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Greta meets her match- Germany Teen blast Global Warming Hype

German teenage climate change denier Naomi Seibt, 19, known as the 'anti-Greta' will speak

Naomi Seibt, a 19-year-old German YouTube 'influencer' claims to promote 'climate realism' over 'climate alarmism' on YouTube. She will be speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. this week and join a libertarian think tank and lobbying group that promotes climate change skepticism. Seibt joined the Heartland Institute's Center on Climate and Environmental Policy in February in order to spread her message. The Heartland Institute is one of the most notorious climate change denial groups in the United States. She has been described as a climate-skeptic answer to Greta Thunberg, 17, the environmental activist from Sweden who inspired international climate protests. Thunberg was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year and has become the face for youth climate action.