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TOP DAWG- The First Aide Kit for your shop

By Pat Dry

Technical Service Director of Tamco Paint/Tamco Finishes


The one most important product anyone should have available in their shops at all times is Tamco's TOP DAWG adhesion promoter! HP-2010 Top Dawg is a multi-use adhesion promoter that is water-clear in color with no pink hue like many other on the market. In the normal refinish industry this product can be used on raw plastics such as bumpers before applying primers or top coats. Another use is in door jambs. Once properly cleaned our adhesion promoter can be sprayed and topcoated in jambs without sanding or used on any other hard to reach ares without the risk of delamination.  In the custom side of painting HP-2010 has a wide variety of uses. It can be applied directly to metal with no need for sanding. Polished aluminum looks amazing but not long after it will begin to lose its luster. Our adhesion promoter can be applied directly on top of polished aluminum and then clearcoated for a lifelong durable shine. Since it dries clear it will not add any discoloration. Custom painters often find that they have exceeded the recoat window for the next coat of paint. All you have to do is apply HP-2010 and can start back on your work after a short flash time without having to sand and ruin what you've already done. Tamco HP-2010 is a must have for the collision, restoration or custom paint world.

Here is a list of all of the advantages of this unique product that you will not find anywhere else:

  1. Ready to Spray- NO REDUCTION
  2. Spray very thin dust coats!  It should be sprayed so thin that it should flash off in seconds!  NO WET COATS!!!!   Wet coats = failure of this product
  3. It's Direct to all cleaned plastics yes, like automotive bumpers, but it is also direct to metals!
  4. Great for cut-thru's to prevent lifting.  Just dust a little Top Dawg over the cut-thru, and you can resume painting without fear of lifting.
  5. Stackable: Multiple thin coats will build a film that can bridge a re-coat lift issue.  Just 2-3 dust coats is all that is needed!   Allow it to sit 20 minutes.  It will powder when dry sanded with 600.
  6. Forever pot life!  No worry about it getting hard if you keep in a tightly sealed container.... Unsealed, the solvent will evaporate and it will thicken.
  7. Great for added adhesion when using panel bond or two part plastic repair products.

HP-TOP DAWG is really the TOP DOG of adhesion promotors!   


The differences between automotive base-coat paints

Tamco basecoat


Yes, there is a difference between the base coat products that you can choose when refinishing a car, or anything that is painted. Simply put, as base coat color is a lacquer paint! Really. Most are familiar with Nitrocellulose and Acrylic lacquers, but a third type is called a CAB lacquer. The flaw in a nitro or acrylic lacquer is that they have no good resistance to solvent. When applying one of these two lacquers, then clear-coating them with a high grade urethane clear coat, the solvents in the clear coats will remelt the lacquer, which when dries will have no integrated adhesion to the clear-thus peeling happens. The Europeans long ago discovered that another form of lacquer used in the furniture industry had great solvent resistance, and urethane clears would not peel off! This third form of lacquer is called Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB).


The only manufacturer of this resin is Eastman. Eastman CAB's are based on cellulose, one of the most abundant natural renewable resources, from trees harvested from sustainably managed forests. Every paint company in the world uses CAB from Eastman to make base coat paint. Their are different types of CAB's and most companies highly protect which version they use.

Early Automotive Coatings Chemistries: From Alkyds to Acrylic Lacquers

The first automotive paints were Nitrocellulose paint.  It was highly productive, but the final coating required polishing to achieve high gloss. Paint chemists in the 1930s wondered if somehow they could find a binder system for paint that provided both productivity and the inherently better appearance of a natural oil resin. What resulted from this work was the development of the first alkyd paint system. This was the first “polymer” made for coatings, as it was synthesized using three monomers: phthalic anhydride, glycerol, and linoleic acid.

It was not until the 1950s that the next major automotive coatings advance occurred: the use of thermoplastic acrylic lacquers. By this time in American society, the automobile was no longer just a means of transportation; cars had now become a personal showpiece that owners wanted to show off to their friends. That meant that the coatings had to look better and accentuate the new curved styling body designs of the times. Rohm and Haas Co. had developed a new synthetic polymer as a glass replacement based on poly methyl methacrylate, and the coatings industry investigated whether that technology could be used in coatings. 

