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TRUST THE PLAN Is the New World Order making its final move?


By Bob Barney


   Before getting bashed by the zombie-like Trump supporters, let me state that I wanted Trump to be president. I have done very well in the Trump years, and so have most small business owners that I know.  Trump has been great for the economy until now, with little help from his own party and no help from the media or the democrats.   That being said, I am beginning to see a new phenomena out there that I haven't seen since Obama was elected - The zombie-hero worshipping fan that knows everything about nothing.  The stupidity of those that supported Obama, and considered him to be a God-like figure, which, at the time,  I wrote about in disgust 11 years ago, has now been supplanted with the moronic EVER-TRUMPER.  You see them every-time a negative story comes out about him.  To these nitwits (and that is what they are) Trump is a God-like figure that can do nothing wrong.  He is a genius (probably the smartest guy who has ever lived) that controls everyone and everything, just like God.

When the corona so called crisis first hit and Donald Trump called it a cold, the ever-trumpers agreed. Sean Hannity called it a plot to do what impeachment couldn't - a deep state plot to remove Trump.  When the CDC and liberals attacked Trump for not ordering the shutdown of businesses and the economy, these anti-Trump crusaders were anti-American.... Then Trump started to follow their advice - the advice from the media, deep state and medical  community!   What a turn around. All of a sudden, these ever-Trumpers got on the bandwagon. Calling out those who disagreed with the president.  "He is trying to save 2 million lives," they retorted when asked why a shutdown was needed.  The Deep State was good again (boy that was a short-lived hatred) and we need big government to control our lives, decide what everyone can do.  Big Pharma and the medical community are now the heroes, you know the same people behind 200 million abortions. (The same people you know that if they could would remove Trump from office. 60-70% of this same medical medical community are liberal democrats)

A month ago, when I wrote articles and Face Book messages condemning the quarantine that democratic-led states where imposing, I was the voice of all Ever-Trumpers who eagerly agreed all of this coronavirus hype was nonsense.  Then Trump changed direction by calling for a complete shutdown, destroying the very economy he himself built!  Two weeks ago, the old Trump emerged for 3 days \, had a downhill and said that America had to reopen and we couldn't listen to the doctors at the cost of killing the economy.  Then, out of the woodwork, the ever-Trumpers started calling the cure "worse than the disease," and the economy had to be saved.

However, after three days, Trump got back on the deep state bandwagon leaving his blind followers to have to change their position again. NO, now the cure is needed, even if we have to forgo the economy, the Bill of Rights, elections, or even our freedom.  Yes, the disease that has killed about .0000000001% of the population has become the greatest disease to ever face mankind!   GOD IS DEAD, or at least the God of the Bible, and our only hope is what Donald Trump decides to do.  I disagree.

Here is my summary.  I want Trump to succeed, but honestly he is his own worse enemy- not the press.  Ronald Reagan faced the same rabid press in his day and OUTSMARTED THEM with humor, facts and intelligence.  All Trump has is bullying and a bit of bullshitting.  Bullying and bullshitting will not work. This nation has to have a leader that inspires us to get back to life again and re-open the economy. That leader can also inspire us to take the precautions necessary to safeguard as many people as possible, but people are going to die in a robust economy.  Some will die in car accidents going to work, other will get the flu virus and some of those will die. In fact, some 50-60,000 will die this year alone of the flu. Many will die from accidents at work, and yes people will die of coronavirus.  That's life in a robust economy.
Donald Trump has and can inspire again.  He does understand that his actions are destroying the middle class and I think, in his heart, he knows this is a fake crisis.  I also think he sees a political gain in all of this.  It's a win win situation for him.  If only 20,000 die, he can say his policies saved millions.  How will the democrats answer this claim, when they predicted (dishonestly) that millions would die?  Will they not have to admit that Trump's policies worked, when in fact they really never did.  Time will tell, but I wish that more Trump supporters would support the man, when he is doing right, than to support their god-like figure of their imagination
As I see it.