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What was the Star of Magi that they followed and when was Jesus Really Born?


By Bob Barney

1 Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea when Herod was king, behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying, "Where is He who is born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east, and have come to worship Him." When Herod the king heard it, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

 Gathering together all the chief priests and scribes of the people, he asked them where the Christ would be born.nThey said to him, "In Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it is written through the prophet,  'You Bethlehem, land of Judah, Are in no way least among the princes of Judah: For out of you shall come forth a governor, Who shall shepherd my people, Israel'". Micah 5:2

Then Herod secretly called the wise men, and learned from them exactly what time the star appeared. He sent them to Bethlehem, and said, "Go and search diligently for the young child. When you have found him, bring me word, so that I also may come and worship him."

 They, having heard the king, went on their way; and all at once they saw that the star, which they followed from the east, went before them, until it came and stood over where the young child was.

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.  They came into the house and saw the young child with Mary, his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Opening their treasures, they offered to him gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Notice these wise men (and we do not know the number) came to a house to visit the baby Jesus, not to the manger. They were not present when he was born, but came upward to 2 years later! Notice that in verse 16, Herod orders all children two years and under to be killed!


The wise men (Magi) were probably scientists and came presumably from Babylon, but possibly from Assyria or Chaldea. Scientists of this day were also considered religious figures as the ancients rightly knew that science and God go together, unlike today. When Daniel was in captivity in Babylon, he eventually became the leader and the teacher of a group known as Magi... It can be assumed, since Daniel knew the future, he instructed his students to look for signs of the coming Messiah.

At about the sixth century Catholic tradition changed the Magi into Kings and their number was fixed at three because of the threefold nature of their gifts gold, frankincense and myrrh (but six Kings in the eastern tradition), yet the Bible nowhere mentions their number. It could have been two, three, four or forty!

The star was not very bright and obvious to everybody, but must have held astrological significance. Also it must have been a fairly long lasting phenomenon. Possibly Daniel knew what this astrological phenomenon would occur!

It was only in medieval times that the star got to be depicted as very bright and with a tail, suggesting a comet or a meteorite, but again, the Bible makes no such statement! In fact, there is a possibility that the “star” was actually an angel, as the Bible refers to angels as “stars!”

Still we may wonder what has caused the story and what information on the dating of the birth of Christ it may contain.

After many years of research, I have come to the conclusion that the star was actually the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, something, by the way, is going to happen this December 21st2020.

We know from the Bible that Jesus was born during the reign of King Herod. Herod died sometime around a lunar eclipse seen from Jericho and around passover time, so probably eclipse of March 12, 4 BC. We also know it was during the time of the census, which Augustus proclaimed in 8 BC! Reasonably, Christ was born between this years....

The famed German astronomer Johannes Kepler  observed the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 1603-04, which caused him to calculate back in time and to suggest that the one in 7 BC was the star of Bethlehem. I believe he was right. Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) was one of the great mathematical minds of human history. As Arthur Koestler wrote in The Sleepwalkers, “Kepler and Galileo were the two giants on whose shoulders Newton stood.”

In the ancient world planets were symbols. Jupiter was the planet of Kings, Saturn was the planet of the the priestly class, and happening in the constellation of Pisces, representative of the Jewish people. So this meant to the Daniel taught Magi, was a King of the Jews was to be born and this King would be the priestly Messiah!

The Conjunction occurred 3 times over the course of a year. The year was probably 6 BC, but some argue 7 BC. Both years would fit...It occurred over a period of time---which would cover the period of Christ's conception and the Magi's journey to Bethlehem, as recounted in Matthew 2:9–10.The first was May 29th which is Pentecost and probably the day John the Baptists was born. The next conjuncture was at the time of the Feast of Tabernacles and Atonement. THIS IS WHEN JESUS WAS BORN! Remember the Magi did NOT visit Jesus in the manager! That is paganism! The Bible clearly shows they visited Jesus in a HOUSE! Herod himself, when meeting the Magi, ordered all male children in Bethlehem to be murdered up to 2 years old, showing you that the Magi knew the child was no longer an infant in a manger! The third conjuncture happened in December (like this year) around the 21st, when they found the baby Jesus in a home! He was either 3 months old, or possibly 15 months old, depending on possible calendar error.

It is clear the Christ was not born in December. The flocks were still in the field, and in December in Israel, flocks are in barns. Luke 2:8 provides the first indication, as flocks were still in the fields at night. The flocks were brought in for the winter season of mid-October to mid-March.

