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by Lisette Bassett-Brody

Product Description

Etched in Stone is a quick, easy guide to archeological proofs to bolster one’s faith and encourage believers of all ages.

Christians are under attack like never before. “The Bible is just a fairytale.” “There is no physical evidence to support for any of it!” This is the kind of fire today’s Christians come under all the time. 

Where is the physical proof? Isn’t there anything out there that objectively corroborates the stories of the Bible? Christianity is certainly based on faith, but haven’t you ever thought how wonderful it would be to have something tangible to back up your faith? That is what Etched in Stone: Archeological Discoveries that Prove the Bible is all about.

Etched in Stone showcases more than 60 archeological discoveries that prove the Bible is historically accurate and that Christianity is much more than just blind faith. Now you can have something tangible to show that:

  • The Israelites really did have to make bricks without straw, 
  • There really was a city called Nazareth, 
  • The walls of Jericho really did fall down, 
  • King David really did exist, 
  • Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t just a made-up king, 
  • The Philistines really were the Israelites’ foes 
  • Pontius Pilate did rule at the time of Christ, and 
  • Crucifixion was a means of capital punishment 
  • And much more. 
Etched in Stone offers the reader a clear, concise summary of the biblical events surrounding each artifact. The maps at the back show where in the world the artifact was discovered. You will begin to realize that the stories of the Bible are neither fictional nor allegorical. Instead, they are historical and factual events which occurred in real time and in real places. It gives you something to point to that displays a portion of the physical evidence that God, in His wisdom, chose to leave behind. 

About the Author 

Lisette Bassett-Brody graduated summa cum laude from Capitol Bible Seminary in 2013 with a master’s degree in biblical studies, having earned her B.A. from Syracuse University in modern foreign languages in 1987. Her writing achievements include newspaper articles as well as published pieces in the biblical archeology magazine Bible and Spade. In 1988 Lisette married journalist David Brody, currently White House Correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network. They live in Maryland with their three children. 

Product Details

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: WND Books (February, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • Dimension: 6 x 9 inches
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-944229-79-5






image from www.wnd.comCarl Gallups’ explosive book “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah: The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Prophecies of The Endtime” ignited furious debate around the globe.

“The feedback from people who have read the book and/or seen the movie has been overwhelmingly positive,” Gallups said.

“The only negative feedback is from people who falsely assume the conclusions which they believe the book may draw,” he said. “But, they haven’t read it yet. I think most people will be pleasantly and greatly surprised when they read through the book. There are some, however, who would prefer this story not get out to the world.”

Chuck Missler, founder of Koinonia House Ministry says that in the book, Gallups “explodes one of the biggest bombshells of our lifetime.”

“The implications of these astonishing declarations from the most venerated ultra-orthodox rabbi in Israel impacts every one of us – not just those of the traditional Jewish faith. This is a must-read for anyone who takes God seriously,” he said.

Did the 108-year-old Rabbi Kaduri, the most famous rabbi in Israel’s modern history, really see the Messiah in a vision before he died in January 2006? Very few of his followers deny the claim. Apparently Kaduri himself disclosed the revelation on several public and heavily documented occasions.

But, there are two other questions of a much more controversial nature. The first matter revolves around a supposed death note that the elderly rabbi reportedly left with his followers.

The note was said to have contained the name of the Messiah whom he had met in his vision. Furthermore, it is reported that Kaduri left specific instructions for the note to be locked away and not to be opened and read until one year after his death. According to several reports, Kaduri gave the instructions in his Yom Kippur synagogue message in October 2005 before a congregation of witnesses.

A little over one year after Kaduri’s death, Israel Today ran a story documenting that Kaduri’s note was opened and posted on his website at The story was featured on the cover of Israel Today’s print magazine and was posted online in April 2007. The story said the Kaduri note cryptically identified the name of the Messiah as Yehoshua, the Hebrew word for Jesus.

Subsequent interviews with David Kaduri, Rabbi Kaduri’s elderly son, disclosed the controversy around the reported death note. David Kaduri denied the authenticity of the note, even claiming it was not written in his father’s handwriting. Yet, according to Israel Today’s reporting, several of Rabbi Kaduri’s followers confirmed the note to be authentic.

Gallups noted that in the WND Films documentary movie “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah,” film producer George Escobar includes footage of David Kaduri and others vehemently denying the authenticity of the note.

“There is actually one clip of David Kaduri denying that his father ever even mentioned the Messiah – at all,” Gallups said. “That, indeed, is an astounding claim, since there appears to be a myriad of witnesses, in print, who say otherwise.”

Read more

U.N. brings back image of 3rd pagan god

image from
Temple of Baal, Palmyra, Syria, prior to its destruction by ISIS

Experts in Israel are expressing concern that the United Nations’ goal is warping toward the promotion of idolatry after word was released that the organization is playing a key role in the image of a third pagan god – the goddess of “extra-marital relations.”

First it was part of the re-creation of the Roman triumphal arch that once welcomed travelers to the Temple of Baal.

Then it was the re-creation of a statue of the goddess Athena which once stood in Palmyra.

U.N. officials, and funding, have been insiders on each of those projects.

Joe Kovacs, author of “Shocked By The Bible 2,” says the whole sad spectacle is part of an old story.

