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How Charlemagne beat medieval Europe into submission

Charlemagne by Casper Johann Nepomuk Scheuren, 1852Charlemagne by Casper Johann Nepomuk Scheuren, 1852 CREDIT: BRIDGEMAN ART LIBRARY

How do you write a detailed biography of someone who lived more than 1,200 years ago? Someone, that is, for whom you have almost no personal correspondence, no diaries, no chatty memoirs by friends – and of course, no reports in newspapers, as people would not get round to inventing those for another 800 years.

Well, it helps if the person you are biographising was an important ruler, and it helps a lot if he was Charlemagne, by far the most important European ruler to emerge after the end of the Roman Empire.

Powerful people always leave a paper trail – or, in this case, a parchment trail. And it’s surely no exaggeration to say that Charlemagne became, in his lifetime (748-814) one of the two or three most powerful men in the world.

He was born to rule: his family had been hereditary senior ministers to the Frankish kings, but had managed to edge the last of those kings off the throne, taking his place. The kingdom included much of northern and eastern France, plus a slice of the German lands, up to the Rhine; more French land was conquered during Charlemagne’s teenage years. All this was then inherited by him and his younger brother, who conveniently died a few years later. So, at the age of 23, Charlemagne automatically became the dominant ruler in Europe. But he didn’t stop there. Within a few years he had added northern Italy to his portfolio, by defeating the kings of Lombardy. 

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Carbon Fundamentalists and War with China

How fascinating that “carbon fundamentalism” might actually be the latest expression of Western imperialism, relentlessly thwarting the aspirations of non-Western nations, allegedly to save the planet.

Climate hoax

Throughout America and Europe, there are now fanatical millions who believe carbon dioxide emissions are an existential crisis of planetary proportions. CO2 terrifies them. What is frightening to the rest of us is how easily these millions are manipulated.

Witness the ease with which opportunists direct the passions of this mob. Examples are endless and span the political spectrum, from corporate and financial special interests reaping obscene profits via mandated “green” products and “carbon emissions trading markets,” to stone-cold Communists riding through the gates of Western democracies inside the Trojan Horse of environmentalism.

Could climate fanatics be motivated to support World War III in the name of saving the planet? Why not? If you believed in it, wouldn’t you do whatever it took to stop the people who are causing the end of the world?

These climate crusaders already consider people who question the “climate emergency” to be “deniers,” and tens of thousands of them are already militants, willing to move beyond rhetoric. Meanwhile, filthy rich establishment grandees (e.g., Al Gore) nod and wink, and cash in on the madness.

A New Religion. ...... MORE

Could Viagra Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Viagra For Type 2 Diabetes: 'Little Blue Pill' Reduces Insulin Resistance Without Risk Of Heart And Kidney Disease
Small trial suggests the drug might help, but much more study is needed

WebMD News from HealthDay

image from

By Robert Preidt....HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 18, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- The impotence drugViagra may help ward off type 2 diabetes in people already at risk for the illness, a small new trial suggests.

The study, funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, found that Viagra (sildenafil) improved "insulin sensitivity" in overweight, pre-diabetic people. Insulin sensitivity involves the body's ability to efficiently use the hormone.

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Black vultures are roosting in Kentucky and eating animals alive

Contrary what our lying Federal Government claims, BLACK VULTURES KILL animals, not just a scavenger as they claim. As a "part timer" rancher, I can vouch for this and it pisses me off to know I can't kill a predator that kills my livestock, from Chickens, to calves!  The story claims that farmers can get a permit to kill them- GOODS LUCK TRYING!  Read the story- and watch the video in the link!


They'll devour slimy newborn calves, full-grown ewes and lambs alive by pecking them to death.

First the eyes, then the tongue, then every last shred of flesh. 

And there isn't much defense against black vultures and turkey vultures, both of which are federally protected and cannot be killed without a permit. 

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 covers all migratory birds, their nests and their eggs, which means that the birds can't be harmed without federal permission. Their nests can only be disrupted, as a deterrent, if there are no eggs or young in them. 

But as the vultures, which are native to Kentucky, have multiplied in numbers nationally over the last two decades, they have become more of a problem for farmers. Each year, Kentucky farmers lose around $300,000 to $500,000 worth of livestock to these native vultures, according to Joe Cain, commodity division director for the Kentucky Farm Bureau. 

It's not just farm animals. Small pets may be at risk too.   More Plus Video

Evidence Noah's Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard

Note: Ballard is probably wrong on the timing and the actual event, but we are running the story as proof that even mainstream evidence always points to the Bible as being quite accurate!