The next proof is the fact that Jesus was born six months after John the Baptist (Luke 1:24-2636). When was John the Baptist born? May 29th! Because Zacharias’ (his Father) he priestly functions during the 7th Month Feast of Tabernacles, which starts Sept 29th, when he was told he would have a child, and nine months later would be as late as May 29th, when the same “STAR” appeared, but more likely during Passover times as he was six months older than Jesus. Therefore, Christ’s birth had to be in early autumn or during the feast

Christ was probably born on either the Day of Atonement or during the Feast of Tabernacles (First or Last Great Day?). The Magi got to the house much later, during December, leading to the false Christmas manager scene we see today during the pagan XMAS celebration. Christ was not born December 25th, but tradition holds it the Lucifer (Satan) was created on that day! Think about that.

 The next great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be on the day of the solstice: December 21, 2020. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions happen every 20 years; the last one was in the year 2000, but wasn't visible during the daytime. The 2020 great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest since 1623 and the closest observable since 1226! On December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will be only 0.1 degree apart. Some say the pair will look like an “elongated star” on that date. Will they? We’ll have to look and see! They’ll surely be an appealing and mind-expanding sight. This extra-close Jupiter-Saturn conjunction won’t be matched again until the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of March 15, 2080.

What you will probably see this solstice will be what the Magi's saw over 2000 years ago on the same day! A “star” leading to the baby Jesus. Not Jesus' birthday, but their visit!


Dec 6-12 2020

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Rush Limbaugh claims the US is 'trending towards SECESSION'

The Plain Truth has been warning for years now- We are heading for a civil war!

Rush Limbaugh warned that the US is 'trending towards secession' because 'there cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life' in one nation on his radio show Wednesday (above)
  • The conservative radio host, 69, predicted that some states may soon break away from the rest of the US and declare independence in his show Wednesday
  • 'I actually think that we're trending toward secession,' he said
  • Limbaugh said America is becoming increasingly polarized between conservatism and liberalism, and the two cannot have 'a peaceful coexistence'
  • 'We can't be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way,' he warned
  • The radio host is one of Trump's biggest supporters and was controversially given the nation's highest civilian honor by the president in February 
  • The only other time in American history that states have seceded was in the lead-up to the Civil War when 11 southern states cut ties with the Union
  • Fears of a deep-rooted divide comes as 19 states have broken rank following the election result, taking legal action to throw out ballots in four other states
  • Texas AG Ken Paxton filed a suit with the US Supreme Court against Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia to have millions of votes thrown out 
  • 18 states have backed the suit and Trump asked to join it 
  • 106 House Republicans – more than half the GOP's majority – then endorsed the suit in a brief filed Thursday


Supreme Court rules people can sue government agents for damages


Big brotherThe Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that individuals may personally seek damages from a federal officer who violates their civil rights and causes harm.

The case centered on FBI officials putting three Muslims on the no-fly list after they "refused to cooperate with the FBI by spying on their own communities."

According to the Institute for Justice, which submitted arguments in the case, because of their refusal to spy, "these individuals were placed on the No-Fly List, which caused significant hardship, such as the inability to travel to visit family or for work."

They sued, and now the Supreme Court has ruled the federal officials responsible could be liable for damages.



Rush Limbaugh sounds ominous warning about future of America

By Joe Kovacs

Rush Limbaugh (Video screenshot courtesy

PALM BEACH, Florida – With the political divide in America continuing to increase, radio star Rush Limbaugh believes the nation is moving toward secession.

"I actually think that we're trending toward secession," the broadcaster said on his Wednesday broadcast.

"There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories of how we manage our affairs. We can't be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way."

"I know that there's a sizable and growing sentiment for people who believe that that is where we're headed whether we want to or not. Whether we want to go there or not."

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Isaac Newton's unpublished notes on the secrets of the pyramids

Recently uncovered notes reveal that Isaac Newton attempted to uncover the secrets of the pyramids in Egypt while proving his theory of gravity

The unpublished notes, thought to have been written in the 1680s and only discovered 200 years after Newton's death, are now being sold by Sotheby's and are expected to go for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Bidding closes on Tuesday. 

Newton, who studied the pyramids in the late 17th century while at Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire, believed that finding out how the pyramids were made would unlock other secrets about the world. He was desperately trying to work out the unit of measurement the ancient Egyptians used while making the pyramids.

Newton believed the Egyptians had been able to measure the Earth and believed that if he found how they had measured the pyramids, he would also be able to measure the world's circumference.   

The notes appear burnt around the edges, which allegedly happened after his dog, Diamond, jumped on to a table and tipped over a candle. 

