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Drastic rise in unemployment is causing a spike in suicides and overdose deaths

PREDICTED BY THE PLAIN TRUTH- Collateral damage to kill more than virus!

80,000 could die due to coronavirus shutdown anxieties - more than the virus itself

The coronavirus lockdown could cause 77,000 deaths from suicides and drug overdoses – more than the virus itself, a leading doctor has claimed.

New York physician Dr. Nicole Saphier told DailyMailTV that the drastic rise in unemployment due to the nationwide shutdown has caused a spike in overdose deaths and suicides in some communities which could end up outnumbering even the tens of thousands who have died from COVID-19.

Dr. Saphier pointed to stark warnings from cities across the country showing rocketing overdose death rates, while a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) found that each 1% increase in unemployment led to a 3.3% spike in drug overdoses and 1% increase in suicides.

'The economy should be considered a public health emergency,' Dr. Saphier told DailyMailTV. 'The indirect consequences of the pandemic may far outweigh those of the direct virulence of the virus.

'Suicide, drug use, alcoholism, domestic violence have all been shown to increase during periods of strife and increased unemployment. This as depression and anxiety sets in with the uncertainty of the economic future of individuals and the country as a whole.'

New York physician Dr. Nicole Saphier told DailyMailTV that death by suicide or overdose is set to outweigh the thousands who have died from COVID-19
There were 3.2 million new claims for unemployment benefits filed in the week ending May 2, according to the latest Labor Department report