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Shocking Plain Truth Report: Rapists with Badges

Women have a 1.5 times more chance to be raped by a cop than by the entire male US population!

Police Departments Ignore Rampant Sexual Assault by Officers

By Bob Barney

image from yournation.orgAccording to the 3rd Quarter Report of The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project, police officers were accused of sexual assault at a rate of 79 per 100,000 law enforcement personal. The rate of accusations for the general public is 28.7 per 100,000 general public.  When corrected for gender these numbers tell us that there are 1.5 times more accusations of sexual assualt among  male law enforcement officers than among the general male population.  The fact that rapists seem to be concentrated among a group of armed individuals who have the purported authority to detain and arrest other individuals should be more than a little alarming for even the most prolific police bootlicker. In just the last month, several stories of officers committing disgusting crimes have been in the news. (source).

The Plain Truth has uncovered a shocking expose of facts on just how horrible the situation has become.  No longer are American policemen the bastion of decency and moralism.  There was a time, wIn-Texhen any child, woman or man in trouble could depend that the person that they could run to in times of trouble wore a blue uniform and carried a badge. No longer. We have reported the multitude of unnecsseray police assaults, shootings and brutality that most patriotic Americans simply will not face up to.  They watch the glorification of the police force on Fox News, and anyone willing to call attention to the problem are branded anti-American liberals.  I am not liberal, I am more conservative than any personality on Fox News, but I do see brutality and unconstitutional acts of policemen when I see them! Unfortunately, I see these stories every day.

A Miami-Dade police officer, was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation for fondling teenage girls during a traffic stop. A former Fredericktown, Missouri police captain and Boy Scout leader, Kenneth D. Tomlinson II, was sentenced to three consecutive life terms plus 22 years for sexual contact with two boys, beginning when they were 11.  A Houston Police Officer, Abraham Joseph, has been charged with an aggravated sexual assault that allegedly occurred while he was on duty. Officer Joseph has been accused of handcuffing a woman and then raping her on the trunk of his patrol car. The city of Charlotte, North Carolina will pay a 17 year old victim of former police officer Marcus Jackson, $350,000 to settle her lawsuit against the city.  Jackson is now serving a two year sentence for sexually assaulting six women while on duty. Click here for the link citing a half dozen other incidents of brutal sexual crimes women and boys.

Why Cops Often Get Away With Rape: has reported on reasons why this is happening and why cops are getting away with these crimes. In several investigative reports they wrote: Just last month, a county sheriff's deputy in Georgia has been charged with fondling women involved in court cases; a deputy in Colorado was arrested on a domestic violence-related sex assault charge; a police deputy chief in Utah resigned after allegations of sexual harassment; a woman in New York City filed a lawsuit accusing an officer of rape, assault and battery after the officer allegedly pressured her into a date by promising to clear up her case; a former Georgia officer was sentenced to 35 years on child molestation charges after he forced sex acts from two girls and a woman while on duty; an officer in Texas was arrested on domestic violence charges, saying in a recording that his wife needed to be "cut by a razor, set on fire, beat half to death and left to die"; several sexual assault charges were filed against a former California officer who allegedly molested a 14-year-old Explorer Scout; an officer in North Carolina faces peeping charges; a former Arkansas officer plead guilty to five counts of sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl; a former DC officer admitted in federal court recently he forced underage teenagers to work as escorts out of his apartment; and a former Wisconsin police officer, Steven Zelich, was arrested for allegedly murdering two women and stuffing their bodies into suitcases. (SOURCE)

They go on to report that "No institutional or nongovernmental organization keeps comprehensive, quantitative data about the number of victims of police-perpetrated sexual violence and that 9.3 percent of all civilian complaints on police involved sexual misconduct, the second most common form of misconduct behind only excessive use of force. The organization counted 354 of the 618 officers under investigation for sexual offenses involved nonconsensual sexual acts, and 51 percent, or 180, of these 354 acts involved minors.

"A Bowling Green State University study analyzed 548 arrest cases from 2005 through 2007 involving 398 officers employed by 328 nonfederal law enforcement agencies in 265 counties and cities in 43 states. Researchers counted 66, or about 16.6 percent, of the arrested officers had more than one victim and/or were arrested more than once for sex crimes. The study also found that a little more than half of the sex crimes counted were committed while the officer was on duty and that most of the victims were minors.

