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News emerged this week that Ford has parked around 40,000 unfinished new vehicles waiting for parts.

Unfinished Ford Trucks Keep Piling Up in Massive Lots Visible From Space
If you thought parts shortages couldn't get any worse for the auto industry than they did last year, then it's time to hit reset. We've seen multiple car companies, including international giants like Honda and Toyota, struggle to deliver vehicles simply because they can't source the components they need. The same is true with Ford, which announced this week that up to 45,000 vehicles will be held in its inventory this quarter until they receive essential parts—mainly chips.

The Blue Oval has made use of Kentucky Speedway's many lots to store its many trucks until they can be sent to dealers. We reported on this in May 2021, and while Ford eventually worked its way through that stockpile, more started flooding in toward the end of August. Nearly a month later, the situation has gotten visibly worse.

You can see that the auxiliary lots to the east of Kentucky Speedway were just the beginning. Now, the racetrack is surrounded by thousands of Super Duty pickups that have never even been titled. It's a clear representation of what Ford and many others, both domestic and international, continue to face as demand far outpaces production capacity.