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Street copies of LEGAL Drugs Kill thousands.

The following story burns me up.  The Feds go after Perdue pharmacy for "pushing" Oxychodone, which is a legal and SAFE drug as prescribed, which forces people in pain to go to the street and buy drugs they think are the same and end up dying. Cheap, counterfeit opioid pills containing fentanyl are thought to be fueling an increase in fatal drug overdoses across the Portland Metro region. The deaths include teens and other people who didn’t regularly use illicit drugs, and because doctors are afraid to prescribe the real thing, people are forced to find them illegally!  This is what killed Tom Petty!  His doctor refused to give him the pain relief he needed for a hip denigration pain, and he was forced to look elsewhere!  

It's crazy! To me, the Deep State is really behind these illegal drugs because they want many more people killed!  

Here is yet another case.. It's time we stop the madness of the FDA:

Hailey Deickman (left below), an 18-year-old from Belle Chase, Louisiana, who was days away from her high school graduation, died on May 14 after taking the fake pill which police believe was laced with fentanyl. The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office identified 22-year-old Franklin Senfles (right, below) as the dealer who sold Hailey the pill that killed her. Senfles was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree murder and one count of attempted second-degree murder for another victim.
Louisiana high school student dies of fentanyl overdose after taking counterfeit Percocet