PHOTO: This ark, located an hour south of Amsterdam, is a replica of Noahs Biblical boat. Underwater archaeologist Bob Ballard is in Turkey, looking for evidence that the Great Flood happened.ABC News
more +   The story of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood is one of the most famous from the Bible,
and now an acclaimed underwater archaeologist thinks he has found proof that the biblical flood was actually based on real events.

Robert Ballard, one of the world's best-known underwater archaeologists, talked about his findings. His team is probing the depths of the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey in search of traces of an ancient civilization hidden underwater since the time of Noah.


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How to Stop Digitial ‘Fingerprinting’ Used to Track You Online

Border Patrol officials fingerprint an illegal alien as part of a biometric background check. (AP File Photo/Ross D. Franklin)
AP File Photo/Ross D. Franklin

The New York Times published an article that details how advertisers use online “fingerprinting” to track users with up to 99 percent accuracy, and more importantly, how to prevent it.

The New York Times writes in an article titled “‘Fingerprinting’ to Track Us Online Is on the Rise. Here’s What to Do,” that advertisers are turning to invisible methods to track information about users and discover their identity, a practice that many may find intrusive and worrying. The Times goes on to discuss the rise in this practice and how users can prevent it.    MORE>>>>>>

Top Health Official Cashes in on Merck Stock


  • In January 2020, Dr. Julie Gerberding, former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who after leaving the CDC became president of Merck’s vaccine division, sold half her Merck stock options for $9.11 million
  • Gerberding also cashed out in 2016, when she sold $5.1 million in Merck stocks, and 2015, when she made $2.3 million. In total, Gerberding has made $16,592,144 from her company stock options
  • Gerberding’s former high-level ties to the CDC likely has had enormous influence over Merck’s financial growth, considering Merck makes a majority of the pediatric and adults vaccines recommended by the CDC
  • Red flags have recently been raised about Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil, a vaccine Gerberding promoted in a 2004 report to Congress before it was fast tracked to licensure in 2006. The U.K. recently reported a 54% rise in cervical cancer among 24- to 29-year-olds, the first generation to receive the HPV vaccine
  • A January 2020 report in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine warns HPV vaccine trials have not been designed to detect whether the vaccine actually prevents cervical cancer. Trials have shown, however, that Gardasil raises the risk of cervical cancer by 44.6% among women with a current or previous HPV infection

Economic Bloodbath: Oil- Stocks Crashing - Media Hype is working on destroying Trump economy

Bob Barney

The Fake News about the Coronavirus being the next Black Death has achieved what Russiagate could not do - it has tanked the world's economy and created the greatest threat to Trump's presidency...  Although barley a few hundred have the disease in America, we lose 150 people a day from the FLU! Most people know that the flu can kill. Indeed, the so-called Spanish flu killed 50 million people in 1918 – more than were killed in the first world war. But did you know that the common cold kills many people?  Can you really catch your death?

Rhinovirus causes about half of all colds, but other viruses can cause one or more of the symptoms of a cold, including adenovirus, influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza virus. A cold can also have more severe symptoms in the very young and the very old. Older people are more likely to develop a more serious infection compared with adults or older children. And people who smoke – or who are exposed to second-hand smoke – are also more likely to get a cold and have more severe symptoms.  Sound familiar????

The common cold kills more people each year than we have lost to the Coronavirus, yet no panic!

Oil prices see the biggest plunge since the Gulf War in 1991 as Dow set to open 1,000 points lower

Johns Hopkins Launches Coronavirus Website: 1 Billion Requests a Day

Johns Hopkins Launches Coronavirus Website: More than 1 Billion Requests a Day

Johns Hopkins University experts held a press briefing on Friday on Capitol Hill to discuss efforts to confront coronavirus as it spreads around the globe, including the launch of a website with an interactive dashboard that collects data worldwide about the virus, including data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


Today's Travel Escape- Buy this Island off Ct.

Tiny one-acre island off Connecticut goes on the market for $4.9m

The unusually-named Potato Island (left and inset) is among the archipelago of the Thimble Islands off the east coast of in Connecticut, in the U.S. Potential homeowners may even be lucky enough to stumble across lost loot in their garden as legend has it that British pirate Captain William Kidd buried his treasure somewhere in the 17th century. The luxurious mansion (right) has a heated swimming pool, offers privacy and seclusion but is just a two-minute boat ride from the nearest coastal village, Stony Creek on the mainland.

