Family of Florida girl, 13, who was jailed after a classmate pretended to be hersues Instagram and the school
Putin's innocent victims: Bloodied Ukrainians stagger through rubble and weep

Russia Attacks!

Kiev citizens are told to flee to bomb shelters NOW with Putin’s troops feared to be bombing Ukrainian capital imminently after Russian missiles earlier struck airports and military bases

Russian Mi-8 attack helicopters stage an assault on Gostomel air base, just on the outskirts of Kiev, after Vladimir Putin launched an all-out attack on the country
  • Russia has invaded Ukraine in a massive attack coming from south, east and north, both by land and air 
  • Helicopters have reached Kiev where they have seized an air base, and taken a power plant on the Dnieper 
  • Russian tanks broke through lines at Kherson, near Crimea, and were driving freely towards Dnieper River 
  • But Ukrainians were putting up a fight around Khakriv, where Russian tanks and armour were destroyed 
  • Volodymyr Zelensky branded Russia 'evil and vowed to fight back, promising a gun to every citizen willing to have one while calling on them to donate blood to treat wounded soldiers
  • Boris Johnson branded Putin a 'dictator' while vowing a 'massive' package of sanctions targeting Russia