Sotheby's manuscript specialist, Gabriel Heaton, told the Observer: 'These are really fascinating papers because you can see Newton trying to work out the secrets of the pyramids.  

Newton also tried to uncover secrets in the Bible and hoped to be able to find the dimensions of the Temple of Solomon.

He was forced to keep his obsession with alchemy, turning and unorthodox religious beliefs a secret or he would risk losing his career. 

And even though his respected reputation relied on his mathematical discoveries, Newton was more interested in alchemy and theology. 

Manuscripts on these topics were found at Sotheby's in 1936 and some were bought by economist John Maynard Keynes, who described Newton as 'the last of the magicians'. 

Mr Heaton added: 'The idea of science being an alternative to religion is a modern set of thoughts. Newton would not have believed that his scientific work could undermine religious belief. 

'He was not trying to disprove Christianity - this is a man who spent a long time trying to establish the likely time period for the biblical apocalypse. That's why he was so interested in the pyramids.' 

The papers are expected to go to a private collector but libraries may also place bids. 

Mr Heaton added that scientific books and manuscripts have seen the biggest growth in sales.  

VIDEO: Isaac Newton Predicted that the End of the World and Christ's return in 2060

Foreword by Bob Barney:   Isaac Newton was a man of God and science. Unlike scientists of today, Newton knew that all real science had to be provable by the laws of God.  Any science that rejected God was a lie.  Newton, the greatest mathematician of our time accurately discovered the true calendar of God. It is the same one I came to 35 years ago now.  That to God, a year is only 360 days long! (read my calendar article here).  Newton also understood, like I do that the Trinity is pagan in origin. He also knew that the antichrist was from the Holy Roman Empire and Christmas was pagan. Here is a video of his prediction:



The Headline Says it All!

Bob Barney

Do as i do

The Covid Nazi's know that that the plannedemic is FAKE NEWS. That's why they themselves don't wear masks!   They also know that all science shows that masks are harmful to wear! That's why they don't wear masks.  They also know that the death rate worldwide is .0000000009% - that's why they don't doe what they force us to do!   It's about slavery!  You have become slaves!

Navy ship covered in Rust after only 215 Days! Maybe they should buy from Tamco!

Should have used TAMCO FINISHES!!!!!  Our testing shows our marine system would last a minimum of 5-7 years on this ship!  This is what happens when government purchase agents are in bed with big paint companies----FRAUDULENT PRODUCTS!

USS Stout returns home rusty after spending a record-breaking 215 consecutive days at sea

The USS Stout and its crew lived up to its name after spending a record-breaking 215 consecutive days at sea after the coronavirus pandemic made it unsafe to pull into ports around the world. The destroyer left Virginia's Naval Station Norfolk in mid-January and finally ended its grueling nine-month deployment when it returned home on October 11, the US Navy said. Along the way, the USS Stout traveled more than 60,000 nautical miles, completing multiple strait and choke point transits as it crossed the Atlantic Ocean while operating in the US 2nd, 5th and 6th fleets carrying out various missions including ensuring the free flow of commerce. Recent pictures of the USS Stout - which was commissioned in 1994 - show the wear and tear toll that being at sea for nearly a full year has taken on the vessel. The USS Stout is show in the main image with its rust stains and other seafaring damage and at inset as it normally looks.


Nov 2--Dec 5 2020
Thanksgiving Week
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Friday: More Stolen election evidence:

Why the Right to Religious Freedom is the first part of the 1st Amendment

“But even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten.” -- Supreme Court of the United States, November 25, 2020

When teaching law students about the Bill of Rights, professors often ask on the first day of class which is the first freedom protected by the First Amendment. The students invariably answer, “freedom of speech.” It is not. If the framers were trying to tell us which freedom is the first among equals, they did so by listing the religion clauses ahead of the freedom of speech.

The religion clauses prohibit the government from respecting the establishment of religion and from interfering with its free exercise.

This is not an academic issue. Recent events have demonstrated that the free exercise of religion is as threatened today as it was in 1791 when the First Amendment was ratified. Numerous state governors have targeted the free exercise of religion in their multifaceted assaults on personal liberty in the name of public safety. Last week, the Supreme Court put a stop to one of them.


Here is the backstory.

Andrew M. Cuomo is the governor of New York. He has been foremost among his gubernatorial colleagues in his ubiquitous television explanations of his various executive orders restricting personal liberty during the COVID–19 pandemic. He even won an Emmy for his hundreds of television appearances during which he educated the viewing public on his understanding of the science behind the pandemic.

He attempted to educate the public, as well, on his understanding of the Constitution. That understanding is wanting.

