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America doesn't want a King Trump


PIERS MORGAN: America doesn't want a King Trump, still less a petty Emperor with no

It's become an increasingly nauseating spectacle and last night, President Trump reached a new low with a press briefing performance that was frankly an utter disgrace. In a preposterous claim, Trump announced he has 'total authority' as President to make any decision he likes. When asked if he could order state governors to remove lockdown restrictions and reopen the US economy, Trump replied: 'When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total and that's the way it's gonna be. It's total. It's total. The governors know that.' He was immediately challenged by CNN's Kaitlan Collins who said, 'that is not true', and asked him which governors had agreed that he could overrule them. 'I haven't asked anybody,' Trump snarled back. 'You know why? Because I don't have to.' When Collins courageously persisted, saying 'but who told you the president has total authority?' Trump simply raised his finger and said: 'Enough.' Yet she was right, and he was wrong. New York governor Andrew Cuomo, whose calm, authoritative leadership during the crisis has been a masterclass in how to handle such a seismic event, was quick to deny Trump's absurd claim. 'The president does not have total authority,' he said. 'We have a constitution, we don't have a king.' Exactly. Nor does America have an Emperor, much as Donald Trump likes to think he's one.