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(WZZM 13) – Weeks after a controversy over a sign with biblical language in a Jenison park, a neighboring community added religious language to a city memo. Starting this year, an updated version of Hudsonville's city newsletter includes the phrase 'strive to serve God,' which is already part of the city's mission statement.

WZZM 13 spoke to city leaders about whether the changes were tied to other religious controversies in Ottawa County. One word, perhaps even one letter, changes the meaning of Hudsonville's mission statement. "Probably 'striving to serve good' would satisfy many people, but isn't God good," says John O'Brien, Mayor pro tem and council member for the city of Hudsonville.

The words 'strive to serve God' came to light in an updated version of the city's memo to staff and media. "We are just saying we are a religious community, most of us," says O'Brien.

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