2022: The year to take back ground
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Comedian Rob Schneider: If Jesus came back tomorrow, Big Tech would ban news of his return

Rob Schneider
Bob Barney
It may be a funny joke, by a rare funny comedian, but the premise is real. Big Tech, Big Government, Big Pharma and Big business is anti Christian and is laying the foundation for the BEAST OF REVELATION to emerge.  I might ad, many BIG RELIGIONS are also included, with their false WOK Christianity, and the pushing of LAWLESSNESS! 
What we have witnessed, these past two year is tops tyranny and totalitarianism across the globe. People in China are as free as we are.

Why was the entire country not locked down during major pandemics of 1968/69, 1957, 1949-1952 or even the Spanish Flu of 1918?

That's a question many are asking?

Whatever the answer, wrote Jeffrey A. Tucker, editorial director for the American Institute for Economic Research, it must be "a bizarre tale."

"How," he asked, "did a temporary plan to preserve hospital capacity turn into two-to-three months of near-universal house arrest that ended up causing worker furloughs at 256 hospitals, a stoppage of international travel, a 40% job loss among people earning less than $40K per year, devastation of every economic sector, mass confusion and demoralization, a complete ignoring of all fundamental rights and liberties, not to mention the mass confiscation of private property with forced closures of millions of businesses?"

the Bible knows who we are - we are ancient Israel, the lost tribe of Joseph, and it predicts we are going into captivity, before Christ's return.. It has happened... Can we fight back and escape this?  I am starting to doubt it.