Fascist Elites trying for Third Reich - Again!

It's time to understand what happened in Benghazi - A Planned Murder!



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I first published this back in 2013, and stand by the claim that the Obama Govt. KILLED the ambassador in a "hit."

Americans, after this last stolen election are finally waking up to the fact that their government has been at war with them for dozens of years.  They, under the cover of Big Government, Big Media, and Big Business, have been waging war against it's own citizens for years. From phony IRS audits, to Nazi-like EPA and OSHA raids on small businesses, our government has become our biggest enemy!

By Bob Barney - The Plain Truth 

Everyone understands that Obama and crew are covering something up about the murder of four Americans, including our Ambassador, in Benghazi Libya right before the 2012 elections.  Their first attempt of the coverup was blaming a little known anti-Islam video for the violence, and sticking with that lie for almost a month.  After months, of refusing to turn over documents to Congress, the courts, under a lawsuit from Judicial Watch finally forced the regime to release unredacted e-mails to the public and the media was forced to report what mainstream America knew all along - the entire video blaming episode was a coverup story fabricated by the White House to hide the facts on the ground just a few weeks before the presidential elections.  The truth would have resulted in a major defeat at the polls, the lie, which worked, kept Obama in office.

After the latest e-mails have finally come to light a very disturbing scenario may be being uncovered.

Several months ago, I raised the aspects that the killing of the ambassador was a “mafia-style” hit job. I likened it to what King David did to Uriah the Hittite (Bathsheba’s husband David had set up to be killed in order to have her) when he told the commander of the army to set the man up on the front lines, and when the enemy advanced, to withdraw all the troops leaving Uriah behind to be killed. It worked, unfortunately for David, God cared about it and let him know! 

With today’s revelations, it appears that my initial scenario holds water.  It seems that we have been lead to believe that the video in question was the reason for the riots that day in Egypt and that those in the WH used this to excuse Benghazi. There is a problem with this, however. It turns out today that the video was not even the cause of the riots in Egypt! That too was a lie.

We had our embassy in Cairo apologize for the video BEFORE the riots even began!  The riots had nothing to do with those riots in Egypt. Benghazi had not YET happened.

So if we didn’t know that our Ambassador was going to be killed that night, why did we start a fake video story BEFORE the murders took place? 

The answer is simple. The man was setup to be murdered. I don’t know why he was. He was supposedly gay, and he was a big time Obama supporter, but maybe he had info about to explode BEFORE the election…  Your guess is as good as mine. But the facts are pointing to murder by friends, not foes….


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