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Joe Biden Plans to Take ‘Millions of Cars Off the Road’ to Reduce Oil Consumption

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Political Science 101 fact:  Restrict movement and you restrict freedom.. Like Nazi Germany.... "Show me your papers!" This is what Biden and Democrats are doing.  Restrict people from driving.  That's the plan, please don't be fooled.

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President Joe Biden on Wednesday again promoted his infrastructure dreams of taking people out of their gas-powered vehicles and putting them on trains and other forms of public transit.

“We’re investing almost $100 billion in public transit and rail, for all the studies show that it will take millions of cars off the road and significantly reduce pollution if there’s a serious transportation system available,” he said.

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Supreme Court OVERRULES Roe v. Wade

Supreme Court overrules Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court overruled the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision Friday morning by upholding Mississippi's restrictive abortion ban. 'The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives,' the decision said. Tensions over the future of abortion rights in the country have been running high since a draft opinion of Dobbs was leaked - and showed that the high court's conservative majority was poised to push whether abortion was legal back to the states. 

Why the tale of Ashley Biden's diary should ruin Joe's life

Foreword By Bob Barney:
Ashley Biden (Video screenshot)
Ashley Biden, Joe Biden's drug addicted daughter reveals taking showers with him.
 ‘I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)’ 
It was revealed on Tucker Carlson the other night that Biden is a child predator.  The story he related, first revealed in the Daily Mail told about the shocking sexual allegations are emerging from the reported diary of Ashley Biden, President Joe Biden’s daughter.

Ashley Biden recounts times she showered with her father when she was young, something she allegedly wrote was “probably not appropriate,” says

According to the, Ashley Biden, a drug addict, left her personal diary under a mattress in a Palm Beach, Florida halfway house where she stayed during a rehab stint. The diary reportedly details her drug abuse, sex addiction and her being “hypersexualized.”

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and one of his journalists were targeted by federal agents who reportedly raided their homes in November 2021 searching for Ashley Biden’s diary, which they reportedly say was stolen, says Fox News and

The states that The New York Times confirmed that the Ashley Biden diary is authentic after the newspaper “reported a Justice Department probe over the diary in November 2021.”

Harris allegedly circulated the diary at a Republican conference, and a right wing website published it less than two weeks before the 2020 presidential election, say reports. This report went largely unnoticed, though, says

In her diary, “the president’s own daughter, believes his alleged showering with her could have helped create her sex addiction,” reports

So you can see why Joe Biden SHOULD have a problem. Again, I think most people are well aware that Biden is a predator and rapist.  This latest revelation mainly unreported goes to show just how far the media will go to cover for their guy.

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The Electric Car Hoax- Blackouts Everywhere and Environmental Damage

The Plain Truth is that we are not producing enough electricity to charge cars!  We need 100 Nuke Plants or more to do that!

Bob Barney:  (quotes from WND.COM)

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Tesla being "refueled" mainly with coal powered power plants
Electric cars have been called a moral virtue  as well as the solution to record-high gas prices.
It's a lie!
In a column highlighted by Powerline blogger John Hinderaker, engineer and energy expert Ronald Stein examines the source of the power and the materials in batteries. He concludes EVs are bad for the environment, and serious ethical questions are raised by the conditions under which the materials are mined.

Stein argues in a column titled "Is it ethical to purchase a lithium battery powered EV?" that entire mountains are eliminated by just one lithium supply mine.

"Each mine usually consists of thirty-five to forty humongous 797 Caterpillar haul trucks along with hundreds of other large equipment," he writes. "Each 797 uses around half a million gallons of diesel a year. So, with an inventory of just thirty-five the haul trucks alone are using 17.5 million gallons of fuel a year for just one lithium site."

A typical EV battery, Stein notes, weighs 1,000 pounds, contains 25 pounds of lithium, 60 pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds of cobalt, 200 pounds of copper and 400 pounds of aluminum, steel and plastic. Inside are over 6,000 individual lithium-ion cells.

"It should concern you that all those toxic components come from mining," he writes. "For instance, to manufacture each EV auto battery, you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium, 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt, 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, and 25,000 pounds of ore for copper. All told, you dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust for just one battery."

Stein is the author of the 2021 book "Clean Energy Exploitations: Helping Citizens Understand the Environmental and Humanity Abuses That Support Clean Energy."

