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Carbon Fundamentalists and War with China

How fascinating that “carbon fundamentalism” might actually be the latest expression of Western imperialism, relentlessly thwarting the aspirations of non-Western nations, allegedly to save the planet.

Climate hoax

Throughout America and Europe, there are now fanatical millions who believe carbon dioxide emissions are an existential crisis of planetary proportions. CO2 terrifies them. What is frightening to the rest of us is how easily these millions are manipulated.

Witness the ease with which opportunists direct the passions of this mob. Examples are endless and span the political spectrum, from corporate and financial special interests reaping obscene profits via mandated “green” products and “carbon emissions trading markets,” to stone-cold Communists riding through the gates of Western democracies inside the Trojan Horse of environmentalism.

Could climate fanatics be motivated to support World War III in the name of saving the planet? Why not? If you believed in it, wouldn’t you do whatever it took to stop the people who are causing the end of the world?

These climate crusaders already consider people who question the “climate emergency” to be “deniers,” and tens of thousands of them are already militants, willing to move beyond rhetoric. Meanwhile, filthy rich establishment grandees (e.g., Al Gore) nod and wink, and cash in on the madness.

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