‘This is no longer a debate’: Florida sheriff bans deputies, visitors from wearing masks
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Now Wisconsin orders govt workers to wear masks even when home alone!

Utter nonsense!  ALL SHOW--NO SCIENCE

Coronavirus1At home. Alone. No one around even to social distance from. Just sitting in front of a computer. That's a situation in which employees of a Wisconsin state agency have been ordered to wear a mask. Secretary Preston Cole instructed in an email that all workers must follow Gov. Tony Ever's statewide mask requirement. Further, they must wear face-coverings during virtual meetings, even if they are home alone, the report said.

Medical experts say there's no need for masks at home while alone, but they can help if someone with COVID-19 lives with a vulnerable person.

According to the Examiner, agency spokeswoman Megan Sheridan defended the instructions.

She said the department wanted to set an example and "a very visual reminder to all that wearing a mask in a public setting helps prevent the spread of COVID-19."