“The promotion of pagan gods is certainly nothing new, and it again shows we’re all living in what I call ‘Opposite World,'” he explained. “It’s a world where most people do the very opposite action of what God has instructed. Our Creator tells us to have no other gods but Him, but folks do the opposite, honoring false gods.

“The Bible says Solomon, one of the wisest men who ever lived, built shrines to pagan gods such as Molech, a pagan god to whom people would burn their children alive in fires. It’s just sickening. Even God-fearing Christians today don’t realize they’re doing the very opposite of God’s instructions when they decorate trees with silver and gold and stand them up in their homes and churches every December. God personally says in the tenth chapter of Jeremiah not to do that precise heathen custom, and yet people have been tricked into decorating trees with all sorts of silver tinsel, gold garland and hanging ornaments, and they have no scriptural basis for it. For those interested in eternal life, we need to wake up and start obeying the instructions of our Maker, and stop all this pagan worthlessness.”

You’re not being told the entire truth about the Bible’s contents. Learn Scripture on the spirit level as well as the physical level in the best-selling “Shocked by the Bible 2” — autographed at WND!


We Have So Much To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving Weekend is Over, BUT NOT Thanking God for our Blessings
As the nation pauses to give hanks on this Thanksgiving Day, we cannot forget the many blessings we enjoy as a nation.  Also, we must forever recognize that all our blessings come from the hands of Almighty God, Creator of the heaven and earth.

It is well for us to remember the Psalmist David's words, "Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;  Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's. The Lord executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed' (Psalm 103:1-6). Know Him, share Him.

The World is full of FAKE NEWS and FAKE SCIENCE!

Do you ever feel like the "facts" aren’t telling you the full story?

Ever feel like the studies you hear about are misrepresenting reality?

Ever suspect the science is not truly settled?Well – you’re right.

The Left wants to mislead you. That’s why they continuously push false

studies and deceptive statistics in your face. They know America is full

of low-information voters, and they fully intend to take advantage.

Austin Ruse, president of the Center for Family and Human Rights,

exposes this ruse in "Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics,

Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data."After reading this book, you’ll know

exactly how to respond the next time your snide liberal friend lectures you

by saying, "Studies show…" And by the way – many of the "experts" you

see and hear in the media are not really experts. They are partisans whose

"expert opinions" are motivated by their own agendas. So how do you tell

a real expert from an agenda-driven "shmexpert?" Well, you do your own

research. You think for yourself. You question every explanation you hear.

And you check out Marc Fitch’s "Shmexperts: How Ideology and Power

Politics Are Disguised as Science."This insightful book will help you

understand the underlying philosophy and motivations of those who

appear on your TV screen or in the newspaper pages posing as "experts." Now, what is the Left’s favorite issue with which to beat people over

the head for allegedly ignoring all the so-called "experts" and "evidence?"

Global warming, of course. But the science on global warming is far from

settled. In fact, the whole issue may be less about science and more

about giving the government a means of controlling Americans’ lives

ever more tightly.Plenty of powerful people benefit from all the

fearmongering over global warming. Find out all about this insidious

plot in "The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy

Threatens Your Future" by Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma,

"The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and

Environmentalism" by Christopher Horner and "Climategate:

A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes The Global Warming Sca"

by Brian Sussman."It’s all at the WND Superstore.


The 7 words in Bible most Christians ignore

My good friend and WND colleague Joe Kovacs has followed up his wildly popular and fun book, “Shocked by the Bible,” with a sequel – “Shocked by the Bible 2,” of course – that is much more challenging, raising tough questions for most Christians.

One of the things I love about Kovacs’ new book is his use of red letters for all of the words spoken by Jesus – whether they are in the New Testament or Old.

“What?” you ask. “Words of Jesus in the Old Testament? Jesus didn’t speak in the Hebrew Scriptures.”

Well, as Kovacs accurately points out, if you believe the Bible, Jesus is and was and always will be the Word of God. He is the Creator of all things (John 1). Thus, whenever God has spoken to man, it was, in fact, Jesus who was doing the speaking – whether it was to Adam, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Solomon or Elijah. In addition, the Greek Scriptures make it clear that the Father and Son are one – always have been, always will be.

Therefore, why the distinction in so many red-letter edition Bibles between the words of Jesus and God? Are they not one in the same? Was Jesus not the Creator of the all things, as the Gospel of John tells us?

The problem, of course, is that most followers of Jesus don’t consider the clear implications of what the Bible tells us – that Jesus is eternal, that He and the Father are one, that He is the maker of all things and, literally, the Word of God – the one who spoke all things into existence.

In fact, I suspect most Christians have been taught to believe, whether they realize it or not, that God the Father was, without putting too fine a point on it, the God of the Old Testament, while Jesus came to Earth with a whole new plan of salvation, rather than one that was revealed as early as Genesis 3:15, a passage often referred to as the proto-evangelium, or “first gospel.”

Rediscover the Kingdom of God, a key forgotten element of the gospel, in Joseph Farah’s “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age.”

Continue reading "The 7 words in Bible most Christians ignore" »

Get Ready to Be Shocked by the Bible Again - "Shocked 2" Hits the stands!

