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12 graphs show mask mandates don't stop COVID- Recent From The Plain Truth 

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PALM BEACH, Florida –– U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, a medical doctor by profession, made an unnerving prediction about masks on Wednesday, saying mandates to wear facial coverings are never going away as long as the political left is in charge.

"They will never relent. These people are never gonna let you not wear a mask," the Kentucky Republican told Todd Herman, the fill-in host on Rush Limbaugh's national broadcast.

"I promise you, you will never get out from the mask because they're saying that even after all are vaccinated, we don't know, you still might catch it a little bit, you still might transmit it, even after everybody's vaccinated. So don't listen to these people.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. (Video screenshot)

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"The mask mandates have not worked, none of the mandates have worked," Paul added, referring to government strategies during the coronavirus pandemic.

"There's study after study after study that show that when you put in place these mandates, guess what, the incidents of the infection kept rising. Even [President] Biden admitted this the other day. The trajectory of the virus has been unaffected by anything we've done so far. Our only hope of changing the trajectory is a vaccine, but it should be voluntary."

An incredulous Herman noted, "The masks ain't going away. ... The technocrats don't want to give up control."

Paul also blasted the absurdity of the Congress' second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, who is now a private citizen.

"It means we can impeach Todd Herman, Rush Limbaugh. We're coming for you, buddy," he said.


He pointed out the process was unconstitutional because chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court is not presiding over the proceedings.

"The fact that the chief justice refuses to walk across the street means we're not impeaching a president," Paul said.

He discussed suggestions of impeaching Sen. Bernie Sanders or Vice President Kamala Harris for their own incitement of violence.

"None of us said we should impeach Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris because it's a dumb idea to hold someone responsible for inciting violence. ... We have to have saner, calmer minds take over this."

To evince how people are overreacting to use of certain words such as "fight," Paul recounted how he stated on the Senate floor Tuesday: "If you are a senator who has never used the word 'fight' figuratively in a speech, raise your hand. No one raised their hand."

"This is a charade," he concluded concerning the second impeachment of Trump.

Paul also hammered the recent onslaught against freedom of speech by Big Tech in America.

"It's a closed-minded notion to not let other people speak," he said.

"It started with the climate extremists ... They made only one truth, and if you didn't agree, you're a denier. ... When you cannot dissent, there is no free society. ... We should all resist. We should all fight in a figurative way. But we should all resist."

Paul also focused on allegations of massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election, urging changes be made in all state legislatures to ensure election integrity in future races.

"We shouldn't have Republicans kept behind the barbed-wire fence 30 feet away," Paul said, referring to the exclusion of GOP members during the ballot-counting process.

"Yeah, they recounted the votes," Paul noted, "the same votes that were counted the first time. But no one found out if they were valid."

Listen to Rand Paul's interview here.