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Anglo Israelism predates The Armstrongs


Foreword by Bob Barney:  This book shows quite well that Herbert Armstrong got his view of the Hebrew Lost tribes from previous authors, that predated him considerably.   HWA did not even do his own research to verify the information, but merely repeated it as his own.   Further study actually shows that England is actually Manasseh, and America is Ephraim...  Look at my article here---


Ephraim, or the Present Locations of the Hebrew Tribes," a little volume by Colonel Angelo, of Rottnest, has been lying on our table for some time past, but the heavy demands made on our space, by Parliament in particular, has prevented it from receiving it due attention. The subject with which the author concerns himself is one which of late years has com- manded much consideration by many earnest souls and ingenious and well-stored intellects. To many more it is either a stumbling-block or foolishness. But what- ever may be the opinion of his inferences and conclusions, no reader of Colonel Angelo's book will fail to be struck with the writer's reverent attitude, his facility in combining ideas, his courtesy as a con- troversialist, his unquestionable industry, his cultured mind, and his refined style.


To follow him here through his course of reasoning is obviously impossible. Suffice it to say that his arguments and illustra- tions, though admittedly calculated to carry great weight with, some minds, are certainly not destined to be convincing to others.


Col Angelo appears to favour the idea that 11 of the tribes may be identified in England as Ephraim, America as Manasseh, Ireland as Dan, Wales as Simeon, Scotland as Gad, the Normans as Benjamin, France as Reuben, Germany as Naphtali, Austria as Issachar, Italy as Zebulun, and Aus- tralia as Asher. Why the author accounts for eleven tribes when ten only are gene- rally spoken of as lost is a point on which the reader is left in some doubt. With regard to another matter Col. Angelo cer- tainly does not err on the side of vague- ness. "The-idea," he tells us, "has been fully established that Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria is the lineal descendant of King David, the Sweet Psalmist of Israel, and of the tribe of Judah. A British theorist some time ago sought an audience of the Queen, and upon the strength of the passage contained in Jer. xxxiv., 17, and of the circumstances related above [relating to the Anglo-Saxon theory of identity] propounded as 'news' to her Majesty the fact of her lineage, to- gether with convincing proofs. It is no ' news' now that the Queen was well aware of the fact, and, indeed, produced the chronological tree bearing the names of both King David and her beloved Majesty.


There can, therefore, no longer be reason to doubt that her Majesty Queen Victoria is the lineal descendant of King David and is ruling over Israel, or at least over a re- presentative portion of it." Realising this, one is hardly likely to be startled by the further statement that "the discovery of the Davidic descent of Queen Victoria affects the identification of another tribe, that of Dan." In a book of this kind the uninitiated would scarcely expect to find support for Lord Salisbury's policy with regard to Ireland ; yet there it is. Listen ! " Moses said, ' Dan is a lion's whelp ; he shall leap from Bashan.' The ancient symbol of Ireland was a lion's whelp, and Bashan was the place where was to be found the fierce stronghold, and this will be readily recognised as the popular type of Ireland.


... We see therefore that the subject of Home Rule for Ireland, which has hitherto puzzled the most acute politicians, can be determined only by faithful adherence to the requirements of scripture, and that when Ireland ceases to pursue an alien policy by recognising her unity with Israel, she will be worthy of and will receive that political independence which is indicated in the words ' Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel.' " How the author leads up to a plea for national federation we must leave the reader of the book to find out for himself. It only re- mains to be added that the volume is well printed and neatly got up.


* "Ephraim; or the Present Locations of the Hebrew Tribes." By Colonel Edward Fox Angelo. Eliot Stock, London. Stein & Co., Barrack-street, Perth.

Apparently the book was written to encourage Western Australians to join the Australian federation (the ‘Conclusion – A Plea For Federation’) as they were ethnically descendants of Israel like so many of the people that occupied the land. Below is a newspaper review of the book.

The book has been uploaded here: http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/index_research.htm -> http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/Further_Research/British-Israel2/ -> #Ephraim_E Angelo (1896).pdf