Did you ever wonder if you were getting the whole story when it comes to the Bible? Might there be some crucial information withheld from you? Could the powers that be in major religions actually be broadcasting a false message when it comes to God's glorious truth

As stunning as it may seem, what's written in Scripture is often the polar opposite of what's taught in many churches. The Bible says the devil deceives the whole world. He has cleverly tricked billions of people, and that includes countless Christians who profess their faith in Jesus.
Now, for those who seek the truth and are not afraid to discover the absolute veracity of Holy Scripture, Joe Kovacs breaks impressive new ground in "Shocked by the Bible 2," the highly anticipated, compelling sequel to his previous eye-opener, "Shocked by the Bible."
The heart of the gospel has been secretly hidden in a small book that many people think should not even be in the Bible
The three words of Jesus that most Christians don't believe
The destiny of Satan and the rest of the wicked is not what most people think
The intriguing meaning of shaking the dust off your feet
There is a resurrection that virtually no one talks about
Judgment Day does not mean that everyone is thrown into a fire
There's an important reason why God allows evil, and many pastors don't even know what it is
Some prayers are actually detestable to God

"Joe Kovacs has always made the Bible understandable for today’s readers."

"Indeed, nobody in 100 years has done a better job informing people about what the Bible really says. His books are not theology, just facts!”

Bob Barney, Editor

Order Your Copy Today

Learn wonderful, fresh insight into God's Holy Word. This 400-page hardcover makes an outstanding gift for family, friends and Bible-study groups.
Available On AmazonAutographed Copies Here


My brother-in-law and brother in Christ's GREAT BOOK!  Get a signed copy!   GET THE ORIGINAL SHOCKED WITH THE NEW ONE!!!!!


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$18.99 $22.99
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By Joe Kovacs


For a limited time, all copies of "Shocked by the Bible" purchased from WND's Superstore will be autographed by Joe Kovacs! (Don't forget to look for the "Personalized Inscription" box during checkout.)

What do you think the Bible says is your ultimate destiny? And what will you be doing for all eternity? Is it merely floating around on clouds, playing songs on harps forevermore? The true answers may absolutely floor you.

"When people actually crack open the pages of their own Bible and see the words on its pages, the ultimate destiny for believers is far more glorious than what most people have been told for centuries," says Joe Kovacs, author of the #1 best-seller, "Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You've Never Been Told."

Many Christians already understand that part of their reward is eternal life, and yes, Scripture indeed confirms that numerous times. But the Bible goes far beyond just saying believers will be alive forever.

The specifics are revealed in "Shocked by the Bible," a timeless must-read for those looking for the absolute truth of the Bible. Not only does it clearly explain the ultimate destiny for mankind, the book is a giant news report that informs people on what is actually in the Bible, and what is not.

With that in mind, how well do you really know your own Bible? For instance, guess how many doves were aboard Noah's Ark. The answer is not two.

And guess on which day the Bible says Jesus died. Believe it or not, the Good Book doesn't mention Friday, and even more surprisingly, while the Bible says Jesus rose from the grave, it does not say it occurred Sunday morning. Remember, Jesus' followers found an empty tomb then.

But don't feel bad if you've always assumed otherwise. Like countless millions of people, you've just been misinformed, misled or even (dare we say) lied to about what the Bible actually says.

In his stunning investigation, news veteran Joe Kovacs goes on a mission to help both Christians and non-Christians alike find out the amazing truth.

"Shocked by the Bible" is an educational juggernaut that relies solely on the Holy Bible to reveal hundreds of Scriptural facts that many people of all persuasions simply don't know. The book instantly skyrocketed to the #1 position in three Bible-related categories on, and demand from Christians worldwide has led to its translation into Russian and Korean.

"I'm among the biggest fans of the Bible of all time," says Kovacs. "My goal is to educate people about the solid truth of Scripture and to stop the spread of erroneous information. I want people to crack open their Bibles and see with their own eyes what's actually printed on the pages, and what's not. It's shocking!"

According to Scripture, you won't find "Three Wise Men" mentioned anywhere in the story of Jesus' birth. For that matter, no wise men are said to have shown up at the manger in Bethlehem. The truth straight from your own Bible is that an unspecified number of wise men first met Jesus as a "young child" in a "house," not a babe in a manger, and it might have been more than a year after He was born. Go ahead, look it up for yourself.

Also according to Scripture, you won't find a single mention of Easter eggs, but you will find God warning His people not to have anything to do with a pagan fertility goddess, whose name is synonymous with "Easter."

"Yes, I'm a Bible-believing worshiper of Jesus Christ," says Kovacs. "But I'm not here to convert anyone. People are free to believe whatever they wish and can come to their own conclusions. I just want to show them the biblical record is often very different from what many assume. Not only will Christians love this book, but I think Jews, Muslims and even agnostics and atheists will get a kick out of it as well."

When the veil of presumption is removed and people see the words that are actually on the Bible's pages, readers will discover:

  • Jesus said no one has gone to heaven except Himself
  • Noah's Ark is not said to have rested on "Mount Ararat"
  • Your personal destiny is far greater and more glorious than floating around on clouds in heaven
  • "Christmas" is not mentioned in the Bible
  • The practice of decorating a tree with silver and gold is actually condemned by God
  • "Easter" has vanished from the Bible
  • Jesus made appearances on earth in the Old Testament
  • God sought to kill Moses moments after he told him to lead the Israelites to freedom
  • God ran lotteries
  • Jesus did not come to make everyone understand His message
  • Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not Jews
  • Nagging wives are mentioned in Scripture
  • Women's breasts are celebrated in the Bible
  • There's a character in the Bible called a "dumb ass"
  • Underwear didn't disintegrate despite 40 years of heavy use
  • The worst case of hemorrhoids in history is recorded

    Book reviewers agree it's an eye-opening blockbuster:

    "If you think you really know the Bible, better think again. Joe Kovacs takes a close look at the greatest story ever told and separates myth from reality. My favorite parts of the book deal with Christmas and Easter. Check out 'Shocked by the Bible.' You may well be shocked."

