Physicist to Tucker Carlson: Climate change is 'fiction of the media,' not an 'existential threat'
OUR IDIOT in CHIEF. President Dementia

America Enslaved- God's Promises being fulfilled

The Plain Truth has been warning for years what our future holds according to God's word. We, along with parts of Western Europe, Britain, Australia and New Zealand are the "lost" tribes of Israel.  All prophecy in the Bible where "Israel" is being warned about the "end times" are never referring to the Jews!  Jews are not Israel. They are Judah, only one tribe of Israel.  God made 12 (later 13) different nations out of Jacob's children, who if you believe God, would number in the billions!   Now our military is run. by idiots and traitors.

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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley hit back against growing criticism over teaching critical race theory in the military and said recruits should be 'open-minded and be widely read'

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley DEFENDS teaching critical race theory in the military, slams 'offensive' claims troops are turning woke and links 'white rage' to the Capitol riot 

  • Milley faced heated questions from Republican House members on Wednesday
  • 'What is wrong with understanding about the country for which we are here to defend?' Milley told the Armed Services Committee
  • He also said it was 'offensive' to suggest general officers are becoming 'woke'
  • The general appeared to link 'white rage' to the Capitol riot on January 6
  • Milley also said 'reading Mao Zedong and Lenin' doesn't make him a communist 
  • GOP. Rep Michael Waltz produced a document about teaching critical race theory at West Point
  • Comes a week after a Navy Admiral was grilled over the inclusion of  How To Be An Antiracist on a recommended reading list for sailors