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1A Saudi journalist says there are thousands of mistakes in the Quran that should be corrected to make "Allah's book easier for Muslims to read."

Ahmad Hashem made the provocative statement on the website Saudi Opinions, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

MEMRI explained: "Since this writing system is a human invention, argues Hashem, there is no reason to sanctify it, as many Muslims do. In fact, he says, it is time to correct some 2,500 errors of spelling and grammar that were made by the scribes in that period and remain part of the Quranic text to this day."

Hashem said the objective is to make the Quran "more readable."

One of the criticisms came from Kuwaiti academic Ahmad Al-Dhaidi, wrote on Twitter: "The Elaph website, directed by Saudi journalist 'Othman Al-'Omeir, calls to rewrite the Quran in order to fix the great mistakes of the 'Uthmani script! Has their contempt reached the point of harming Allah's book?"