    - Bill O'Reilly, anchor, Fox News Channel


    "I'm drawn to this book. It is so well put together. I started reading it and didn't put it down for two days to finish it. ... This guy is incredible."

    – Peter Boyles, KHOW radio host, Denver


    "Kovacs has done his homework. In 'Shocked by the Bible,' he explodes certain common concepts, brings shocking stories and revelations to light and gives the reader motivation to dig deeper into the very Word of God. A valuable resource for today's jaded but biblically illiterate audience."

    - Carolyn R. Scheidies, Author's Choice Reviews


    "Since the professing church is unwilling to look intently at the Scriptures, embrace it all in context, [God] is using a believing investigative journalist to apply his gift and experience to be a witness to the Truth of what He said and established in His Word. Joe Kovacs is that man. ... I recommend 'Shocked by The Bible' by Joe Kovacs because of his journalistic approach to the Bible. He is not trying to proselytize anyone to his particular brand of religion. His agenda appears to not go beyond just a journalistic look at Scripture in order to get straight facts into peoples' hands that they might make an informed decision."

    – Banner Kidd, Torah Perspective


    "Shocked by the Bible is nothing short of genius. From start to finish, Joe Kovacs turns the subject of Scripture into a fun-filled, information treasure that's virtually impossible to put down. The truth of what's really in the Bible will simply stun the world."

    - Joseph Farah, editor,

    NOTE: Purchasing "Shocked by the Bible (Hardcover)" from WND's online store also qualifies you to receive a FREE 3-month trial subscription to our immensely popular monthly print magazine, Whistleblower. Watch for the FREE offer during checkout.

Hundreds of Bible shockers unearthed in stunning, new scriptural probe

image from

SHOCKED 2 #1 on Amazon in just 3 days!

Is God really going to torture disobedient people for all eternity?

Did you know the Bible is possibly the origin for the fear of the number 13 and perhaps even Friday the 13th?

Or that the heart of the gospel has been secretly hidden in a small book that many people think should not even be in the Bible?

Are you aware that some prayers are actually detestable to God?

Did you know important Bible themes are secretly embedded inside famous Hollywood productions such as “The Matrix,” “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” “Star Wars,” “The Big Short,” “Blade Runner,” “Groundhog Day,” “The Truman Show,” “The Walking Dead” and many others?

Are you aware of the intriguing, end-time meaning of shaking the dust off your feet?

These are just some of the surprising and fascinating issues addressed in the brand-new, highly anticipated “Shocked by the Bible 2: Connecting the Dots in Scripture to Reveal the Truth They Don’t Want You to Know” by best-selling author Joe Kovacs.

“Thank God there are people who still have an interest in truth, because the Bible is completely true, and it holds more mind-blowing information than we can possibly imagine,” says Kovacs, a Bible-believing Christian whose original “Shocked by the Bible” became a No. 1 smash on three different best-seller lists in 2008.

Within just hours of its official launch, “Shocked by the Bible 2” rocketed to the No. 1 and No. 2 positions on numerous Amazon’s best-seller lists, especially in Christian Historical Theology. The top two positions reflect purchases for Kindle and hardcover editions.


King James Bible's 400-year reign

The first page of the Book of Genesis from the...The first page of the Book of Genesis from the original 1611 printing of the King James Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its cadence is found in the speeches of Abraham Lincoln and the lyrics of Paul Simon. Renowned narrator Alexander Scourby and country music legend Johnny Cash have recorded spoken versions of the text. It's estimated that 1 billion copies have been printed since the first volume rolled off the press in 1611.

The King James Version of the Bible, also known as the "Authorized Version," marks its 400th anniversary in 2011, and by any measure, it has had a lasting impact on the world and on the language into which it was sent. The "authorized" moniker comes from a title-page declaration that this Bible was "authorized to be read in churches."

"The sheer poetry of the King James Version, not to mention its almost half-millennium of absolute authority, militates against its slipping into obscurity any time soon," declared Phyllis Tickle, longtime religion editor at Publishers Weekly magazine.

Even noted atheist Richard Dawkins has praise for the volume: "You can't appreciate English literature unless you are to some extent steeped in the King James Bible. There are phrases that come from it — people don't realize they come from it — proverbial phrases, phrases that make echoes in people's minds," he said in a video released by the King James Bible Trust, the British organization that is one promoter of the 400th-anniversary celebrations due next year.

"Not to know the King James Bible is to be, in some small way, barbarian," Mr. Dawkins added.

Indeed, many of its phrases have entered everyday use, among them: "my brother's keeper," "salt of the earth," "give up the ghost," "scapegoats," "an eye for an eye," "casting your pearls before swine," "scarlet woman," "writing on the wall" and "the blind leading the blind."

"A house divided against itself," Lincoln's signature sentiment, was translated that way 250 years before Lincoln was elected president.

