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Constant Lies from Our Government- Now we learn Pfizer COVID vaccine converts into DNA in human cells!


DAN WOOTTON: How can the same industry that wants to cancel Rogan be happy to lionise

DAN WOOTTON: Joe Rogan (left) is being steadily cancelled by the same industry simply for hosting scientific experts on his hit Spotify podcast who disagree with the Covid orthodoxy. Sharon Osbourne lost her successful American TV career after being sacked by The Talk for sticking up for Piers Morgan's free speech right to call Princess Pinocchio Meghan a liar. Legendary Cheers actress Kirstie Alley was cancelled simply for supporting the then US president Donald Trump. Indeed, the prissy industry even turned its back on actor Matt Damon when he admitted using an F-word slur to describe gay men, until his daughter told him it was 'dangerous'. So why the hell has a new Michael Jackson Broadway musical (right) been launched this week with great fanfare, and supported by woke celebrities, without virtually any discussion about his tainted legacy? Inset: Dan Wootton.