Mercury in your fish: 
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Teens buying fentanyl on social media, and sales are soaring!

Chuck Norris demands gov't does more to stop deadly drug from entering the U.S.

'Jesus is with me': Justin Bieber gives update on health after shocking diagnosis

Justin Bieber (Video screenshot)

(FOX NEWS) -- Justin Bieber took to Instagram on Monday with an optimistic update about his health after he revealed he was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which has caused partial facial paralysis.

"Wanted to share a little bit of how I’ve been feelin," he wrote. "Each day has gotten better and through all of the discomfort I have found comfort in the one who designed me and knows me.

"I’m reminded he knows all of me. He know the darkest parts of me that I want no one to know about and he constantly welcomes me into his loving arms. This perspective has give me peace during this horrific storm that I’m facing."

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Complete coincidence? At least 7 large farm fires scorch U.S. in last 10 days

There were seven major farm fires in the United States over a recent 10-day period.

In the big picture, they were for the most part relatively small-scale events. But with reports of so many fires at food production facilities, you can’t help but notice.

Coincidence? It could be. But it does get your attention.

A barn in Hanover Township, Ohio, burned Monday. Officials initially were concerned that a person was in the burning structure but found no people or animals inside, according to the Butler County Journal-News.

Saturday was a North Smithfield, Rhode Island, horse farm fire. Thankfully, none of the 40 horses was injured, but it was the second fire at the site in two days – a blaze Thursday destroyed a horse ring, WJAR-TV in Providence reported.


19 Children Killed at School--UPDATE


New footage reveals Uvalde cops KNEW kids were alive in room with gunman

NEW Video originally shared on Facebook Live shows the chaotic scene outside Robb Elementary school last week as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents spoke to an injured child during the massacre. 'Are you injured?' the agent asked. The child answered: 'I got shot!'. ' Similarly, a 911 call has confirmed officers knew children were alive after Ramos fired more than 100 shots into the classroom, contradicting the local police chief's claims that they thought the scene was no longer active. 'Room 12, are we able to .. is anybody inside of the building ...' the dispatcher asked. '2-1, child is advising he is in the room. Full of victims. Full of victims at this moment.' The newly released footage appears to contradict claims that Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Steven McCraw made during a news briefing on Friday. He repeatedly alleged police waited to enter the building because the incident commander had considered Ramos 'a barricaded subject, and that there was time, and there were no more children at risk.'

Tucker Carlson accuses Texas cops of 'BS' lies because school shooter wasn't taken down for more than an HOUR after opening fire - and says the way police handled the bloodbath is a 'moral crime' 


Bob Barney: As long as we consider banks, malls, courthouses and everywhere politicians are like the capital and forget protecting our children from gunman, drug dealers, drag queens, queers pedophiles and politicians, then our children will continue to die. Gun Laws are not the answer! PROTECTION with ARMED GUARDS are the answers. Liberalism KILLS!


Texas school shooting: Hero girl shot dead 'as she tried to call 911'

Amerie Jo Garza, a fourth grader at Robb Elementary in the city Uvalde, Texas (centre), was among 19 children under the age of 11 killed in the latest school mass shooting to hit America on Tuesday. Berlinda Irene Arreola, her grandmother, said the 10-year-old was shot dead while trying to call 911 after 18-year-old ‘loner’ Salvador Ramos walked into her classroom armed with a handgun and rifle, told students 'you're going to die', and opened fire. Also killed in the attack were Makenna Lee Elrod, 10 (top left), Uziyah Garcia, nine (bottom left), Xavier Lopez, 10 (second bottom left), Ellie (second top right) and Eliahana Torres, 10 (top right). Two teachers - Eva Mireles, 44 (second bottom right), and Irma Garcia, a mother-of-four (bottom right) - were also killed before a Border Patrol agent shot and killed Ramos. A number of people were also wounded, though the exact figure was not clear as of Tuesday night. Ramos’s grandmother – shot at the start of his rampage amid an argument about his failure to graduate – was alternately reported as in critical condition or dead of her wounds. Parents were desperately appealing on social media for news of their missing children. Police warned the death toll is expected to rise. 

Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins Turns from Alcoholism & Atheism, Becomes A Christian

anthony hopkins testimony atheist alcoholism

Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of the most well-known actors of our time. For years, he was a well-known atheist, too. But all of that changed when a woman at an AA meeting challenged his disbelief with one, simple question. That was the beginning of the inspiring Anthony Hopkins testimony! (If you’d prefer to listen to the audio version of this story, scroll to the end of this article to find the podcast version below!)


No matter how successful someone may seem from the outside, we all have our own internal struggles. During the earlier years of Anthony Hopkins’ career, he found himself in his own battle with alcoholism.

RELATED: Christian Comic Chonda Pierce On Her Late Husband's Alcoholism

Anthony’s addiction started “innocently.” He adopted a worldly mindset and drank because “that's what you do in theater, you drink."

But as is the case too often, the social pastime soon took over his life. By 1975, Anthony’s drinking had spiraled out of control.

"I was hell-bent on destruction," the award-winning actor recalled. "It was like being possessed by a demon, an addiction, and I couldn't stop. And there are millions of people around like that.”

But it’s in our weakest moments that God’s strength works best!

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” ~ Psalm 34:18

Anthony Hopkins Testimony Of God’s Saving Grace.

Rand Paul: America Has to 'Borrow from China' to Send $40 Billion to Ukraine

 i think it s important to know that we don t have any money to send   paul said© press

'I think it's important to know that we don't have any money to send,' Paul said

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said that the United States has to borrow money from communist China to send Ukraine $40 billion in aid.

So not only is the Biden administration sending money to a foreign country in the midst of skyrocketing inflation and looming food shortages, but they are also getting themselves into debt with a growing superpower.

As the Senate remains poised to pass legislation that would send $40 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine, Paul has contended the package needs an inspector general to ensure that the billions of dollars are spent wisely.

Paul states that America would need to continue borrowing from China to appropriate the proposed Ukraine aid package.


Bill Maher suggests kids are coming out as trans is because it's 'trendy'

Bill Maher suggests kids are coming out as trans is because it's 'trendy' and being gay 'is not hip enough' anymore in monologue slamming LGBTQ supporters for 'experimenting on children' with hormone blocks and gender reassignment surgery 

Bill Maher accused kids of coming out as trans is because it's 'trendy' and because being gay 'is not hip enough', on Friday's Real Time.

Maher, 66, who often draws the ire of both conservatives and liberals on his long-running show, largely went after the transgender part of that acronym in his editorial.

He began by noting the polls show the number of Americans identifying as LGBTQ has doubled with each passing generation, joking that 'if we follow this trajectory, we will all be gay in 2054.'

Maher then asked if people are allowed to see those increases and ask: 'What's up with that?'

'It wasn't that long ago that when adults asked children what they wanted to be when they grew up, 'They meant what profession,' Maher said.

Commentator Bill Maher dedicated the end of his 'New Rules' segment on Friday's edition of HBO's Real Time to the rising numbers of LGBTQ Americans, which he went as far as to suggest was 'trendy'
Commentator Bill Maher dedicated the end of his 'New Rules' segment on Friday's edition of HBO's Real Time to the rising numbers of LGBTQ Americans, which he went as far as to suggest was 'trendy'

He then pivoted to suggest that the number of LGBTQ Americans had risen so sharply, a recent ACLU finding claimed abortion rights bans would affect LGBTQ people more than cisgender women giving birth.    

Bill Maher suggests kids are coming out as trans is because it's 'trendy' and being gay 'is not hip enough' anymore in monologue slamming LGBTQ supporters for 'experimenting on children' with hormone blocks and gender reassignment surgery 

Texas officials warn of rattlesnakes hiding in pool noodles: 'Try to avoid panicking!'

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Officials in Texas are warning residents about an animal that could be lurking in pool noodles: rattlesnakes.

A family hanging out at the pool stumbled upon the reptile when someone picked up a pool noodle and a large rattlesnake snake fell out, according to a Facebook post from the Salado Texas Volunteer Fire Department.

"They realized later that several baby snakes were still inside," the post said.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, there are 10 species of rattlesnakes in Texas including the most common, the western diamondback.

The post said it is not unusual for snakes to seek cooler places as temperatures rise.