As previously discussed, thermoplastic acrylic lacquer automotive coatings, given their excellent appearance, were the major automotive topcoat used in the 1950-70s. However, these lacquer topcoats did have one significant drawback: they had weak exterior durability. After about one to two years’ exposure, the coatings would begin to degrade, and aggressive waxing was needed to “bring back the shine” of these systems. By the 1980s, the automotive manufacturers were requesting better durability for automotive topcoats, as consumers were now expecting their cars to last at least five years, and they wanted the car to continue to look like it did when they first saw it in the showroom. At the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency began to promulgate new volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations that limited the amount of solvent that an automotive facility could emit into the atmosphere. The high VOC content and weak durability of acrylic lacquer coatings were no longer acceptable in the automotive marketplace.

So how did the automotive coatings formulators achieve higher solids, better durability, while even improving the appearance of the coating? The answer is the next step change advance that occurred in automotive coatings: base coat plus clear coat urethane topcoat technology.

Most two-stage base coat's have no strength and depends on the clear coat for gloss, durability, and protection from the elements. The window between coats is very forgiving, as the reducer used in the base coat has the ability to soften the previous layer to obtain a chemical bond. This means better adhesion between coats and less chance for delamitation problems over time.

CAB converted Coatings Chemistries:

Any paint can be converted by a CAB into a base coat. I remember back in the 1980's we turned our Amerflint II into a base-coat. The shop bought a converter, that was mixed 1:1 with the Amerflint II color. Because Amerflint was 100% acrylic urethane, the painter needed to add isocyanate hardener (1 pint to 1 gallon) before clearing with the Amerflint clear. This was and is the most durable base coat that can be made. However, the drawbacks doomed the product. One was it dried to slow. One had to wait 1 hour before clearing. The other was the mixed base got hard!

A second way was to make the base coat out of a blend of enamel and CAB. MOST Base coats today use this technology. You do not use hardeners in the base coat and the base never gets hard—i:e- You can use it over and over. The largest downside of this technology is eventually the clear will peel after several years of extreme UV exposure. This isn't a problem in Maine or Germany, but it is in Florida!

A third version of base coat is what we employ at Tamco. I believe, PPG invented this technology, or at least this is what they told me back in the 90's when I sold the product and went to their lab in Allison Park, Pa. This revolutionary technology is the closet to the Amerflint base coat one. We take a CAB and mix it with an acrylic urethane resin (the same resin found in 2104, 4100, 2100, etc) but at a low enough percentage that it does not need a hardener!

This unique formulation, then draws the hardener out of the clear coat and bonds with the acrylic resin in the base coat giving perfect inter-coat adhesion! The downside is that you must use a clear coat the is drastically over catalyzed, if not, the clear itself will fail. Most companies, especially the so-called generic companies use a 1-1.05 paint to hardener ratio. That simply means they over catalyze by 5%. This is not enough hardener for Tamco base coats and using such clears will cause a failure! Tamco over-catalyzes by at least 20% (the exact amount is a secret) saw that perfect ratios are achieved to make paint job last for many years.

NOTE: Basecoat activation may be necessary in cases, such as high film builds (i.e. more than four coats), commercial vehicles, motorbikes, or wheel painting where a higher impact resistance is necessary. This applies to some Tamco custom finishes such as candies, candy pearls, as well as other paint procedures requiring many extra coats over recommendations..



Three key elements contribute to a clear coat’s durability: UV absorbers, the use of 100% acrylic polyurethane resins and film build. UV additives absorb damaging ultraviolet rays, much like sun blocker for your skin. However, UV protectants cannot do the job alone in ensuring durability. The choice of the resin is key to long term durability. As many, if not most paint manufactures have started to add enamels to the clear coats as a cost saving and “user friendly” reasons, causing a loss in durability – Tamco has not! We use 100% acrylic polyurethane resins in our clears (except Duraflint).