Cuomo established a color-coded system to indicate the severity of the COVID-19 infection rate by ZIP code. Red is the most severe and calls for limiting worship to 10 people per indoor venue. Orange is the next level, and it limits worshippers to 25.

Since the governor did not deem the right to worship as “essential,” even though he deemed campgrounds and bicycle, food and liquor shops to be essential, he imposed his 10- or 25-person limit on all houses of worship, irrespective of the size of the venue. He imposed no numerical limitations on essential venues.

Thus, a small mom and pop liquor store could be packed to the gills with customers, but a 400-seat synagogue or a 1,200-seat cathedral would still be limited to 10 or 25 people. This was such an interference with the free exercise of religion that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, and three Jewish congregations in New York City collectively sued the governor in federal court in Brooklyn. They lost. Last week, the Supreme Court interceded in a splendid 5 to 4 decision that defended religious liberty in the face of government efforts to sweep it aside.


The court recognized that the right to worship is fundamental -- and has been the law of the land for many generations. Yet, its characterization as “fundamental” was a shot across the governor’s bow because, whatever he considers the freedom to worship to be, he ordered that it was not essential. The court held that by failing to characterize it as essential, while characterizing other choices as essential, Cuomo demonstrated a hostility to religion.

Stated differently, if having more than 10 or 25 people in a large synagogue or church is likely to harm public health, then why is having 500 people in a Walmart or folks packed like sardines in a liquor store not likely to impair public health?

Because the religion clauses are articulated in the First Amendment -- and because the freedom to worship is a natural right -- the government can only interfere with them by meeting a demanding jurisprudential test called strict scrutiny. This mandates that the government must have a compelling state interest it is attempting to serve by the least-restrictive means.

It also means that a fundamental right cannot be targeted when other rights that may or may not be fundamental are left to individual choices.

The Supreme Court’s ruling, which was released at 2:12 a.m., was a response to an emergency application. After the plaintiffs lost at the trial court, they asked the trial judge to enjoin the governor during the pendency of their appeal so their congregants could worship during the coming holidays. The court declined. Then the plaintiffs asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for a temporary injunction until that court could hear their appeal. It declined.

Then the plaintiffs threw their Hail Mary pass and asked the Supreme Court to enjoin Cuomo during the pendency of their appeal.

That pass ended up being a touchdown with no time left on the clock. The Supreme Court not only issued an injunction preventing the governor from limiting the number of worshippers at the religious venues that sued, but it did so in such sweeping, liberty-embracing language that will surely apply to all religious venues in the land.

Reading the court’s decision, and particularly the thoughtful and brilliant concurrence by Justice Neil Gorsuch -- who wrote that “government is not free to disregard the First Amendment in times of crisis” -- one can see that Cuomo lost this case because while he may understand the science, he does not understand the jurisprudence.

Freedom of religion is not the first freedom by mistake. It was the judgment of the framers that this freedom is as essential to human fulfillment as are any other free choices that free people make.

By failing to recognize that natural, historic and jurisprudential truism, Cuomo doomed his executive order to the ash bin of history.



Staten Island bar co-owner speaks out after arrest for defying New York COVID-19 orders

The co-owner of a Staten Island bar spoke to "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday, hours after he was arrested and accused of disorderly conduct for remaining inside his pub when it was supposed to be shuttered under New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's "orange zone" coronavirus orders.

A mob of outraged supporters of Danny Presti and business partner Keith McAlarney gathered outside the Grant City establishment Wednesday night while Presti and attorney Lou Gelormino discussed the situation with host Tucker Carlson.

"We had a little meeting inside [the pub] yesterday," Presti explained. "I did have some guests in there. Sheriffs came in, seemed like a lot of them. We were really good with them. Really cordial. And after a while, they just wanted to take me out, [it was a] whole big ordeal."

Gelormino and Presti stressed that their frustrations are not with the New York Police Department (NYPD), which Presti said have been resourceful throughout the ordeal.

Presti said the agency that has been bothering them is the New York City Sheriffs Office, which is separate from the NYPD and operats under the auspices of the New York City Department of Finance.

The NYPD deal in criminal law while the sheriff's office is tasked with "serving and execute legal processes/mandates issued by the State courts, legal community and the general public," according to the city.

"There's a blockade, a literal blockade on a small business," Presti said of the sheriff's officers barring the entrance to the Grant City pub.

Prior to Presti's arrest, he and McAlarney locked the doors to their pub and were soliciting "donations" rather than billing their patrons, claiming to have found a "loophole" against the New York State Liquor Authority, which had pulled their license to sell booze as punishment for defying Cuomo.