History: Nazi photo album made from HUMAN SKIN

Nazi photo album made from HUMAN SKIN of a death camp victim is discovered

The battered WWII album (pictured, main and top right) was handed over to staff at the Auschwitz Memorial Museum after the buyer noticed the cover had 'a tattoo, human hair and a bad smell'. It was found at a bric-a-brac antiques market in Poland. Museum experts have now analysed the album's cover and binding and say it is likely that the skin came from an inmate murdered at the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald, in Germany. They added that it was 'without doubt proof of a crime against humanity.' Isle Koch (inset), known to inmates of the Buchenwald concentration camp as the 'Bitch of Buchenwald', is said to have had male prisoners with interesting tattoos murdered and then had their skin turned into interior designs (A collection of prisoners' internal organs and tattooed skins pictured, bottom left)

Daylight Savings Time: How it Started & Why Some States Don’t Participate

Yes it's cold, Yes I'm Tired, so don't forget to set your Clocks AHEAD 1 Hour


Show of hands: who’s excited to “fall back” this Sunday? Some think the illusion of an extra hour of sleep is completely worth it. While others bemoan the fact that it starts getting dark at 4:30 p.m.

Thise has been a contentious 227 year old history that didn’t begin in the U.S. and has many theories as to why it exists. How many of you said it exists for the farmers or for school kids?

According to Congressional Research, daylight savings was originally put in place to give people more daylight hours to work and do other activities. Conceived by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 at the time when he was Minister to France, Franklin felt it was only natural that when it was dark outside, more people would be sleeping and that extending daytime hours according to season would increase productivity.

William Willet proposed that daylight savings time be adopted in British Parliament because doing work and other activities in daylight hours would reduce demand on artificial light. Germany began observing daylight savings to conserve fuel during World War I.

The U.S. went through a lot of back-and-forth regarding daylight savings. The practice was adopted in 1918, abolished for unpopularity after WWI and reinstated during WWII — at this time it was called War Time and took place year round. Several states maintained daylight savings after this ended but it caused much angst to the transportation industry that pushed for uniformed timezones. After the Uniform Time Act of 1966 was passed, states could choose to participate in daylight savings, but the whole state had to adhere to the decision, but now states can split if they are also split according to time zone.

Goose Gossage slams baseball: "'it's like the Democrats are running' the game"

As one of the game's hardest-throwing relievers in the 70s and 80s, Gossage wasn't treated like modern pitchers, who are typically limited to a predetermined number of pitches

Baseball has been ruined by everything from steroids and statistics to its growing similarity with the Democratic Party, according to Hall of Fame relief pitcher Rich 'Goose' Gossage, who says he no longer even watches the game.

'It's a bunch of bulls***,' the 68-year-old Gossage told the Tampa Bay Times. 'It's like the Democrats are running baseball.'

Gossage did not offer any specific reasons for why he feels Major League Baseball resembles a Democrat-run organization. 

The fiery former Yankees star who pioneered the closer role is known for being outspoken, and even lost a position with the franchise in 2018 after criticizing New York general manager Brian Cashman's reliance on statistics.   MORE

Senate panel to issue report on Hunter Biden probe

Hunter Biden (screenshot)

A Senate panel announced Wednesday it will release an interim report on its investigation into Hunter Biden's work for the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings.

The report, to be released within the next month or two, will focus on what former Vice President Joe Biden knew about his son's service on the board of the corrupt firm.

"These are questions that Joe Biden has not adequately answered,” said Sen. Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, reported Politico.   MORE

"And if I were a Democrat primary voter, I'd want these questions satisfactorily answered before I cast my final vote," the senator said.

Evolution Is Religion--Not Science


image from business.baylor.eduEvolutionists claim that evolution is a scientific fact, but they almost always lose scientific debates with creationist scientists. Accordingly, most evolutionists now decline opportunities for scientific debates, preferring instead to make unilateral attacks on creationists.

Scientists should refuse formal debates because they do more harm than good, but scientists still need to counter the creationist message.3

The question is, just why do they need to counter the creationist message? Why are they so adamantly committed to anti-creationism?

The fact is that evolutionists believe in evolution because they want to. It is their desire at all costs to explain the origin of everything without a Creator. Evolutionism is thus intrinsically an atheistic religion. Some may prefer to call it humanism, and New Age evolutionists may place it in the context of some form of pantheism, but they all amount to the same thing. Whether atheism or humanism (or even pantheism), the purpose is to eliminate a personal God from any active role in the origin of the universe and all its components, including man.

The core of the humanistic philosophy is naturalism—the proposition that the natural world proceeds according to its own internal dynamics, without divine or supernatural control or guidance, and that we human beings are creations of that process. It is instructive to recall that the philosophers of the early humanistic movement debated as to which term more adequately described their position: humanism or naturalism. The two concepts are complementary and inseparable.4

Since both naturalism and humanism exclude God from science or any other active function in the creation or maintenance of life and the universe in general, it is very obvious that their position is nothing but atheism. And atheism, no less than theism, is a religion! Even doctrinaire-atheistic evolutionist Richard Dawkins admits that atheism cannot be proven to be true.     Of course we can't prove that there isn't a God.5




Locust plague fears: Book of Revelation apocalypse seal ‘broken' after swarm reaches China

I am linking this story, NOT because this is Revelation being fulfilled (although that is possible) but because MAINSTREAM MEDIA is thinking it is!   Think about that!


