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Incredible moment YouTubers drop a CAR 150ft onto the 'world's strongest' trampoline

A former NASA engineer and two YouTubers have teamed up to drop a car 150ft onto 'the world's strongest' trampoline.

Scientist Mark Rober spent six months planning the stunt which ended up involving a two-tonne steel trampoline with a mat made of Kevlar and 144 garage door springs.

In a video of the drop the white vehicle is seen quickly falling and hitting the super-sized creation with a loud thud - but it remarkably stays intact.

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Former NASA engineer Mark Rober and the two Australian YouTubers behind channel How Ridiculous drop a car from 150ft onto a two-tonne steel trampoline in a new stunt
The car bounces off the Kevlar mat (pictured) and crashes into some of the 144 garage door springs during the impressive drop