What's in a name??

Why We Do What We Do...

By Bob Barney

Do you think names mean anything? Does your name represent anything? It is probably difficult for most of us to understand today, but God says that names denote things. In the Bible, names given to people usually signify something about them, their character or their importance. Adam, for example, means red dirt or clay. You see the LORD GOD made Adam out of red clay and wanted him to understand just where he came from every day of his life.  God wanted to make sure that Adam understood that although he was made in the image of God, he was still just dirt, and would be until the resurrection.  ABRAHAM   means "father of many," which ended up being the case, while David means beloved. The name Jacob stood for "deceiver" and deceiver, he was, he stole by deception his brother's birthright. Later God renamed him ISRAEL, which meant that he struggled with God and won. Yes, God says names have a meaning, and now the point of this essay.

If the president were to say that he wanted someone to watch over, say the automobile industry, and he was to appoint someone and call him the "auto Hitler", or for energy, the "energy Hitler," do you think that someone might have a problem with the name "Hitler?" So you see, in this example, you must admit names mean something, right? Well how about the name "energy czar" or "border czar?" We hear these names every day, as the newspapers and media talk about "czars" being named. President Johnson appointed a "poverty czar" in 1964, President Reagan appointed a "drug czar" in 1982, President Clinton appointed a "terrorism czar" in 1998, and President Bush appointed a "war czar" in 2007. Furthermore, as lawmakers wrangle over how much the government should intervene in the failing auto industry, there’s been talk of appointing a "car czar" to authorize loans and set benchmarks for progress. What would the media say if we made a "car Hitler" instead?

I know that you think you know what czar really means, but I bet most of you do not! Yes, Russians had czars, or kings that ruled over the nation for hundreds of years until the Russian Revolution when Czar Nicholas was deposed by the communist. However, do you know where the word comes from? I will give you a hint, and here will be, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. The German name for king is Kaiser; Like Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany during WWI. Both Czar and Kaiser are different forms af another name. Both names come from Caesar!

Czar \Czar\ (z["a]r), n. [Russ. tsare,stare,More... fr. L. Caesar C[ae]sar; cf. OPol.Add as name More... czar,Czar, Pol. car. ] A king; a chief; the title of the emperor of Russia. Written also tzarstarMore...

Kaiser \Kai"ser\, n. [Gr., fr. L. Caesar. Cf. Kesar,Add as nameMore... and Czar.]
The ancient title of emperors of Germany assumed by King William of Prussia when crowned sovereign of the new German empire in 1871.

Czar means Caesar! Who was Caesar? The first Caesar was Julius, we all know about him and Cleopatra. Then his son Augutus, the month of August is named for him. Gaius Caligula was also a Caesar, as well as Nero. The last two being two of the most perverse people who have ever lived!

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus ( 31 August 12 – 24 January 41), more commonly known as just Caligula, who was the third Roman Emperor, reigning from 16 March 37 until his assassination on 24 January 41. To say the least, he was known for his cruelty, extravagance, and sexual perversity, presenting him as an insane tyrant. He loved little boys and killing his sexual partners.

Nero Caesar was the fifth and final Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Nero was adopted by his great uncle Claudius to become heir to the throne. As Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, he succeeded to the throne on 13 October 54, following Claudius's death. Nero's rule is often associated with tyranny and extravagance. Some will suggest that the book of Revelation was written only for those living at the time, and that 666 most probably apply to Cæsar Nero, who ruled Rome from 54 to 68 A.D., rather than someone from later centuries. This point of view, which suggests Revelation had an immediate application to the first century, is known as preterism.  So, just how is Nero linked to 666?

Preterists take Nero's name, Nero Cæsar and transliterate the Latin into Hebrew.  An "n" is added to conform with the Hebrew spelling and usage of Nero's name, in a manner similar to the Greek adding a "s" (i.e., Jeremias, Jonas, etc.).  Other names in scripture where the adding of ana "n" may be seen are Abaddon, Apollyon, and Armageddon.  Once Hebraicized, the Latin Nero Caesar becomes "nrwn qsr," which when using the numeric equivalent of the letters, then adds up to 666 as follows:
Nun          =        50
Resh        =       200
Waw        =          6
Nun          =        50

Qoph        =      100
Samech    =        60
Resh        =      200

So, possibly the greatest tyrant to ever rule, maybe the man who God warns was the great antichrist, was a Caesar! Therefore, what's in a name I ask again? Millions of Americans would be outraged if we so carelessly used the name Hitler in a title, but the man who slaughtered thousands of Christians, an enemy of Jesus Christ, can be now remembered as the person whose name America now uses for our rulers! WAKE UP and realize that many of the things that we do and take for granted today, are planted by the spirit of Satan, and that we are literally spitting on the blood of our savior when we use such names! Names mean things. God warns us through names, when you see CZAR in front of someone's name, BEWARE. When a man has a name, or two names of our enemy in their own name, maybe God caused that to be as a warning! God is talking to us everyday, are you listening?