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Grounded Suez Canal mega-ship is blocking shipments worth $9.5BILLION per day

Suez Canal: Grounded ship could be stuck for weeks, rescue chief admits

Note: Just think if terrorist did this to LA Harbor, Norfolk, Panama Canal... A Few super Ships could cause a world collapse, famine and END TIMES!

At least 150 ships carrying cargo worth an estimated $29billion are now caught up in the logjam caused after container vessel Ever Given ran around in the Suez Canal on Tuesday, where it remains stuck. For every day the ship remains stranded another $9.5billion-worth of cargo is added to the traffic jam threatening 'absolutely enormous' consequences for global trade, experts have warned. The effect was immediately felt Wednesday as oil prices reversed months of sometimes-record losses to post a gain of 6 per cent as news of the blockage broke. The true cost of the disaster is likely to be far higher still, as firms across the globe lose money on the back of delayed shipments. Adding misery to misfortune, the CEO of a Dutch salvage company drafted in to help rescue the Ever Given warned today that it could be stuck for 'weeks', saying workers may have to resort to removing containers piled some 100ft high on the ship's deck to reduce its weight if attempt to dig it free fail.