Geof Morin, communications director for the American Bible Society, whose New York headquarters will host a King James Bible exhibit next year, called the King James "still relevant" in the age of Twitter and Facebook.

"It was the Bible staring Thomas Jefferson in the face," Mr. Morin said. Its words, he added, were "in the speeches of Abraham Lincoln. It's the language we still use today. It's part of the American psyche, of how we see ourselves as a nation."

But before the KJV — as the version is known by many readers and scholars — came into America's consciousness, it had to arrive on the scene at all. That happened following a contentious 1604 meeting at Hampton Court palace, when a young James VI of Scotland, newly crowned as James I of England, was trying to iron out differences between the Church of England and a dissident sect known as the Puritans.

Story Continues →


Ex-CBS reporter’s book reveals how liberal media protects Obama

Sharyl Attkisson is an unreasonable woman. Important people have told her so.

When the longtime CBS reporter asked for details about reinforcements sent to the Benghazi compound during the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack, White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor replied, “I give up, Sharyl . . . I’ll work with more reasonable folks that follow up, I guess.”

Another White House flack, Eric Schultz, didn’t like being pressed for answers about the Fast and Furious scandal in which American agents directed guns into the arms of Mexican drug lords. “Goddammit, Sharyl!” he screamed at her. “The Washington Post is reasonable, the LA Times is reasonable, The New York Times is reasonable. You’re the only one who’s not reasonable!”

Two of her former bosses, CBS Evening News executive producers Jim Murphy and Rick Kaplan, called her a “pit bull.”

That was when Sharyl was being nice.

Now that she’s no longer on the CBS payroll, this pit bull is off the leash and tearing flesh off the behinds of senior media and government officials. In her new memoir/exposé “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington” (Harper), Attkisson unloads on her colleagues in big-time TV news for their cowardice and cheerleading for the Obama administration while unmasking the corruption, misdirection and outright lying of today’s Washington political machine.


‘Not until the stock split’

A General’s Regrets..Review: Daniel P. Bolger's 'Why We Lost'

Book Review

Militants from the al Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) celebrate the group's declaration of an Islamic state, in Fallujah
BY:   —  January 3, 2015 5:00 am

Daniel P. Bolger’s Why We Lost starts off as a bracing confessional:  “I am a United States Army General, and I lost the Global War on terrorism.  It’s like Alcoholics Anonymous; step one is admitting you have a problem.  Well, I have a problem.  So do my peers.” MORE:A General’s Regrets

What Went Wrong in Afghanistan

Review: Jack Fairweather's 'The Good War'

An Afghan farmer works on a poppy field in the Khogyani district of Jalalabad, east of Kabul, Afghanistan
BY:   —  January 3, 2015 5:00 am

What, for over thirteen years, have we been doing in Afghanistan? What have we been fighting for? What has gone so wrong?

Jack Fairweather, in his book, The Good War: Why We Couldn’t Win the War or the Peace in Afghanistan,attempts to address these questions.  A former foreign correspondent for both the Daily Telegraph and theWashington Post, Mr. Fairweather brings a storyteller’s touch to a modern history of Afghanistan that will be of interest to history buffs, conflict connoisseurs, and—as Mr. Fairweather hopes most—policy-makers reflecting on what has happened. Read More: What Went Wrong in Afghanistan

Is global chaos the work of demons in our world?

"αθεοι" (atheoi), Greek for "th..."αθεοι" (atheoi), Greek for "those without god", as it appears in the Epistle to the Ephesians on the third-century papyrus known as "Papyrus 46" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an era in which seemingly normal people suddenly snap and commit horrific crimes, we must look beyond secular explanations and consider alternative sources for evil, says a top-selling writer and pastor.

Karl Payne, the author of “Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization, and Deliverance,” says the New Testament depiction of the spirit realm is the only sensible explanation for the evil being unleashed on society.

“I believe Ephesians 2:2 is accurate,” Payne told WND. “Matthew 4Romans 1 says we are on a trajectory that is running down. Morally and ethically, the longer humanity is apart from God, we see more and more horrendous decisions.”



The Divine Secret (Autographed)

Discount Price: $20.99


The Divine Secret (Autographed)(Hardcover) CLICK HERE

by Joe Kovacs

Product Description

Why are we all here? What is the meaning of life? What in the world is God actually doing with us? And what really happens when we die?

These fundamental questions have haunted virtually everyone since the dawn of human existence. But what if the answers were already right in front of us? What if they were hiding in plain sight, inside a book you probably already have--the Holy Bible?

The truth is: They are.

There is a divine secret that clearly explains the meaning of life and exactly what is intended for your personal future--and it's more sensational than you've ever imagined. Journalist Joe Kovacs, a Bible-believing Christian and author of the bestseller Shocked by the Bible, explores the truth explained in the Bible itself to unravel what Scripture calls ''the secret that was hidden from everyone since the beginning of time.''

The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny takes on the biggest questions of all time, including why God created men and women in the first place and what is really meant for everyone in the years to come. It spans countless centuries of God's plan, from the deepest part of antiquity, long before the creation of Earth, to the second coming of Jesus and far beyond. It explores the unpublicized reasons why we exist, why life is so challenging, and what exactly you're meant to do once Jesus comes back.

