Why America is So Special- July 4th Weekend...
The 4th... Our national day of celebration!

Marilyn Monroe was killed--By the Kennedy's?

Bob Barney: I personally believe Monroe was murdered by an enema of drugs and probably the Deep State (CIA) and the Kennedy's were involved.  Monroe kept a diary which the CIA was horrified about.... It went missing after her death...

Did Bobby Kennedy murder Marilyn Monroe with poison?

The claims are hard to believe... but the source is so solid and credible that you will find this amazing story hard to dismiss. A Los Angeles policeman says an ultra-secret Police Department file names JFK's brother Bobby Kennedy (top centre) as the killer of Marilyn Monroe (L) - and actor Peter Lawford (bottom right) confessed to the cop that he watched the murder unfold...  When Marilyn Monroe shrugged off her ermine wrap and handed it to actor Peter Lawford, live on television at Madison Square Garden, she created a moment of pure theatrical Viagra. The 35-year-old star was revealed at the microphone in a skin-tight, rhinestone encrusted gown that made her appear almost naked. It drew a gasp of shocked appreciation from the audience at an early birthday celebration for President John F. Kennedy (top right), in May 1962. The custom-made, flesh-coloured design by Jean Louis had more than 2,500 hand-stitched crystals, and was so snug that Marilyn had to be sewn into it. She sang 'Happy Birthday Mr President' in a voice aching with eroticism. (Also pictured, police taking away Monroe's dead body.)