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Goose Gossage slams baseball: "'it's like the Democrats are running' the game"

As one of the game's hardest-throwing relievers in the 70s and 80s, Gossage wasn't treated like modern pitchers, who are typically limited to a predetermined number of pitches

Baseball has been ruined by everything from steroids and statistics to its growing similarity with the Democratic Party, according to Hall of Fame relief pitcher Rich 'Goose' Gossage, who says he no longer even watches the game.

'It's a bunch of bulls***,' the 68-year-old Gossage told the Tampa Bay Times. 'It's like the Democrats are running baseball.'

Gossage did not offer any specific reasons for why he feels Major League Baseball resembles a Democrat-run organization. 

The fiery former Yankees star who pioneered the closer role is known for being outspoken, and even lost a position with the franchise in 2018 after criticizing New York general manager Brian Cashman's reliance on statistics.   MORE