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New York City Subways in Rare Photos

115 years of New York City's subway system in rarely seen photos from its construction

A new exhibit at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn showcases incredible photos of the NYC Subway getting built in the early 20th Century. The images were captured by brothers Pierre and Graville Pullis who were hired by the construction company to document the colossal undertaking which began in 1900 and finished with its first 9.1 mile line in 1904. The extensive cache of pictures highlight the unique architectural and historical changes that were happening simultaneously above ground throughout the city in Brooklyn (top left), in downtown and on 42nd Street (top right). Contractors used a process called 'cut and cover' to tear up roads with dynamite by night before installing the tubes below the street surface and repaving it. Boring the tunnels underneath the East River (bottom right) proved to be exceptionally dangerous, given to accidents known as 'blowouts' that would catapult men through the riverbed and 200 yards into the air. The exhibit titled, Streetscapes & Subways: Photographs by Pierre P. and Granville W. Pullis will be on display until January 2021.

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