The Divine Secret also reveals what will likely happen to the many who never heard God's truth during their lives--or perhaps were confused about it. That revelation, drawn from the words of your own Bible, is not what you think. It's not what you've been taught--and it will leave you absolutely stunned.

Joe Kovacs is ready to present the incredible truth of your phenomenal destiny. It's time for it to be unveiled, understood, and broadcast. It's time to reveal The Divine Secret.

Special feature: All personal comments from God are highlighted in red letters, even from the Old Testament.

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 188 pages
  • Publisher: Bancroft Press (July 17, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1610880390
  • ISBN-13: 978-1610880398

NOTE: Purchasing "The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny (Hardcover)" from WND's online store also qualifies you to receive three FREE issues of WND's acclaimed monthly print magazine, Whistleblower. Watch for the FREE offer during checkout.

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Isaac Newton meets Jerusalem Temple!

Stunning analysis sees Israeli real estate as roadmap to future events 

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Was the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem more than a place of worship? Was it, in addition, a roadmap to future events – a kind of prophetic landmark whose significance is only now revealed through the development of satellite imagery?

That is the contention of an explosive new book, "Temple at the Center of Time: Newton's Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012," by David Flynn, a book that has risen dramatically on bestseller lists, and is available TODAY ONLY for just $4.95 – but only from WorldNetDaily.

The book asserts it has "deciphered Isaac Newton’s greatest paradox: None other than 'the unified field theory' of Bible prophecy."

Sir Isaac Newton was not only a great thinker in physics, the book explains, but had extensive knowledge of the Scriptures with a special interest in prophecy. Newton believed there was a hidden code, a type of time-encrypted language. He believed the key to deciphering this code was the Temple of Solomon. He wrote extensively on the length measurements of the Temple and suggested it intersected time and dimension, serving as a prophetic and supernatural structure.

According to Flynn, although Newton never cracked this code, he was on the right track and was limited only by the lack of sophisticated satellite technology.

"The description of Jerusalem as a terrestrial center point, situated in the center of the world, is found in Philo's Legatio and Gaium," Flynn notes. "The world is like a human eyeball. The white of the eye is the ocean surrounding the world, the iris is this continent, the pupil is Jerusalem, and the image in the pupil is the Holy Temple."


"A belief that the ancients held unusual scientific knowledge, of which only fragments remain today, was held by many great philosophers and scientists who participated in the 'scientific revolution,' explains the publisher's description of the book. "Though research by these men led to great discovery, many were convinced that they were merely scratching the surface of an immense but lost pristine knowledge … somehow reflected in the architecture and remains of ancient civilizations."

Now comes Flynn's treatise which takes on the explanation of the true form and nature of the original knowledge.

"For the first time in history, 'Temple at the Center of Time' uncovers what Newton was looking for and, in so doing, proves that pivotal events in history are unquestionably connected in time and space to Jerusalem," the review said. "Newton didn't know it. The key was right in front of him."

Among the mysteries addressed is the location now of the lost Ark of the Covenant.

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Turin Shroud 'is not a medieval forgery'

The Turin Shroud is not a medieval forgery, as has long been claimed, but could in fact date from the time of Christ's death, a new book claims.

The Turin Shroud is not a medieval forgery, as has long been claimed, but could in fact date from the time of Christ's death, a new book says.
Many Catholics believe that the 14ft-long linen cloth was used to cover Christ's body when he was lifted down from the cross after being crucified Photo: EPA
Nick Squires

By , Rome correspondent

10:24AM GMT 28 Mar 2013

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Experiments conducted by scientists at the University of Padua in northern Italy have dated the shroud to ancient times, a few centuries before and after the life of Christ.

Many Catholics believe that the 14ft-long linen cloth, which bears the imprint of the face and body of a bearded man, was used to bury Christ's body when he was lifted down from the cross after being crucified 2,000 years ago.

The analysis is published in a new book, "Il Mistero della Sindone" or The Mystery of the Shroud, by Giulio Fanti, a professor of mechanical and thermal measurement at Padua University, and Saverio Gaeta, a journalist.  read more

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'The Divine Secret' of life finally unveiled

A brand-new book fresh off the press claims to reveal the answers to life’s biggest questions, including the true meaning of life, what in the world God is actually doing with human beings, and what really happens after we die, all based on many underpublicized Bible verses.

“The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny” by best-selling author Joe Kovacs says the answers to these questions and more are hiding in plain sight, inside a book most people already have, the Holy Bible.

Kovacs, a Bible-believing Christian and author of the No. 1 classic “Shocked by the Bible,” fearlessly explores what Scripture itself calls “the secret that was hidden from everyone since the beginning of time.”

“There’s a divine secret that clearly explains the meaning of life and exactly what is intended for your personal future – and it’s far more sensational than you’ve ever imagined,” said Kovacs.

Read it before the rest of the world! won’t release this book until July 17, but you can get personally autographed copies of “The Divine Secret” right now, to be shipped immediately exclusively from WND!

“The Divine Secret” provides firm answers to the biggest questions of all time, including why God created men and women in the first place and what’s really meant for everyone in the years to come.

It spans countless centuries of God’s plan, from the deepest part of antiquity, long before the creation of Earth, to the second coming of Jesus and far beyond. It explores the underpublicized reasons why we exist, why life is so challenging, and what exactly you’re meant to do once Jesus comes back.