A plague of locusts hit China

A plague of locusts hit China (Image: GETTY)

A LOCUST plague which has now reached coronavirus-struck China may be the "fifth trumpet" prophesied in the Book of Revelation, according to wild claims. In the final book of the New Testament, seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic eventsseen by John of Patmos in his vision. According to Revelation 8:1-2 the angels sound these trumpets after the breaking of the Seventh Seal, which secured the scroll of the apocalypse, marking the Second Coming of Christ. The fifth of these seven trumpets is said to see a swarm of locusts sent to torment anyone who does not have the approval of God.

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Africa's locust plague is man-made

Here are a few headlines about an African tragedy: "Africa's Worst Locust Plague in Decades Threatens Millions" (The Wall Street Journal), "'Unprecedented' Locust Invasion Approaches Full-Blown Crisis" (Scientific American), "Somalia Declares Locust Outbreak a 'National Emergency'" (The National) and "U.N. Calls for International Action on East Africa Locust Outbreak" (Bloomberg Green). This ongoing tragedy is mostly man-made, according to an analysis by Paul Driessen, who is a senior policy adviser with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise.

Driessen says that billions of desert locusts have attacked the eastern Africa nations of Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. According to the U.N., the locust attack in Kenya is the worst in 70 years and the worst in 25 years for other east African nations. Locusts are destroying crops and threatening tens of millions of Africans with lost livelihoods and starvation. These locust swarms can blanket 460 square miles at a time and consume more than 400 million pounds of vegetation daily. They reproduce fast, too, meaning locust swarms could be 500 times bigger in six months.

Africa's locust plague is man-made. Economic development organizations and activist nongovernmental organizations have foisted "agroecology" on the poorest nations – an organic-style agriculture. They promote the virtues of peasant farming. So how do these poor farmers fight the locust plague? Driessen says: "Desperate Africans are responding with 'time-tested' methods: whistling and shouting loudly, banging on metal buckets, waving blankets and sticks, crushing the bugs, perhaps even roasting and eating them, under U.N.-approved nutrition programs. In Eritrea, they are using 'more advanced' methods: hand-held and truck-mounted sprayers. In Kenya, police are firing machine guns and tear gas into the swarms!"   MORE

Incredible moment YouTubers drop a CAR 150ft onto the 'world's strongest' trampoline

A former NASA engineer and two YouTubers have teamed up to drop a car 150ft onto 'the world's strongest' trampoline.

Scientist Mark Rober spent six months planning the stunt which ended up involving a two-tonne steel trampoline with a mat made of Kevlar and 144 garage door springs.

In a video of the drop the white vehicle is seen quickly falling and hitting the super-sized creation with a loud thud - but it remarkably stays intact.

Scroll down for video 

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober and the two Australian YouTubers behind channel How Ridiculous drop a car from 150ft onto a two-tonne steel trampoline in a new stunt
The car bounces off the Kevlar mat (pictured) and crashes into some of the 144 garage door springs during the impressive drop

CORRUPTION: Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg paying superdelegates big bucks

I guess this sort of corruption and election tampering is OK to morals Demz

By Andrew Kerr
Daily Caller News Foundation

Leading Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg have paid a combined $466,000 to superdelegates who are likely to support their benefactors in the event of a contested convention, Federal Election Commission records show.

Sanders has spent the most so far on employing superdelegates, FEC records show. His campaign co-chair, former Ohio state senator and Democratic National Committee member Nina Turner, has received $149,000 from the democratic socialist’s campaign. The Vermont senator has also divvied out $53,000 to his California political director, DNC member Susie Shannon.

Turner and Shannon are superdelegates by virtue of being members of the DNC. The two surrogates would be able to cast ballots for their boss if a second round of voting is required at the Democratic National Convention in July, which would be triggered if no candidate wins at least 50% of the delegates during the primaries and caucuses.

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Squirrel squares up to deadly Cape cobra

Terrifying footage shows the fearless Cape ground squirrel leaping at the poisonous snake and trying to distract it with its tail in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa. Safari guide Dave Pusey, 41, who took the footage, said he had been coming to the park for years but had never witnessed a battle like this. He thought the rodent could have had babies in a burrow nearby, which she was protecting. Ground squirrels are known to mob snakes despite the risks.

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Squirrel squares up to deadly Cape cobra and dodges its lightning-fast strikes in astonishing encounter