'Global warming is a religion, not a science'

Personal Message from Bob Barney on The Plain Truth

As many are aware, my day job, which pays for this news site is running a paint company called Tamco.  Tamco has grown tremendously and has taken a large portion of my time.  On top of this, personal problems within the company have forced me and my wife Tammy to take complete control of our business.  I literally work 12-14 hours a day trying to manage our large company... My wife the same-maybe more.  In the past I was able to work a regular 8-10 hour day at Tamco, and spent another 3 to 4 hours doing the Plain Truth, which is my passion, and a promise that I would do this that I made to God 41 years ago now.

I finally got to start this in 2007 and it has been the joy of my life.  I have run out of time as of now to do this daily....  I am going to really make The Plain Truth a WEEKLY news magazine for the pending future.

The Messageboard will continue, as many other than myself post stories there and leave comments.  I hope and pry this may change, but for now go daily to the Messageboard, and weekly (PROBABLY SUNDAY-not sure) for the main page.


Thanks for your support

Bob Barney