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It Happened Again: Cherokee County, Kansas Election Results Reversed After “Vote Flip” Discovered

By Brian Lupo

Nothing to see here, folks.  Just a human error, technical glitch, or “we caught it in time”.  Those are the excuses we hear every single time.  Every time.  Antrim County, Dekalb County, Williamson County, Windham, NH.  The list goes on and on and on of jurisdictions that have some “human error” or “technical glitch” that causes votes to flip, change or swap.

Enter our latest example:  Cherokee County, Kansas.  Not to be confused with Cherokee County, GA that recently went against the will of their constituents by refusing to conduct a hand recount and sided with highly questionable legal guidance from a conflicted attorney who used to work for the Secretary of States Office that is being called into question.

Cherokee County, KS’s election was held last Tuesday on August 2nd.  During a post election audit, they discovered that the thumb drives used in the election flipped the votes cast for District 1 County Commissioner Myra Frazier and instead gave them to her opponent, Lance Nichols, who was initially declared the winner.

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