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Another possible Jack the Ripper???

Frederick Deeming who killed his two wives and four children could be Jack the Ripper

Frederick Deeming, a bigamist and swindler who spent years roaming the world preying on the innocent and gullible under various aliases, claimed to be haunted by the ghost of his dead mother. The discovery of his wife's body buried under concrete in Melbourne in 1892 triggered an intense manhunt and led back to England where police found the remains of his first spouse and four children in a mass grave. In a new book called The Devil's Work, award-winning journalist and author Garry Linnell traces Deeming's life and crimes across three continents, culminating in a sensational trial that made headlines around the globe. Along the way, Linnell raises fresh questions about the possibility Deeming was responsible for the five London murders attributed to Jack the Ripper, history's most notorious serial killer. A cast of Deeming's head was made after he was hanged in Melbourne Gaol.