Why a Fort Detrick Bioweapons Lab Scientist Was Murdered

Alex Berenson: Coronavirus truth and why the media establishment hates me so much

Editor’s note: Author Alex Berenson first posted this essay on Twitter, but given its length, he decided to run it as a single piece of commentary on his website, AlexBerenson. In a note to readers, he writes: "'Blue-checks’ is Twitter slang for people with verified accounts, who are often prominent reporters. As is sometimes pointed out, I also have a blue check, though I am no longer part of the media establishment."

I’ve thought a bit about why the media blue-checks hate me so (and, let’s be honest, they do hate me so). I’m nobody, really; I don’t have a prime time news show or a syndicated column; I have all of 103,000 followers on Twitter. But I am a particular burr for three reasons:

I’m a class traitor. Not just because I worked for The New York Times for 10 years and wrote lots of hardball pieces about companies (not to mention our failures in Iraq) that make me tough to dismiss as a right-wing nutter, much as they’d like to try.

No, I’m a class traitor in another, arguably more important way, too; the media/academic left tries to cudgel its opponents with an attitude of mocking scorn and intellectual superiority. The president has been a useful foil for them in this (as they have been for him).

But that game doesn’t work with me; I’m as credentialed as the people shouting at me, only I follow the facts where they go. (This is why these people hated my book, “Tell Your Children,” so much; one can know cannabis has serious mental health risks and still want it legalized, but the blue-checks had been telling each other the same nonsense for so long they genuinely didn’t understand that cannabis was dangerous. They’re still trying to figure out what to do with that news. And they can’t stand knowing it.)

So yelling at me to shut up doesn’t work, and trying to bait me into arguments doesn’t work, and telling me my tone is wrong doesn’t work (even when it is); I keep on merrily presenting studies and facts, and even if the media won’t pay attention, other people will.

And the email I get – which is overwhelming, and overwhelmingly in favor of this effort – suggests many, many people – some fancy, some not – are sick of feeling mocked and told they’re stupid for their sincere beliefs about the dangers of the lockdowns.

The second reason is I think it’s clear by now that my wife and I practice what we preach; we don’t fear #COVID, not for ourselves or our kids.

So accusing us of being hypocrites won’t fly.

As for those folks calling me a grifter?

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