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My Mom: July 8, 1929 -- July 26, 2020 Her life in pictures

Bob Barney

Yesterday at 6:15 my Mom lost her battle for life.  She fought hard to the end, but today I want to record her life, and a great life she had.  Later after some days will will give the rest of the story!

Mom was born in Canaan Ct, but moved to River Road in New Milford as a young girl, where her dad worked at the "Quarry" for New England Limestone.  I'll save that incredible story for a later time.



Mom at 12 years old.

Mom met my dad at 16 years old.. He worked at a neighboring farm.  He was 22.  They married in less than a year - she was 17.


Mom Wedding photo

Mom and dad wedding

May 10th 1947


Mom and her Grandfather (Brandt) Her Dad's Father   Wedding


Dad's Mom and Dad- Frank Brandt   Edith (Menti) Brandt


Mom and BrotherFrank

Mom and Her brother Frank Brandt (still with us today at 86, was a local golf star- still shoots a 69 at 86!)

Her Grandparents-Menti

Mom's Mother's parents, The Menti's!

MomandDad-May10 1947

Mom and Dad's cake- made by her Father!


Mom Tam Vicky

Finally a grandma in 1983 and 1984!     Then again in 1985!


A mother of three Boys, Grandmother of three girls, and a great grandma of 5 boys and 2 girls!

1st row: Isabelle, Mom, Jacob, Caleb and William

2nd row: Mark holding Abigail, Chrissy Tammy (Sr) Barney, ME, Sean and Tammy Miller

Missing in photo is Vicky and her two Children Michael and George


First published 7/3/2020

As far as I can remember my Mom has had a simple faith in God that has meant so much in my life.  So, I thought I would write this about her as she approaches her  91st birthday this July 8.

Several weeks ago, my brother Bill (who still lives with her back in Ct.) called me saying that mom was suffering from constant stomach pain, and he couldn’t get her to eat much.  After complaining of this for several days he took her to the doctor, who hospitalized her.  She is in the hospital now with a tumor on her gall bladder and we do not know at this time if it’s cancer or not; or even if she will live or die.  I ask everyone to pray for her.  However it is this, my tribute to my mom what this article is about.   She was always there for me and for our family and she defended us with everything a mother should against anyone that would harm any of us. She has always been a remarkable, strong willed and an independent woman.  However, what I remember most about Mom is her simple faith in God. Unlike myself, she has always believed, and her faith was genuine and real, never experiencing the doubt and unbelief that I did.

I started out believing in God as a child, but my “scientific” mind and my anti-God education; I came to reject that there was a God.  I always marveled at my mom who had that simple faith--- she just always believed in God.  She went to church on Sundays for a long time but eventually stopped going because she saw the hypocrisy of the church she was going to-- but that did not stop her belief in God! In short she had faith that a church didn’t have, a simple faith.  That faith always amazed me even when I was an atheist, I marveled at that faith, and her willpower and I wished that I could have a faith like that in a God. I’m sorry to say even though I have come to believe in God and believe in God strongly I still do not have the simple faith that my mom has had her whole life. Something I’m ashamed of, and it’s something that I’m struggling for. But she had it, even today.

Actually, mom is less afraid of death or I should say less afraid of her death then I am.  She’s ready to go, even though she knows what that really means.  She knows that she will not go to heaven when she dies to be with my dad. She fully understands the plain words of the Bible, that when she dies she, is going into the grave, to lie in the ground and wait until the resurrection, which only happens after Jesus Christ returns. She’s not fooled like most people, that she’s going to heaven to be with her husband who died some 22 years ago. She knows that she will be buried alongside dad and they will both have to wait until the resurrection. That’s her simple faith that I find amazing and spiritual. In fact Mom, your life has been amazing.

Mom was born in 1929 in the year of the great crash and grew up during the depression. However, unlike my dad, who lived in poverty and was forced to leave school at 13 and work as basically a slave on a neighboring farm for room and board, Mom’s father was very smart, industrious and fortunate.  He had a job throughout the depression. A high paying job, that kept food on the table and even the luxuries others did not have. They were not rich by any imagination, but they were not poor! They lived well.

She met my dad when she was 16. He was working on a farm that bordered her property.  He had worked his way up from poverty to a partner in that farm, by age 22!  They married a year later. She was only 17.  They had three boys. Victor, my oldest brother who is named after my father, Bill, who still lives with mom, and me, the youngest.  Like Mom, my parents made sure we had a blessed childhood.  I have no bad memories, only great ones.  We lived well. 

Mom’s faith in God always been an inspiration to me.  My “finding” God again, after years of denial was helped by her faith. That simple faith I wish everyone could have. I wish I could have.

I love you Mom, may you rest in peace along side Dad until the day you hear the voice of Jesus calling you to your newly gained immortal life!   I miss you already.  You have been there for 65 years of my life

Mom and Me in 2015

Mom and Me in 2015- Lake Warmwaug, Ct.