Biden and The Democrats Plan: Slavery and Depression
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Biden Brings Back Jimmy Carter Gas Lines! Fights and the rest- Communist America

Bare grocery shelves, no gas, lumber products up 280%, inflation rampant..  All in under 100 days, following American style Communism...

Fight breaks out at NC gas pump amid Russian cyberattack fuel crisis

Fights are breaking out at the pump in North Carolina, as a gasoline shortage across the southern Atlantic seaboard reaches crisis proportions after a Russian-linked cyberattack on a key oil pipeline. Motorists in Knightdale, North Carolina, on the outskirts of Raleigh, traded blows on Tuesday as frustrations boiled over in a long line for gas at a Marathon station. A witness said a woman tried to cut the line for gas, and then screamed obscenities and spit on a man who refused to let her cut in. The man jumped out of his vehicle, spit on the woman in return, and began grappling with her, video shows. North Carolina has been the state hardest-hit by fuel shortages after the key Colonial Pipeline was disabled by a ransomware attack, but the impact of the crisis is rippling across the country, with the national average price of gas exceeding $3 for the first time since 2014. And a small gas station chain, Parker's, which serves Georgia and South Carolina, announced on Facebook on Tuesday that customers would be limited to $50 worth of gas.