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Brewery owner says he caught health inspector dancing after ordering his business to close

Bob Barney: We know this very well from our own business. We are in the paint business, and has spent literally thousands of dollars on corrupt EPA, OSHA, Fire and governmental officials with paying lawyers, fighting bogus fines, etc.  These people are evil people with "little guy" syndrome who actually hates small business out of their own jealousies. 

Im from the government

Ever since "14 days to slow the spread" transitioned into a months-long shutdown for many states, Americans have wondered whether lockdowns are more about power than safety in the eyes of those in government.

One Los Angeles County health inspector's recent behavior did not do much to quash those concerns.

According to Fox News, Bart Avery is one of the owners of Bravery Brewery in Lancaster, California. Avery said he saw a health inspector begin dancing just moments after telling a brewery employee the business had to shut down.

Steven Gregory, a correspondent for iHeartMedia, posted a video taken by a security camera within the brewery that appears to corroborate Avery's story.