The last key to durability resides in you, the painter. A final film build in the range of 2-2.5 mils is most commonly recommended. Whether using Tamco premium clear coats, a film build below 2 mils will decrease durability. Anything over 5-7 mils can cause cracking.

Film Build is Critical

Film build is equally important to ensure long-term durability of the finish. Too low of a film build can lead to premature film failure, dieback and overall poor appearance. Too high of a film build can lead to solvent pop, dieback, and even potential adhesion failure.

So before spraying any clearcoat on a job for the first time, it is recommended to measure film build on a test panel. This will help gauge how your application techniques affect final film thickness. Two coats should suffice in creating adequate film build if using a high-solids, premium clearcoat. Some valuepriced clears may require three coats to achieve the same degree of protection.

Knowing the film build is especially critical if the job will later be buffed. In other words, one cannot apply a film build of 2 mils, then buff off a half mil. The result will leave not enough UV absorbers or resin solids to block out the ultraviolet rays, thereby compromising durability.


When you choose to use Tamco Products, you will find the best technology available at any price -- but for a reasonable price.  I personally guaranty that I will NEVER cut quality to keep prices low.  Yes, we will have reasonable price increases especially in these hard times, but we will always be the best bang for your buck!


Bob Barney

'Unsurvivable' Hurricane Ida whips up to 165mph and  threatens to breach New Orleans levees on 16th anniversary of Katrina

We pray for those involved to be kept safe

Hurricane Ida could overwhelm levees strengthened to protect New Orleans as it barrels down on Louisiana on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The storm - whose winds have hit 165mph, with gusts of up to 165mph - is on the verge of becoming a Category 5 hurricane, amid fears it could be one of the strongest to ever hit Louisiana. Evacuations have begun amid warnings of storm surges of up to 15 feet, with Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng saying of the predicted inundation: 'I want to reiterate, the storm surge that we are expecting is unsurvivable.'

'Unsurvivable' Hurricane Ida whips up to 165mph and  threatens to breach New Orleans levees on 16th anniversary of Katrina

When Afghanistan was a land of peace and plenty:

British explorer's images from 1955 Afghanistan trip show nation unchanged since time of

British photographer Christopher Balfour went on an epic journey through rural Afghanistan in 1955 with a team of explorers from Cambridge and has shared his photos in a fascinating new book. The team travelled through eleven countries in a veteran Land Rover and explored the little-visited region of Afghanistan. The 120-page book also features excerpts from the diaries which were kept at the time and reveal a side of the now war-torn country that was at the time untouched by modern life and unrest.

Vacation in America like this young lad!

Five-year-old boy becomes one of the youngest people to hike the entire Appalachian Trail

Harvey Sutton, who is known as 'Little Man' on the Appalachian Trail, was four when he started the hike in Georgia in January. With his parents, Cassie and Josh, he hiked through 14 states, finishing at the top of a mountain in Maine earlier this month. They slept in a tent, awoke at 5:30 a.m. each day, and hiked about ten miles daily. A big challenge was keeping Harvey motivated and engaging his imagination, but he said he had a lot of fun. The family met other hikers who gave Harvey toys, and hiked with one man who set up a treasure hunt for the boy. Harvey was excited to get home and sleep in a bed and is now starting kindergarten.

The Photo that Changed the Nazi's worry free hiding forever!

Construction site worker realized real identity of coworker Adolf Eichmann and tipped

The photo that helped bring Nazi mass-murderer Adolf Eichmann to justice has been revealed for the first time, alongside the identity of the man who turned him in. That snap - taken in the early 1950s - shows Eichmann standing to the right of Gerhard Klammer, a German geologist who worked alongside the infamous Nazi at an Argentinian construction firm. Klammer's involvement in bringing Eichmann to justice was only revealed last week, 32 years after his death, with his family's blessing. He emigrated to Argentina in the early 1950s to seek work, and began working for the Capri construction company in Tucuman Province, which sits in the north of the country. Shortly afterwards Eichmann joined the same firm, calling himself Ricardo Klement. Klammer knew of his colleague's true identity, and tried to inform German authorities. His first tip-off was ignored, but after returning to Germany in the late 50s, he confided in a friend who was a priest, who passed it onto Germany's most senior Jewish prosecutor, Fritz Bauer. Bauer gave the intelligence to the head of Mossad, and it ultimately led to Eichmann's capture in May 1960.


