‘You’re Disgusting, You’re The Virus’: America Fights Back against Fake News Media
7,708 Die in America EVERY DAY -- The Plain Truth about Coronavirus

You have been elected President - Now What

Bob Barney

It's make believe time. Let's make believe that you are the President of the United States and are greeted one morning with the following scenario:

Your intelligence briefing today March 1 2018

      It being reported that the Chinese are developing a lethal form of Ebola, for use on enemies if a war develops.  This new strain kills 99.76% of infected people within 24 hours. Theoretically, 25% of the American population could be wiped out in 48-72 hours, another 50% within 3 weeks. Worse yet, if Iran gets this technology, World War 3 will happen starting in the Middle East and Israel!

You ask: Is that possible?

Experts then say: We live in a very different world now. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech during her term at a biological-weapons conference in Geneva in which she stressed that the threat of biological terror can no longer be ignored. “There are warning signs,” Clinton said, including “evidence in Afghanistan that . . . Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula made a call to arms for—and I quote—‘brothers with degrees in microbiology or chemistry to develop a weapon of mass destruction.’ ”

        (all quotes in this commentary are real taken from: HERE)

You Say:  You agree with her??

Experts:  Yes we do....

You ask: What should our strategy be?

Experts advise that we have been experimenting with a cold virus, that could be genetically modified to only harm elderly and sick people, but could be genetically modified to target only males of all ages as well.  This could be also modified to be halted by use of a common drug, that will remain a secret, so we could protect our own citizens.

Then we advise that our double agents convince the Chinese that our virus is much more lethal and controllable than the one they are working on.  Mr. President, we make it possible for China to steal the virus and the research we have done (that we lie about), which will lead them in the wrong direction. This will give us time to come up with a treatment for their modified Ebola virus.

YOU:  Ok keep me informed.

Your NEXT intelligence briefing today December 25, 2018:

Report: Mr. President, the Chinese bit on our plan, and have stolen our virus from a lab in Canada. They have also hired one of our doctors that they think will spy for them, but in reality he/she is a double agent and will keep them going in the wrong direction.  Late next year, our double agent-spy doctor will arrange for an accidental release of the virus.

YOU:  What will happen?  Will this not spread worldwide?

Experts:  Yes, Mr. President, but the good news is it will kill only the old, and we will have the medicine to treat our own people!  It will be China that collapses, and set their war plans back 25 years!

You:  I don't like this at all!

Experts:   Mr. President, at the annual meeting of the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza, in Malta, several hundred astonished scientists sat in silence as Ron Fouchier, a Dutch virologist at the Erasmus Medical Center, in Rotterdam, reported that simply transferring avian influenza from one ferret to another had made it highly contagious. Fouchier explained that he and his colleagues “mutated the hell out of H5N1”—meaning that they had altered the genetic sequence of the virus in a variety of ways. That had no effect. Then, as Fouchier later put it, “someone finally convinced me to do something really, really stupid.” He spread the virus the old-fashioned way, by squirting the mutated H5N1 into the nose of a ferret and then implanting nasal fluid from that ferret into the nose of another. After ten such manipulations, the virus began to spread around the ferret cages in his lab. Ferrets that received high doses of H5N1 died within days, but several survived exposure to lower doses.

When Fouchier examined the flu cells closely, however, he became alarmed. There were only five genetic changes in two of the viruses’ eight genes. But each mutation had already been found circulating naturally in influenza viruses. Fouchier’s achievement was to place all five mutations together in one virus, which meant that nature could do precisely what he had done in the lab. Another team of researchers, led by Yoshihiro Kawaoka, at the University of Wisconsin, created a slightly different form of the virus, which, while not as virulent, was also highly contagious. One of the world’s most persistent horror fantasies, expressed everywhere from Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” to “Jurassic Park,” had suddenly come to pass: a dangerous form of life, manipulated and enhanced by man, had become lethal.

“We can learn a great deal about transmission of influenza virus through the air from this work, and it’s something we know very little about,” Ab Osterhaus, the leader of the Erasmus team, said. “Nobody was going to make this virus in his garage. There are so many better ways to create terror. You have to compare the risk posed by nature with the theoretical risk that a human might use this virus for harm. I take the bioterror threat very seriously. But we have to address the problems logically. And nature is much more sophisticated than anyone in any lab. Nature is going to manufacture this virus or something like it. We know that. Bioterrorists might, but nature will. Look at the past century: the 1918 flu, H.I.V., Ebola, and H1N1. The Spanish flu took months. sars maybe a couple of weeks. This is happening all the time, and we have ways to fight it. So where is the greatest risk? Is it in someone’s garage or in nature? Because you cannot prevent scientists from getting the information they need to address that risk. I understand politics and publicity. But I also understand that viruses do not care about any of that.”

Mr President we need to act! If not America will be destroyed!

Do we have a go........???????

What would you do?  Worse, consider this scenario: These advisors don't like you and so they don't even include you in these briefings at all!    

Friends, the problem with the above scenario is that it may be exactly what President Trump has been told and believes.  If true, he has acted rightly.  If it was all a Deep State lie, then the take-over of America has started...

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