you about the justice you give.
    Why are evil people successful?
    Why do dishonest people have such easy lives?
You have put the evil people here
    like plants with strong roots.
    They grow and produce fruit.
With their mouths they speak well of you,
    but their hearts are really far away from you.
But you know my heart, Lord.
    You see me and test my thoughts about you.
Drag the evil people away like sheep to be butchered.
    Set them aside for the day of killing.
How much longer will the land stay dried up
    and the grass in every field be dead?
The animals and birds in the land have died,
    because the people are evil.
Yes, they are even saying,
    “God does not see what happens to us.”

    Why do you tolerate wrongdoing?
Destruction and violence are before me;
    there is strife, and conflict abounds.
Therefore the law is paralyzed,
    and justice never prevails.
The wicked hem in the righteous,
    so that justice is perverted.

By Bob Barney

It's not just you, even some of the greatest people who ever lived including men who spoke for and with God often wondered why God allowed things to go a certain way. I wonder the same thing. I think, if God wanted the world to know about The Plain Truth and about God's plans for the future, then the LORD would shower our cause with readers and big money. Billionaires would wake up some morning, miraculously see God's plan and send millions of dollars to those trying to get the word out.  That may happen someday, but according to Jesus, it probably will not. Again, in the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament, the prophet named Habakkuk complains to God in the same way. Let's take a look at his plea to God. 

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Court: Air Force 'wrongly' dismisses religious exemption requests from unvaxxed airmen

'The evidence is undisputed'

Master Sgt. Matt Dillon, 911th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief, performs a safe for maintenance observation on a C-17 Globemaster III at the Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station, Pa., Nov. 3, 2022. Crew chiefs perform safe for maintenance observations to ensure they can safely conduct the scheduled maintenance for the day. (U.S. Air Force photo by Joshua J. Seybert)

Master Sgt. Matt Dillon, 911th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief, performs a safe for maintenance observation on a C-17 Globemaster III at the Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station, Pennsylvania, Nov. 3, 2022. (U.S. Air Force photo by Joshua J. Seybert)

7 reasons every American should rally behind Herschel Walker

Walker is a man of faith who has lived most of his life as a committed Christian. No man is perfect, including me. George Washington was absolutely right when he said, "Perfection falls not to the lot of humanity." "Herschel's story is one of redemption and hope,"...

See the source image

Senate passes bill to enshrine gay marriage in federal law

12 Republicans back legislation amid warnings it will crush religious liberty

The White House is lit with colors of the rainbow on June 26, 2015, in celebration of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

The White House is lit with colors of the rainbow on June 26, 2015, in celebration of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

Water, the miraculous proof of God's existence

A water vapor loop capture between May 6 and M...A water vapor loop capture between May 6 and May 8 showing the genesis of a powerful area of low pressure off the east coast that would later become Subtropical Storm Andrea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Bob Barney: Do you believe in a creator God? Did the universe arise from chaos? Are there clues that prove that a DIVINE FORCE was behind the creation of the universe and if so, what are such clues? Most atheists' arguments come from a deep Ignorance of Natural Law! Here is a small lesson on the Divine design behind water! Most of our planet is covered with water. The oceans and seas make up three fourths of the earth's surface while the land itself contains countless numbers of rivers and lakes. The snow and ice on the planet are water in its frozen form. A substantial part of the earth's water is in the sky, just as the Bible claims in Genesis chapter 1.

You see, every cloud contains millions–of tons of water in the form of vapor.  From time to time, some of this water vapor turns into drops of liquid and falls to the ground; in other words, it rains. Even the air you're breathing now contains water vapor. Life can exist without water - everyone admits that, but are you aware that water itself has miraculous properties that without those properties, life could not exist on earth? The most comprehensive analysis of the suitability of water for life was to come from Lawrence Henderson, a professor in the Department of Biological Chemistry of Harvard University. In his book, "The Fitness of the Environment", which some were later to call "the most important scientific work of the first quarter of the 20th century", Henderson makes these observations about water:1) Except for water, all other known solids decrease in size as they grow colder. This is true of all known liquids as well: 2) as their temperatures decrease, they lose volume. As volume decreases, density increases and thus the colder parts of the liquid become heavier.


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This Week in History ~ The first-ever U.S. car race in 1895 was survival of the fittest

His most famous, of course, was the second Motor Wagon, winner of the first American car race in 1895.

Frank Duryea (right) and a race referee at the start of the Chicago Times-Herald car race on November 28, 1895. Detroit Public Library

By Jeff Peek of Hagerty Media

It’s been said that the first car race was held shortly after the second car was built, but since that’s impossible to document, we’ll go with what we know: 125 years ago this past weekend, the United States’ first official car race was held on cold and snowy Thanksgiving Day in Illinois. And the winner was … a Duryea Motor Wagon. Not a name that leaps to mind when you think of motorsports success, but certainly a key player in automotive history.

Although brothers Charles and Frank Duryea built motor cars together for less than 10 years before going their separate ways, they created a superior machine for the era. And in winning the Chicago Times-Herald “motocycle” race (yes, motocycle) on November 28, 1895, the two may have also created the “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” automotive business mentality.

The Duryea brothers completed their first one-cylinder, four-horsepower Duryea Motor Wagon in September, 1893, in Springfield, Massachusetts. The second Duryea Motor Wagon, built the following year, was the one entered in the legendary race.

Years later, while recalling how it all began—the race, not the car—founder H.H. Kohlsaat wrote in a 1941 issue of The Saturday Evening Post that the Chicago contest was inspired by the Paris-Rouen race he had seen in France in 1894. The stateside contest was originally planned for July 4, 1895, and Kohlsaat convinced the Times-Herald to put up a whopping $5000 in prize money—the equivalent of more than $135,000 today.

At Kohlsaat’s urging, President Grover Cleveland appointed a member of the War Department to supervise the event, based on the opinion that motor vehicles would be of the most use in the military and as commercial trucks. Some 60 contestants signed up, but applicants begged Kohlsaat for more time, so the race was pushed to Labor Day. It was later postponed again and rescheduled for Thanksgiving.

On November 2, a bit of a warm-up match was set between the Duryea and H. Mueller Benz’s Gasoline Motor Car (from Decatur, Illinois). Mueller was the only finisher, as the Duryea crashed into a ditch while trying to avoid a team of horses and broke a wheel. Repairs were made on the car in time to complete in the actual race 26 days later.

When November 28 arrived, it was greeted by two inches of snow and brisk wind, which whittled an already small field. That morning only six cars took off on an out-and back course from Chicago to Evanston, a race of 52.4 miles: the Duryea; three Benz cars (one sponsored by R.H. Macy’s department store in New York), and two electrics.

The tires of all six cars were wrapped in twine to improve traction. That didn’t do much for the electrics, whose batteries died almost immediately after the race began. With the entrants fighting through snowdrifts, the Duryea—with Frank at the wheel—passed the Macy’s car just past the halfway mark to take the lead—for good, as it turned out. Pushing to keep up, the Macy’s car first collided with a sleigh and then a streetcar, which damaged its steering. Another Benz also failed to finish.


WATCH: Kids carry Disney's holiday message: 'We love you Satan'

'They don't hide their agenda anymore'

(Video screenshot)

(Video screenshot)

Maricopa County certifies election after irate citizens testify of vote suppression

'If you certify today, the only thing you will be certifying is your corruption'

Arizona Republican Kari Lake on Election Night, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. (Video screenshot)

Arizona Republican Kari Lake on Election Night, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. (Video screenshot)