August 15-21, 2021
WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 05: Russell Travers, acting director of the National Counterterrorism Center testifies before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee November 5, 2019 in Washington, DC. Glawe, Wray and Travers testified on "Threats to the Homeland” during the hearing. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Joe Biden: ‘A Lot Could Still Go Wrong’ with Afghanistan Evacuations
Ground Report: Kabul Airport Gates Are Closed, Taliban Confiscating U.S. Passports 
Watch: Disturbing Video Report Reveals Violence Outside Kabul Airport 

NOW He's Boasting about killing Ashli

This CREEP said earlier if his name were released, he'd be killed. TOTAL LIAR and a KILLER who deserves to be in jail!

Capitol Hill cop who shot dead MAGA rioter Ashli Babbitt is REVEALED

NEW can reveal the Capitol Hill cop who shot dead Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt is 28-year police veteran Lieutenant Michael Byrd (left). The Metropolitan Police Department has refused to name the officer involved. The Department of Justice announced in April it would not pursue criminal charges against the officer responsible for Babbitt's death. Following an internal review, the Capitol Police announced on Monday that he will not be disciplined. spotted Byrd and his wife out shopping near their home, about 30 minutes outside of Washington, DC in February. Byrd will reveal he was the shooter in an interview with Lester Holt on NBC News tonight.

The Liberty Valence Factor

By Bob Barney

It was a John Wayne movie many years ago;  It’s a black-and-white movie, one of the best movies ever saw and it was titled "The man who shot Liberty Valance." It was, a story about a easterner are played by Jimmy Stewart, who came west and was really a 'fish out of water'.

He was a young lawyer who believed in the law, but out west, there was no law.   There was  a villain in the town named Liberty Valance (played by Lee Marvin) who robbed stage coaches, and while coming west, he robbed Jimmy Stewart! Valance, a bully  got  his way in about anything he wanted to do.

Now there was another man played by John Wayne call Tom Donovan who was the meanest toughest yet good person in that town, the only person who Liberty Valance feared and would never try to confront. That moral was when you’re strong even the bullies leave you alone.

The point I’m going to make here is going to really be unique. You see the movie goes on to show that Jimmy Stewart gets in a gun fight with Valance and although he has no experience shooting or using a gun, he somehow to manage to kill him in that gun fight and he becomes the town hero.


He goes on to win the governorship, become a senator, become a vice president, and could be the president at the flick of his hands. And the only reason for all this fame that he had was he was the man who shot Liberty Valance. His entire "credentials was really a lie. So the story shown in flashbacks, starts with a scene where Jimmy Stewart now a very important senator, comes back to his hometown in Arizona to attend a funeral of a person who died there, whom no one in the town remembers just who he was! Except the old-timers, the name Tom Donavan had been forgotten!

So the local newspaper man wants to know why Jimmy Stewart, a famous senator, would come back and to attend this "nobodies" funeral. So Jimmy Stewart tells the truth after 30 years--for the first time ever!   You see, when he first was running for state senator his opponent accused him that he only was famous because he shot a man, and that was no basis to elect him as senator!   His opponent claimed that no man should become a hero because he took a life. Jimmy Stewart was a proud man but he was a good man and he was ready to quit over his guilt of killing Valence,  so he decided to quit the race and go back and practice law.

So in comes Tom Donovan, played by John Wayne who is mad at him. Not only did Jimmy Stewart steal away John Wayne’s girlfriend, played by the beautiful Vera Miles, he was angry at Jimmy Stewart's ignorance.  So, he tells Jimmy Stewart, ‘you didn’t kill Liberty Valance I did’

Just short YouTube video of that scene that powerful scene and then comes the moral of the story afterwards:

You see in every day life there is somebody who is known"as a man who shot Liberty Valance type" and they basque in the sunlight of a lie and underserved glory.  That some unknown person is the reason why they are famous. Person who never really gets the credit and I’ve always called that person" the Liberty Valance factor" person.

