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Family of Florida girl, 13, who was jailed after a classmate pretended to be hersues Instagram and the school

My question- why can they sue Instagram? I can't- says EVERYONE!

Family of Florida girl, 13, who was jailed for nearly two weeks after a classmate pretended to be her on social media and threatened their school sues Instagram and the school

  • Nia Whims, 13, a student at Renaissance Charter School in Pembroke Pines was arrested in November 2021 after threats against staff and students were made 
  • Nia was arrested and detained for two weeks while investigation was carried out 
  • Law enforcement later determined that the threats had been sent from an IP address that did not match Nia's 
  • It was then discovered a younger classmate, aged 12, in the seventh grade who set up false emails and social media accounts under Nia's name  
  • On Wednesday, the teenager and her mother, Lezlie-Ann Davis, announced their lawsuit against Renaissance Charter School and  Instagram 
  • They are demanding a minimum of $30,000 in addition to costs and attorney's fees. The family is also planning to sue the Pembroke Pines Police Departm