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The very first thing I said to my wife...........

Bob Barney

The very first thing I said to my wife and friends when I learned that the building that collapsed in Miami was 40 years old was that it was too new to collapse, UNLESS THERE WAS GRAFT and CORRUPTION, which by the way is rampant in cities and towns across America, especially those run by Democrats.  I was most likely right.

Developers of collapsed Miami condo tower previously accused of PAYING OFF officials to

Developers of the Miami tower that collapsed were previously accused by building rivals of paying off officials to get permits, according to a the Washington Post. The tower was about to undergo a $15million renovation project to pass a required 40-year certification before it collapsed. A consultant engineer warned back in October 2018 that the Champlain Towers South building in Surfside, Miami Beach, was in need of numerous repairs around the base of the structure 'in a timely fashion.' Miami city officials have now urged owners of condo buildings that are taller than six stories and more than 40 years old to carry out structural inspections within the next 45 days.