In the scheme of things the moral of the story goes even further because behind all success behind every successful person there is the man who shot Liberty Valance. The unknown person who has made us all, just who we are! Now I’m gonna reveal that person to you, He is Jesus Christ, the creator of you may the universe in the world. The God of the Old Testament — Who actually wrote the 10 Commandments with his own fingers-- the God who talked to Adam and Eve in the garden, the God who loved Abraham as his best friend: the God who protected king David, a person many people hated in his day, but God didn't agree.  God actually said that David a man after his own heart!   So always remember whenever you’re successful or whenever you see a successful person the man who shot that Liberty Valance factor is none other than your God and your Savior!   If you ever forget that, may God help you

The one thing Barack Obama was right about but he didn’t even know who did, was "that you did not build that."

No one’s built anything, yet it isn’t the government you should think who built that--- it is your God and Savior who died for you so that you may have eternal life and be God a part of the family of God--- never to suffer again who has given you every good thing you have.

This could all be yours!

Luxury 34-acre Hawaii estate with private path leading to Secret Beach heads to auction in

NEW A 34-acre luxury property on Kauai's north shore with near exclusive access to its famed Secret Beach is heading to auction in September if it doesn't first sell for its $50million list price. The auction has no minimum reserve, meaning it could sell for as little or as much as the bidders dictate. Seller Michael Shotey, founder of electrical products company Taymac, said he wanted to sell because his family is not around enough to enjoy it. They originally purchased the property for $10.75million in 2012. In addition to beach access, the piece of real estate features a villa and two small vacation rental cottages.

Is he Fit? We all know The Plain Truth

Doctors say they would be concerned about 'anyone' with Joe Biden's symptoms at age 78

Questions have been raised about US President Joe Biden's cognitive health after a car crash interview over his handling of the unfolding Afghanistan crisis. It follows a spate of bizarre gaffes and slips of the tongue since the 78-year-old ran his successful presidential campaign in 2019. Mr Biden has previously suffered two brain aneurysms and a heart condition which makes the muscle beat too fast, causing dizziness and confusion. A top cardiologist told MailOnline today that both conditions are linked to memory difficulties and confusion, as well as dementia. (Mr Biden, pictured left, giving an interview to ABC on Wednesday, and falling on the stairs at Air Force One, right).

FBI has found SCANT evidence the Capitol riot was an organized plot to overturn the election

More than 570 people have been arrested in connection with the Capitol riot on January 6


The FBI has found scant evidence that the January 6 attack on the US Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials.

Though federal officials have arrested more than 570 alleged participants, the FBI at this point believes the violence was not centrally coordinated by far-right groups or prominent supporters of then-President Donald Trump, according to the sources, who have been either directly involved in or briefed regularly on the wide-ranging investigations.

A former senior law enforcement official with knowledge of the probe said that '90 to 95 percent of these are one-off cases.' 

FBI investigators did find that cells of protesters, including followers of the far-right Oath Keepers and Proud Boys groups, had aimed to break into the Capitol. 

But they reportedly found no evidence that the groups had serious plans about what to do if they made it inside.

Prosecutors have filed conspiracy charges against 40 of those defendants, alleging that they engaged in some degree of planning before the attack.

They alleged that one Proud Boy leader recruited members and urged them to stockpile bulletproof vests and other military-style equipment in the weeks before the attack and on Jan. 6 sent members forward with a plan to split into groups and make multiple entries to the Capitol.


Afghan Christian: 'The whole world has abandoned us'

Afghan Christian speaks to global church (Video screenshot)

In an emotional appeal videoed on "the first day of Taliban rule," an Afghan Christian pleaded with Christians around the world not to abandon the church in Afghanistan as the nation faces the sudden loss of all of its gains over the past two decades.

"I don't know that the future of this country will be," he said, according to a translation. "We are not able to control our emotions, because we've worked so hard for 20 years. All of our work over the past 20 years has been lost overnight."

