Russia Attacks!
How the Ukraine invasion unfolded minute-by-minute:

Putin's innocent victims: Bloodied Ukrainians stagger through rubble and weep

Putin's innocent victims: Bloodied Ukrainians stagger through rubble in shocking images

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Russia today launched all-out war against Ukraine with simultaneous attacks coming from south, east and north, by land and by air. And shelling in Kharkiv has killed a boy in an apartment block, Ukrainian authorities say. Other civilians were also injured and some others are believed to have died. Missiles and bombs rained from the sky, tanks rolled across the border, troops parachuted down on eastern regions and explosions were seen across the country after Vladimir Putin gave the order to attack. The Russian Defense Ministry said it was not targeting cities, but using precision weapons and claimed that 'there is no threat to civilian population.' Yet Luhansk, Sumy, Kharkiv and Chernihiv in the east of Ukraine all reported coming under attack, with blasts also reported in the west - in Zhytomyr and Lviv, close to the border with Poland. And extraordinary video footage showed what appeared to be a cruise missile slamming into Ivano-Frankivsk airport, also in the west. An apartment block in Kharkiv was struck, causing civilian