“I’m amazed that so many of my fellow Christians simply don’t know their magnificent and intended destiny,” says Kovacs. “It’s far more spectacular than just floating around on a cloud for all eternity doing a whole bunch of nothingness besides playing a harp. You’ll be astounded by how much solid information the Bible provides right now about the fantastic future that’s on its way.”

“The Divine Secret” also reveals what will likely happen to the many who never heard God’s truth during their lives – or perhaps were confused about it. That revelation, drawn from the words of your own Bible, is not what you probably think. It’s most likely not what you’ve been taught – and it’ll leave you absolutely stunned. It provides much-needed hope in a time when hope seems missing for so many.

A special feature of “The Divine Secret” is that all personal comments from God are highlighted in red letters, even from the OLD Testament. This really brings to life God’s incredible plan.

“I’ve never understood why people make Bibles showing red letters in the New Testament only, when it’s the same God as in the Old Testament,” Kovacs said. “Seeing the Creator’s personal remarks highlighted in the Old Testament is something every lover of God and the Bible needs to experience. You don’t want to miss a single word spoken by our loving God, and ‘The Divine Secret’ helps provide the prominence they deserve.”

In addition to clearly explaining the true meaning of life, “The Divine Secret” also investigates:

  • The real nature of miracles
  • More than one resurrection from the dead in the future
  • What the Bible really means by “the kingdom of God”
  • The future “quickening” spoken of in the New Testament
  • The benefits of suffering
  • “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” have something very important in common with your biblical destiny
  • Eating and drinking in the eternal kingdom of God
  • Special abilities you can have in the kingdom of God
  • The intriguing future of animals
  • And much more!

“If you liked ‘Shocked by the Bible,’ you’ll love ‘The Divine Secret,’” said Kovacs. “This book finally puts the answers so many are seeking into clear and simple terms. When you finally come to grips with the fact the Bible actually means what it says, you’ll understand the glorious truth about your purpose, and the purpose of everyone who has ever existed.”

Joe Kovacs has spent more than 25 years in the broadcast, print, and online media, receiving awards for excellence in news coverage from the Associated Press and United Press International. A frequent media guest, Kovacs has appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel as well as countless radio shows across America and the world, including “Coast to Coast AM.”

Media wishing to interview Joe Kovacs about “The Divine Secret,” please email him here.

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From Dust to Divinity: The Divine Secret Unveiled - Part I

This video is the first of a two part seminar series featuring the book The Divine Secret by Joe Kovacs presented by UCG pastor John Miller in North Canton, Ohio. The seminar reveals a secret overlooked by many Bible students that explain the meaning and purpose of life. Anybody interested in what the Bible says about destiny will be enlightened by this seminar.

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The Plain Truth RED LETTER BIBLE finished

The books of the Old Testament, showing their ...The books of the Old Testament, showing their positions in both the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible, shown with their names in Hebrew) and Christian Bibles. The Deuterocanon or Apocrypha are colored differently from the Protocanon (the Hebrew Bible books which are considered canonical by all). click on image to enlarge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Bob Barney












It's finally done! Actually, I finished on Penetecost week (May 29), after three long years of work. What did I finish? I finish a complete fresh translation of the Holy Bible, in modern language and as close to the original meaning as possible. The thing that sets this Bible different than any other one you will ever read is that every word of Jesus Christ is in red - IN BOTH the New and Old Testament. Many do not understand the Plain Truth that Jesus Christ is the LORD (Yahweh) of the Old Testament. He is the God of Noah, Abraham and Jacob. He is the God who said, "Let there be light." He is the same one who wrote the TenCommandments with His own finger! It is easily proven, and I will not go deeply into this now, except to point out that Jesus said that no human had ever seen the Father (Ixquick <a better Google search engine> these phrases for proof). Jesus also said that He was before Abraham and that, in fact, he was the "I AM" of Exodus 3! "I AM" is the personal name of Yahweh who spoke to Moses. So in this truly revolutionary Bible, I have every word of GOD in RED, in both the Old and New Testaments. This will make the Bible come alive as you have never experienced it, when you realize it is the God that would become Jesus Christ who said, "I change not, therefore, you are not destroyed." Most scholars say that Christ came to change the Law. Christ says in the Old Testament that He never changes! My brother in Christ, Joe Kovacs' new book, the "Divine Secret" uses this technique, and it makes the scriptures come alive! 


The other really important difference that you will notice in this Bible, is that the Old Testament will be put in its exact order as God commanded it to be done, and as Jesus read it, as a human being! Today's Bibles are NOT in the accurate order or number of Books that God intended. There are not 39 books of the Old Testament, but 22 (or possibly 24). That is because in today's Bible, we have books cut in half! There isn't I Kings and II Kings, or 1st Samuel and 2nd Samuel, they were never intended to be two books at all. All "39" books are in this new translation, but will be in the original order and comprise only 22 books.  