Read the story

The realities and dangers of vaccine-induced blood clots

An informative article is by Dr. Veronica Hackethal from April. It noted that: "The European Medicines Agency has said that, as of April 20, there have been 287 reports of rare blood clots with low platelets after administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine, eight with Johnson & Johnson, 25 with Pfizer, and five with Moderna. The clots are notable because some have occurred in unusual and deadly locations in the veins that drain the brain (known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis) and the abdomen (known as splanchnic vein thrombosis)." Note that all the major vaccines were cited.

Consider the problem of very low platelet levels in the body that can cause abnormal bleeding, termed thrombocytopenia, especially deadly brain bleeds. Two processes cause this condition. Platelet clearance is an autoimmune process; the body's immune system is out of control and eats up platelets – this is called immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). Second, is platelet consumption that converts blood platelets into clots in the body.

Read the article here


August 15-21, 2021
News Stories from Across The World:

Poll: Majority Say Biden Not Up to Job

51% Believe Others Making Decisions for Him!

Nolte: ‘country now knows he’s incompetent’

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 21: U.S. President Joe Biden listens during an expanded bilateral meeting with President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea in the State Dining Room of the White House on May 21, 2021. Moon Jae-in is the second world leader to be welcomed by President Biden …

A majority of voters say His Fraudulency Joe Biden lacks the physical mental capacity to be president and that others are making key White House decisions for him.


Frantic Race to Save 40,000 - YES- 40,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan

'Up to 40,000 Americans are still stranded' in Afghanistan

NEW There are still as many as 40,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan waiting to be put on US military evacuation flights but there was no sign of the planes at Kabul Airport on Tuesday despite defense experts and ex CIA directors emphasizing the urgency of getting them out before it's too late.  There were no signs of US jets at the airport on Tuesday morning as Indian, French and British cargo jets loaded passengers onto flights to be taken out of the fast-escalating violence in Kabul.  Former CIA Director David Patreus said on Tuesday: 'This might be termed I think a Dunkirk moment.  

The 6th Month in God's Year

By Bob Barney



Six is preparation day for the Sabbath Rest – a day of man and the double blessing of manna.   Nisan, the month of Passover,  is the first month and Elul is the sixth month of “preparation” for the high holy days in the seventh month of Tishri.   This 6th month is placed between the two great sins past and the coming judgment future.  The 6th month Elul follows the Golden Calf incident (Idolatry) in 4th month of Tammuz and the 12 Spies evil report in the 5th month of Av. (Faithless Unbelief)   The future Trumpets and Atonement follow in 7th month of  Tishri when judgment comes.

One derivation of the word “Elul” means “search” or “inspect”, alluding to the nature of our task during this month.  Another rabbinical interpretation of “Elul”: “Elul” means “returned with,” specifically with those Jews who returned to Israel after the 70-year Exile in Babylonia/Repentance. It is this meaning that ties to the Temple rebuilding of the month of Elul,  as well as Gods commands to Haggai during the month of Elul.

This month Elul, whose constellation is the Maiden, commonly called Virgo, is set aside for Repentance or spiritual return.  Rebecca is the first one called in scripture as a “Betulah” a virgin – whom no man had known.  In Genesis 24:16.  The First mention in scripture of anything defines its use and meaning. This first mention of a future bride of  Isaac, a type of Messiah, holds huge significance for the church today. Our theology was written in Genesis and the Gentile bride of the Messiah was no mystery.

The scripture that the sages related to the Maiden is “…Return, O Maiden of Israel, return to these cities of yours!” (Jeremiah 31:20)   The call to the virgin is Go back – the road markers will point out where she left the path and guide her back to her beloved. Jer 31 v 21 Set up for yourself road marks, Place for yourself guideposts; Direct your mind to the highway, the way by which you went. Return, O virgin of Israel, Return to these your cities.

Repentance and Selichot

This ritual for the new moon (month) of Elul incorporates the practice of blowing the shofar (ram’s horn) during Elul.  The blowing shofar is a wake-up call to sleepers, designed to rouse us from our complacency. It is a call to repentance. As the month of Elul draws to a close, the mood of repentance becomes more urgent. Prayers for forgiveness called Selichot are added to religious services.  The entire community, including men, women and older children, attend the first Selichot service, and the rabbi gives a sermon.

