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Major trade groups from key industries are warning that potentially disastrous consequences could result from telecommunications networks phasing out 3G wireless service.

AT&T began shutting down 3G service Tuesday, the first major network to do so with Verizonand T-Mobile soon will be.

A major trade group representing the alarm industry urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday to delay shutting down 3G service, arguing that doing so could potentially force millions of alarm devices to go offline. (RELATED: Gigi Sohn’s Time At A Shuttered Streaming Service Could Sink Her Nomination)

“I basically told the White House that you were worried about planes falling out of the sky. How about people dying in their homes?” John Brady, spokesman of the Alarm Industry Communications Committee, told Axios. “Because that’s what’s going to happen. They’re going to think that their device works, they’re going to hit the button, and it’s not going to go anywhere.”

The School Superintendents Union and National Association for Pupil Transportation claimed in an FCC Feb. 14 filing that “upwards of five to ten percent of all public school buses across the country will lose GPS and communications service” if AT&T shuts down service.