The Old Testament as read by Jesus: 

1) Genesis 
2) Exodus 
3) Leviticus 
4) Numbers 
5) Deuteronomy
6) Joshua and Judges 
[reckoned as two separate books by the Jews after the 2nd century] 
7) The Book of Kingdoms (Samuel and Kings) 
[reckoned as two separate books by the Jews after the 2nd century] 
8) Isaiah 
9) Jeremiah 
10) Ezekiel 
11) The Twelve (Hosea to Malachi) 
[always reckoned as one book by the Jews]
III. THE HOLY WRITINGS (or THE PSALMS because it was the 
first book in the collection in this "Royal Division")
12) The Psalms 
13) The Proverbs 
14) Job 
15) Song of Songs 
16) Ruth 
17) Lamentations 
18) Ecclesiastes 
19) Esther 
20) Daniel 
21) Ezra-Nehemiah [reckoned as one book by the Jews] 
22) The Book of Chronicles [reckoned as one book by the Jews]

These 22 books of the Old Testament (and their arrangement as indicated above) should be the standard canon followed by every version of the Bible today. They represent the exact number presently in our King James Version but as one can observe, they are arranged and enumerated differently. Again, it was Jerome who gave us our present enumeration of 39 books for the Old Testament rather than the original 22 enumeration (which agreed on the number of letters to the Hebrew alphabet). It was Ezra, the second "Moses" who edited the Old Testament and canonized it. It was the LORD JESUS who affirmed that canonization! If you are a Christian, then you must accept the order above! 
Ezra (עֶזְרָא, Standard Hebrew ʿEzra, Tiberian Hebrew ʿEzrâ: short for עַזְרִיאֵל "My help/court is God", Standard Hebrew ʿAzriʾel, Tiberian Hebrew ʿAzrîʾēl) was the "scribe" who led the second body of exiled Israelites that returned from Babylon to Jerusalem in 459 BCE, and is probably the author of the Book of Ezra and the Book of 1 Chronicles in the Bible... He was the son, or perhaps grandson, of Seraiah (2 Kings 25:18-21), and a lineal descendant of Phinehas, the son of Aaron (Ezra 7:1-5). All we know of his personal history is contained in the last four chapters of his book, and in Nehemiah 8 and 12:26. 
In the seventh year during the reign of Artaxerxes Longimanus (see also Darius I of Persia), he obtained leave to go up to Jerusalem and to take with him a company of Israelites (Ezra 8). Artaxerxes manifested great interest in Ezra's undertaking, granting him "all his requests," and loading him with gifts to the house of God. Ezra assembled the band of exiles, probably about 5,000 in all, who were prepared to go up with him to Jerusalem, on the banks of the Ahava, where they rested for three days, and were put into order for their march across the desert, which was completed in four months. His activities in Jerusalem following his arrival are recorded in his book. 
For about fourteen years, (i.e., until 445 BCE), we have no record of what went on in Jerusalem after Ezra had set in order the ecclesiastical and civil affairs throughout the nation. In that year, another distinguished personage, Nehemiah, appears upon the scene. After the ruined wall around the city had been built by Nehemiah, there was a great gathering of the people at Jerusalem preparatory to the dedication of the wall. On the appointed day, the whole population assembled, and the Torah was read aloud to them by Ezra and his assistants (Neh. 8:3). The remarkable scene is described in detail. There was a great religious awakening. For successive days, beginning on Rosh Hashanah (the first day of the seventh month) they rejoiced in the holy days during the month of Tishri. Ezra read to them the entire scroll of the Torah and he, and various scholars and Levites explained and interpreted the deeper meanings and applications of the Torah to the assembled crowd. These festivities culminated in a very enthusiastic and joyous seven-day celebration of the Festival of Sukkot, concluding on the eighth day with the holiday of Shemini Atzeret. On the twenty-fourth day, immediately following the holidays, they held a solemn assembly, fasting and confessing their sins and the iniquities of their fathers. Then, they renewed their national covenant to follow God's Torah, given through the hand of Moses, and to observe and fulfill all the Lord's commandments, laws and decrees. (Neh. 10:30). Abuses were rectified, and arrangements in the temple service completed, and now nothing remained but the dedication of the walls around the city (Neh. 12). 
Ezra - Relation to the Book of Ruth 
According to some scholars, the Book of Ruth was originally a part of the Book of Judges, but it was later separated from that book and made into an independent book. Its opening verse explicitly places it during the time period of the Judges, and its language and description seem to make the authorship contemporary with that period. On the other hand, the message from the book, which shows acceptance of marrying converts to Judaism, has been used to suggest that the book was written during the early days of the Persian period. At that time, Ezra condemned intermarriages and, according to his eponymous book, forced the Israelites to abandon their non-Jewish wives who did not convert. According to this theory, the Book of Ruth was written in response to Ezra's reform and in defense of these marriages. More likely, the book was a response to critics of King David, who contested his qualifications as a Jew due to his Moabite ancestry. In that context, the book uses the precedent set by a Jewish court, led by Boaz, to demonstrate that a Moabitess could convert and be a member of the Children of Israel. 
Ezra - Place in editing the Torah and Bible....According to Rabbinic Jewish tradition, Ezra collected and arranged the canon of the Hebrew Bible.  
It was probably Ezra, who footnoted the entire scripture, added needed endings to stories, or additional information for the reader. Thus, we see "and it is named to this day..." Terms like this found in the Torah would not be written by Moses, but by someone some 500-1,000 years later! Also, who wrote the account of the death of Moses? Maybe Joshua, but most believe Ezra did it. 


The new Plain Truth RED LETTER Bible will be online for review by October (The Feast of Tabernacles), but I will have some chapters on The Plain Truth thoughout the summer! Someday, as income allows, I plain to publish this Bible as well in print! That will cost about $25,000.00 


Bob Barney. 

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