A fundamental part of the Selichot service is the recitation of the “Thirteen Attributes,” a list of God’s thirteen attributes of mercy that were revealed to Moses after the sin of the golden calf (Ex 34:6-7): Lord [1], The Lord [2], God [3], merciful [4], and gracious [5], long-suffering [6], abundant in goodness [7] and truth [8], keeping mercy unto the thousandth generation [9], forgiving iniquity [10] and transgression [11] and sin [12], who cleanses [13].

Occurrences of the A-L-V-L (Elul) in Scripture

The letters are Aleph – Lamed -Vav– Lamed Occur 4x as acrostics and 1x as a named month. What starts out as a lesson in Repentance in Torah ends with union and restoration with the King in Song of Songs.

Repentance/deliverance from sin nature

1)  Deut 30:6 And the LORD thy God will circumcise thy heart, and the heart of thy seed, to love the LORD thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, that thou mayest live.  Those 4 words start with E-L-U-L and the context is of a time after God drove Israel into the nations. A new nature is promised them and we are partakers through Yeshua of that promise when we are given a new heart. He did not come to make bad men good but make dead men live.

Repentance/deliverance for unintentional sin

2)  Ex 21:13 And if a man lie not in wait, but God deliver him into his hand; then I will appoint thee a place whither he shall flee.  E-L-U-L spelt again. (A reference to the cities of refuge established for the unintentional man slaughterer – forgiveness for unintentional sin. The Cities of refuge are an escape of the coming wrath and judgment, so repentance is an escape of judgment. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” ….are the words that transform the murder of our Savior into manslaughter. So we have the opportunity to repent and flee to Him our City of refuge, for He is our refuge.  Soon He is to return as the Avenger of blood.

Reconciliation between an errant Bride and the King of the Harvest

3) The name of the month (spelled ELUL = Alef-Lamed-Vav-Lamed) is said to be an acronym of “Ani l’dodi v’dodi li,” “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine,” a quote from Song of Songs 6:3.  In Aramaic (the vernacular of the Jewish people at the time that the month names were adopted), the word “Elul” means “search,” which is appropriate, because this is a time of year we should seek Him, while He may be found.

The whole book of the Song of Songs is about the King in the field//harvest and a sleepy bride who needs to repent and come to work with Him in a summer harvest.. This is the month that the “King is in His field” and can be approached before He is on His throne and court is in session. For too soon comes the fall judgments – The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved. Jer.8v20. Notice the summer is the grain harvest and in the fall God will turn His attention to Israel, that vineyard and the fig tree which He planted.

This is the time when the Eternal King leaves the heavenly throne and descends to inspect this world. This is the period when we are closest to God, and God is most receptive to our prayers. We look to the words of the prophet Isaiah, who said, “Seek God when He is at hand; Call upon Him when He is near” (Is 55:6).

The King is in His field – The month is described as preparation for the divine coronation on the Feast of Trumpets: It is like a king who, before he enters the city, the people of the city go out to greet him in the field. There, everyone who so desires is permitted to meet him; he receives them all with a cheerful countenance and shows a smiling face to them all. And when he goes to the city, they follow him there. Later, however, after he enters his royal palace, none can enter into his presence except by appointment, and only special people and select individuals. So, too, by analogy, the month of Elul is when we meet God in the field.

Also, during Elul, Psalm 27 is recited after prayers in the synagogue. “A psalm of David – the Lord is my light and my salvation… for he will hide me in his tent.” ((During up the coming judgment))  By implication we need to have already found light and salvation to be hidden in His tent during judgment.

4) Then Moses and the Israelites sang this song to the Lord. They said: I will sing = E L UL in the Hebrew. (Exodus 15:1)   Purpose for Israel’s deliverance was to worship God! (Ex. 7:16; 8:1; 8:20; 9:1; 9:13)  So after the Baptism//Repentance of Israel into the sea and coming out of and the separation from Egypt (the world) they  broke out in song and worship.  