"The report also notes that police work is particularly conducive to sexual misconduct because officers perform many of their duties largely absent of supervision, regularly encounter vulnerable civilians, and are susceptible to abusing their power. This is a crime about power and control, and when you have people who are in a position of power who perpetrate that crime, it can really undermine a victim's belief in systems or structures." Read the entire article HERE

What You Can Do:We have reported on many cases of what is becoming a police state in this country. The problem lies with all of us! We need to demand that our police respect the people that they are working for. We need a police force that obeys the law, and are held to accountablity. This article shows that citizens, especially survivors of abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence are, statistically, right not to trust police. These revelations only further stress the urgency of communities organizing together to protect and empower survivors, stand up to abusive cops and fight back to smash a system that enables and rewards rape culture. Police should be banned from unmarked cars, for the sole purpose of traffic stops. Only uniformed cops, with clearly marked cars with video cameras should be allowed to stop a car for a traffic violation.  Cops need to be visible as cops. We need to, as voters, hold accountable our leaders who use our cops as blue light bandits. Too many towns and states use their police departments to raise money instead of raising taxes.  The Ferguson investigation showed that the town's police department chief boasted how much money he had earned for the town!  Cops have been turned into tax collectors. A review of Ferguson’s financial statements indicates that court fine collections now account for one-fifth of total operating revenue. The St. Louis suburb of about 21,000 residents took in more than $2.5 million in municipal court revenue last fiscal year, representing an 80 percent increase from only two years prior, when fines netted about $1.4 million. The pressure to write tickets have turned many cops into absolute liars!  They hand out tickets for speeders that haven't done so, and lie in court that the person was speeding, all to raise money.  We all know that cops have "quotas" -- and what's worse, police departments lie even about that!  If our cops are liars, who then can we trust.

I don't know a person who makes a living driving are not afraid every time they see a cop. Instead of having a feeling of safety, most feel that a legalized bandit is going to decide to pick on them and rob them of their hard earned money.  This has to change.  Some say Ferguson's increasing reliance on court fines to fund its municipal operations may have contributed to its residents' distrust in law enforcement and government. In Atlanta if police department wants to make sure their future pay raises come in, they had better write more tickets and make sure they show up in court to defend them, says a report from Channel 2 Action News in the Georgia capitol. The TV news team obtained an email sent from the police union chief Ken Allen to his members in the Atlanta Police Department explaining that future raises will be funded through ticket revenue based on the most recent city budget.  These are crimes committed by our police against honest hard working Americans.  This is not a racial issue, it is much more than this. Cops are color-blind bandits looking to get money from anyone, regardless of color.

Police officers in East Orange, N.J., have complained to a city council member that they are being harassed by superiors to fill ticket quotas. Councilwoman Alicia Holman earlier this year called for an investigation into what she says is the harassment of citizens and the intimidation of officers. "Our officers are being threatened, disciplined, or brought up on charges for neglect of duty," she said in April, according to An investigation is ongoing.

“Quotas Pervert Police Priorities”

This unlawful and immoral use of our police force must end. Good decent cops who today want no part of being a blue light bandit life must be hired and kept on the force. If a person is willing to lie about traffic violations to make a quota, he is willing to rape and rob!  Good cops refuse to do so, and thus, they leave the force, replaced by criminals in uniform. Air Force veteran Justin Hanners became a police officer because he wanted to serve and protect, not be a bully. After he chose to speak out about police bullying and unconstitutional ticket quotas, he was fired.

In 2010 Auburns police chief had new priorities and “marching orders”.

He recorded some of the orders to keep tabs on any foul play.

In one meeting you can hear Sgt. Trey Neal give strict orders on ticket and arrest quotas.

Officers will have 100 contacts per month, minimum. 40 of those may be warnings for traffic, the other 60 will be divided between traffic citations, non-traffic citations, field interviews (interrogations), and custodial arrests. Do not be the one that does not get 100.

Justin says that is 72,000 contacts per year in a town with only 50,000 people.

Justin says, “the role of police in a society I believe are to interfere with the lives of people as little as possible, and to protect them from the 1% element that wants to victimize. That’s what they pay us to do.” 

Justin ends the video saying. “This is a problem in more places than Auburn. It’s a frequently occurring thing in many police departments.”

As the good officers leave or are fired, “what you end up with is a police department where the good officers have run off and you have a bunch of officers just willing to play the game. They wanna be the bullies, they wanna show how bad they are with a badge. That’s what you get left with”.




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