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My Prediction Trump will win easily

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Up until Barack Obama, my predictions for the presidency were quite accurate, going all the way to 1976 (wrong only in the 92 election).     
Back in 1976, I wrote a thesis in college on how a psychological condition known as cognitive dissonance, could explain elections in America. It was based on the theory (named cognitive dissonance), which in simple terms simply meant that people in their own life's conflicts, switch drastically like a pendulum on a clock from left to right.   After tragedies or other traumatic events occur in their lives, most people try to "get back to normal" but never can.

Cognitive dissonance was first investigated by Leon Festinger, arising out of a participant observation study of a cult which believed that the earth was going to be destroyed by a flood, and what happened to its members — particularly the really committed ones who had given up their homes and jobs to work for the cult — when the flood did not happen.

While fringe members were more inclined to recognize that they had made fools of themselves and to "put it down to experience," committed members were more likely to re-interpret the evidence to show that they were right all along (the earth was not destroyed because of the faithfulness of the cult members).

Festinger's (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all our attitudes and behavior in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance). This is known as the principle of cognitive consistency.

When there is an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviors (dissonance), something must change to eliminate the dissonance.  Notice that dissonance theory does not state that these modes of dissonance reduction will actually work, only that individuals who are in a state of cognitive dissonance will take steps to reduce the extent of their dissonance.

The theory of cognitive dissonance has been widely researched in a number of situations to develop the basic idea in more detail, and various factors that have been identified which may be important in attitude change.

With this in mind, my theory was this same phenomenon applies to nations, and especially nations like America with free elections. In my theory I predicted that America always looked for balance between liberalism and conservatism.    However, when we go into the voting booth--- we tend to actually choose candidates that are on the very left, or very to the right!  This is the cognitive dissonance theory as applied to nations in the same way it is applied to people. Hollywood, is full of movies based on cognitive dissonance:  It's like the old time movie theme's based on this effect where the whore who becomes the nun... The crooked politician who becomes the honest politician...  And stories with a hero or heroine swap from one extreme to another.

With that background out of the way, I would normally project as I did in 2016, that the election would be a change election and that America would radically shift back away from globalism, Obamaism and crooked Washington politics.  So in a normal year, Donald Trump should win as did Ronald Reagan back in 1980.
My Prediction Trump will win easily:
     I guess many would conclude now that with my theory, Biden should win easily in a landslide, but I think that is not the case.  People swing back and forth from left to right after YEARS of agony.  I suggest, although many do not like Trump, they will see that under Trump their lives were more "normal" and thus better than under Obama, or George Bush.
Don't forget, Donald Trump is ten times more popular with a great minority of Americans than Richard Nixon ever was. Nixon, was probably the most distrusted and hated president in recent memory.  He wasn't likable, even by those who thought he was a very good president!  Nixon, like Trump barely won the 1968 election (the nation was tiring of Vietnam, but the "swing" against the war had not fully evolved) but by 1972, won in the largest landslide in history, a record that still is unbroken. Not even Ronald Reagan beat Nixon's landslide.  By 1972, the nation was in "dissonance" and fully rejected the very liberal, socialist Democratic Party.   People held their noses and voted for Nixon.
I believe that the great "swing" started in 2016, like the 1968 election, and this year will be the full swing.....  If I am right, Trump will not only win, he will win big.   States that should normally vote "D" will switch to Trump.   Why?  COVID!   That's right, it's the Democrats locking down their states that will lead to a radically swing in the election.  People not in a balanced state. Suicides, depression, and anger is at all time highs causing stress, and these people have that inner drive to hold all our attitudes and behavior in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance). I believe these people will vote Trump.  
I also believe that the Republicans will take the house and keep the Senate.....
I may be very wrong about when the "swing" happens, but truly doubt it. 
No matter what happens Tuesday, be aware that God has already predicted the end of American freedom and being enslaved by the aliens living among us.  This is going to happen! 

When we read the Bible, which was written about 2,000-3,000 years ago, we often don't get the "feel of it" and how it relates to what is going on today, especially when reading prophecy about the end times and which nations are going to be involved. We read about Israel, of course, as well as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Ethiopia and a list of unrecognizable nations and names. Yet what about nations like  China, Russia, Germany, Italy, England or the United States? Why aren't they mentioned in our Bible?  How can it be, if the Bible is the word of God, that he didn't know that these modern nations would exist? After all, if God knows the future, didn't God know about the United States or Europe or China? How can we trust prophecy or understand it when most of the time the scenario just doesn't fit what we know about the world today? Is there going to be another Assyrian Empire as the Bible claims? Does Assyria even exist today? Is Greece going to be the most powerful nation under another Alexander the Great as the book of Daniel suggests? It doesn't seem very likely to me and I am sure not to most of you either. Are we indeed living in the end times and how can we know what to look for and what today's news means? Will the world as we know it really ever end, as Jesus foretold?

Believe it or not, the Bible is as current and relevant today as the day when it was first written. The fact is that it is even more relevant today because much of what was predicted by the prophets was meant for today and beyond and not for the time these men were living! The hard-to-pronounce nations mentioned in the pages of prophecy written so ,long ago still exist, and you can prove it to yourself! God has given us tools to understand His predictions for our world and has had uncanny accuracy that nobody could ever duplicate without divine influence. God has rightly predicted:
the fall of Babylon

 The fall of Assyria

 The fall of Alexander

 The fall of Rome 7 times (it has now fallen five or six times depending on what expert you believe!)

 The Pope

 Radiation poisoning

 Chernobyl by name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Global man-made pollution
 the Muslim religion and their fight with Europe known as Crusades and the final yet to come conflict between these two powerful regions

 The rise of England and the USA to be two most powerful nations ever to exist on this planet!

 That England would have a monarchy, and that monarchy would claim to be David's descendants and that they would sit on his literal throne over the same rock that David himself was coronated over.

 The #13 would be important to the United States of America and that our form of government would be by election and not by a divine monarchy from the line of David.

 The increase in knowledge all within the span of one generation. Has there ever been an increase of knowledge since the foundation of the world to equal 1930-2050 (taking the Biblical 120 years as the generation of a man)

 Worldwide famine and diseases unlike ever to have occurred in the history of the world

 A great false Christianity that would rule the world when at the time predicted, the name of Christ was known but by few people on earth and that knowledge could actually get you killed!

 That Jerusalem would always be the center of world conflict... Name any other city in the world that always been in the center of world conflict? Name any city? This prophecy concerning Jerusalem was made over 2500  years ago!
 That mankind would never live longer than 120 years old. Has modern science been able to change this fact told to us by God 4,000 years ago?

 African slavery, and also a blessing to black people!

 Communism as a "new" form of government that would fool and sweep throughout the world, except Muslim nations.

These are the predictions that God has made and most have already come true and the fact of their accuracy cannot be honestly intelligently disputed. So what about the future? What does the Bible and God have to say about what is still yet to happen. To understand, we must be able to identity the nations of the Bible and who those people are today and where they live. You will see that the major nations of today are indeed the same nations called by different names in the pages of God's word.

Believe it or not, if you believe in the Bible, then you must also believe in God's prophecies.  Concerning the USA, and all Anglo-Saxon nations of the world, we are destined into captivity and destruction.  This will happen.  When it will happen, I have no idea. But to understand this better read my articles: America in Biblical Prophecy   and