 I often mention that God's calendar is NOT like any other calendar on earth today.  It is not the Roman calendar that we follow, or the equally pagan Jewish calendar that many churches believe is the calendar of God.  To read more about God's Calendar click here .  There is a mistake that those who follow a Jewish calendar has made, and that refers to the word for new moon.  That is a mistranslation, as the proper rendering should be NEW MONTH, as I did in The Plain Truth's Red Letter Bible.

The Hebrew word 'chodesh', which is Strong's Exhaustive Concordance simply means "new" or to "rebuild." Chodesh does not mean "new moon". It means 'new' with an implication that a month is about to begin again.

Originally, when the earth had a perfect 360 day rotation around the sun, and the moon's journey around the earth was exactly 30 days (today it is 29.5 days), new moons where on the new months. The calendar was in balance. However, probably after the flood, the weight of water slowed the earth rotational spin (this is NOT mentioned in the Bible) to 365.25 days a year and the moon's rotation to the present one of 29.5 days.

The ancients noticed that the months were no longer 30 days and the years were not 360 days, but now over 365. A calendar needed to be made to reflect this. Egypt made the first perfect calendar, one Moses was very familiar with, which had 12 - 30 day months and then 5 days at the end of the year that did not count. This is also seen in Enoch's calendar (see illustration on left).God's calendar was like the Egyptian one except that year no longer started on the first day of summer, but on the first day of spring. Springtime is the birth of the new year in nature, as morning is the start of the day as well. The term for new moon became "new month" as the new moons and new months no longer matched up. This is not hard to conceive as the English word for month comes from moon! Yet our months have nothing to do with new moons! The same applies to God's calendar.

The Homeschooling Revolution -updated!


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Dr. Ron Paul

Opposing infringement on parental control of education and promoting alternatives to government-run schools is a vital task for the liberty movement. When government usurps a parent’s right to control their child's education, it is inevitable that the child will be taught the values of government officials, rather than of the parents. The result is an education system with a built-in bias toward statism. Over time, government-controlled education can erode the people’s knowledge of, and appreciation for, the benefits of a free society.

This is why throughout my congressional career I fought against any legislation that infringed on a parent’s right to control their child’s education, especially any legislation that limited a parent’s right to homeschool. Many so-called education experts claim that parents who are not "government-certified” educators cannot provide their children with a quality education. However, the numerous studies showing that homeschooled children out-perform their publicly-educated peers in every academic category shows that most parents are more than capable of providing their children with an excellent education.


August 8-14, 2021
News Stories from Across The World:

Blue Fade: Democrat Governors Struggle Across Nation

It looks like Democrat governors are in trouble everywhere- Their only hope? Fraudulent elections - which they are pretty good at.

Cuomo Ouster Unlikely to Stop Bleeding

Newsom, Whitmer, Wolf, More in Trouble

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at New York's Yankee Stadium, Monday, July 26, 2021. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer are two of the most high-profile Democrat governors facing uncertain futures now that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has announced his resignation.

New York Gov. Cuomo resigns amid sexual harassment scandal

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday announced that he would be resigning amid the sexual harassment probe in 14 days.

"New York tough means New York loving, and I love New York and I love you," Cuomo said, "I would never want to be unhelpful in any way, and I think given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to governing, and therefore, that’s what I’ll do."

The governor started his press conference by saying he's "deeply" sorry for any behavior deemed inappropriate during his time in office but denied the sexual harassment allegations by multiple current and former employees during state Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation. Cuomo accused state investigators of bias after the report accused him of sexually harassing 11 women from 2013 to 2020 in violation of state and federal law.

Wearing face masks coated in graphene can cause serious lung problems, warns Health Canada

Wearing face masks could cause catastrophic lung problems, especially if they are the kind coated with graphene. This is despite the fact that advocates of masks and mask mandates believe that wearing them is essential to preventing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading.

The latest evidence proving the dangers of wearing face masks comes from Health Canada, the country’s national public health agency. It warned Canadians to not use face masks that contain graphene because people could inhale graphene particles.

Graphene is a nanomaterial that supposedly has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Manufacturers have been coating face masks with grapheneand selling them as miracle cures for COVID-19.

According to the proponents of graphene-coated face masks, there are three main ways these masks supposedly damage viruses and harmful cells.