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Goodbye Roe. Hello Forced Vaccination?!

By John Jones, PhD, JD. Guest Contributor to the Tenpenny Report

The recent court opinion Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health should terrify all who espouse liberty. Though the opinion rails against legal arguments offered in Roe v Wade (1973) and Casey v Planned Parenthood (1992), if we dig a bit, we see much more.

The broader theme of the Dobbs’ opinion explains why and how police power is reserved to the States, and that each State legislature can regulate individual behavior – with near plenipotentiary power – in the name of promoting public health.

Dobbsbeyond the abortion issue

Dobbs, Alito and five other justices did not outlaw abortion. Instead, they made a declaration about any state-level statue which criminalizes abortion:  such a law does not violate: (i) any individual liberty; or (ii) any individual right in the Constitution. These exact same arguments can be used to uphold criminal laws for refusal to be vaccinated, masked, or quarantined.

Judges usually favor the police-state

In American law, there is no set definition for words and phrases like libertyrightsdue processetc.  No matter how they use these words, judges, branded as liberal or conservative, nearly always favor the State.

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