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Americans are fleeing New York and New Jersey in search of remote pastures in Vermont and

Far more Americans moved to Vermont, Idaho, Oregon and South Carolina than those who left since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, new data published by Bloomberg shows. However, the opposite can be said for New York and New Jersey, with each seeing a large proportion of residents relocate to Florida, Texas and other Sunbelt states since March, because of an increase in fear of living in densely populated areas in a world post-COVID-19. As the month of August came to a close Monday, bringing with it another moving-deadline for tenants all over the country, statistics point towards a sharp uptick in US mobility. While relocations last year reached an all-time low according to the Brooking's Institution, Gregory Daco, chief U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, said 2020 has seen a staggering increase in mobility across state lines.