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The old world of journalism is DEAD! Exclusive: Joseph Farah confronts the grim reality under the 'Internet Cartel'

Most people do not understand how much the situation has changed in recent years. It's grave. It's ominous. It's DANGEROUS!

Monopolism, propaganda, discrimination, speech codes and cancel culture are all used to diminish the reach of sites like WND.com – free and independent voices that don't allow others to set the rules.

Since Google and Facebook spend the lion's share of advertising money and maintain search capability – on controlled sites willing to play the game, injecting approved bias and following prescribed rules – the few renegade sites don't have a chance of survival.

That's a REALITY right now – as America, the leading light in the world, has lost, effectively, its unique constitutional gift of freedom of the press, at least temporarily.

As once the premiere news site – the very first and the standard – we saw it coming to this. It was at first UNIMAGINABLE, heartbreaking, a nightmare of epic proportions. We saw our news site lied about, smeared and isolated. Now we have been de-monetized and dismissed. For all intents and purposes, we can't be FOUND by most news consumers. Google doesn't make it easy.