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The Collapse of Liberal New York and Left Coast

Luxury property in NYC is down 50% but up 90% in Palm Beach and 70% in Greenwich

Luxury property sales in New York City are down by 43% but are up in Palm Beach, Florida by 90%. New home purchases in the luxury market are also up by Greenwich, Connecticut by 70%. At least 300,000 people have fled New York as a result of the coronavirus and crime. The most expensive home sold in 2020 was $165 Million for 'the Warner Estate' in Beverly Hills, California. Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos has purchased the Warner Estate from David Geffen for $165 million. The nine-acre property in Beverly Hills boasts guests houses, a tennis court and a nine-hole golf course. However, all is not dead in New York's luxury apartment market with four buildings in new skyscraper 220 Central Park South making up four of the top ten highest real estate purchases of 2020.