False Religion

Mother, uncle and grandfather charged with torturing girl, 3, to death while performing

The mugshot of a California mom accused of killing her toddler during an exorcism has been released, with horrific new details of the murder also emerging. Arely Naomi Proctor died in September last year after her mother Claudia Hernandez, 25, and her pastor grandfather performed an exorcism, according to police at the family's tiny Pentecostal church in San Jose. Claudia is accused of holding the girl's neck, squeezing it and depriving her of food, while Pastor Rene Huezo, the girl's grandfather together with her teenage uncle held her down to perform the depraved act. Claudia was charged in January, with Arely's uncle Rene Aaron Hernandez-Santos, 19, and grandpa Rene Trigueros Hernandez, 59, also charged this week. The trio's mugshots were shared on Friday, as it was claimed Claudia had stuck her fingers down her young daughter's throat to try and 'exorcise' the demon inside her. She'd grown convinced that the youngster was possessed after Arely started waking up in the middle of the night while screaming and upset. Arely endured 12 hours of torture before dying, investigators say.

Is vicious attack on Bible hero a violent assault against God?

Palestinian rioters smashed and burned Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, Israel on Saturday, April 9, 2022. (Photo courtesy Samaria Regional Council)

Palestinian rioters smashed and burned Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, Israel on Saturday, April 9, 2022. (Photo courtesy Samaria Regional Council)

Just two weeks ago, while the attention of many in America was focused on skyrocketing inflation and the war in Ukraine, a vicious attack took place on the resting place of one of the most famous figures in the Bible.

The tomb of Joseph, the beloved son of Jacob and great-grandson of Abraham who was betrayed by his brothers before rising to the No. 2 position in the world in Egypt, was brutally vandalized by Palestinians in Israel.

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The Sovietization of the American Press

I collect Soviet newspapers. Years ago, I used to travel to Moscow’s Izmailovsky flea market every few weeks, hooking up with a dealer who crisscrossed the country digging up front pages from the Cold War era. I have Izvestia’s celebration of Gagarin’s flight, a Pravda account of a 1938 show trial, even an ancient copy of Ogonyek with Trotsky on the cover that someone must have taken a risk to keep. These relics, with dramatic block fonts and red highlights, are cool pieces of history. Not so cool: the writing! Soviet newspapers were wrought with such anvil shamelessness that it’s difficult to imagine anyone ever read them without laughing. A good Soviet could write almost any Pravda headline in advance. What else but “A Mighty Demonstration of the Union of the Party and the People” fit the day after Supreme Soviet elections? What news could come from the Spanish civil war but “Success of the Republican Fleet?” Who could earn an obit headline but a “Faithful Son of the Party”?

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The rollercoaster rise of Elon Musk

How Billionaire SpaceX founder Elon Musk went from loner in South Africa to richest man in

Musk is attempting to expand his booming business; the SpaceX founder (pictured inset today), 50, announced on Wednesday that he wanted to buy Twitter for $41.39 billion. According to Bloomberg, Musk is currently the wealthiest person in the world - with a net worth of around $260 billion. But how did Musk go from a nerdy child living in South Africa with an absentee mother and emotionally abusive father to the richest man on Earth? As he gears up to potentially purchase Twitter and expand is already-enormous list of business ventures, FEMAIL has taken a look back at his career.

Inept Russian Military Shows the world they are incompetant

Russian Cruiser Sinks, Ukraine Claims Credit for Missile Attack

First Major Warship Downed in Combat Since 1982

Cubans wave as the "Moskva" Russian guide missile cruiser arrives at Havana's harbour, on August 3, 2013. The vessel is part of a three-ship group in official visit to Cuba. AFP PHOTO/Adalberto ROQUE (Photo credit should read ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP via Getty Images)

Russia has confirmed the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet has sunk after what Ukraine said was a missile attack by their forces.


Charred remains of ANOTHER Russian convoy: Drone pictures show aftermath of ambush by

Snaps released by the Ukrainian Ground Forces early this morning show the smouldering wreckage of several Russian armoured vehicles after they were caught up in a huge explosion orchestrated by Ukraine's special forces (SSO) operators on Monday. Russia this week is deploying more troops to areas around the city of Izyum, which lies a mere 25 miles from the Donbas region where Ukraine's armed forces are engaged in bitter fighting with the invaders, said Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Oleg Synehubiv. But having learned the destination and the route of this particular Russian convoy, SSO operators planted stacks of TNT at key points along the road and underneath a bridge, which were detonated as the Russian armour began to roll across.