Rare 'Star of Bethlehem' to Appear Dec. 21:
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'Star of Bethlehem' to grace the sky after sunset TONIGHT:

image from i.dailymail.co.uk
  • The celestial conjunction will be visible in the night sky tonight until Christmas
  • Jupiter and Saturn have been appearing closer in the sky since the summer
  • Viewers worldwide will able to see the show — but most easily from the equator
  • In the UK, the best view, weather permitting, will occur in the hour after 3.48pm 
  • The planets will appear in the western sky, low above the horizon after sunset
  • The duo will not seem to come this close together again until March 15, 2080 

Those in London and New York will see the planets close to the horizon — at around 5.3° and 7.5°, respectively - around an hour after the sun sets tonight.