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The World needs to know the truth about God's Holy Sabbath Day

Note: The Sabbath Day actually starts at dawn on what we call Saturday, and goes until dawn Sunday. (John 20 King James Version- notice the word "cometh- meaning not yet here, and especially proven in Matthew 28:1)


Today is the Sabbath Day!

New Sabbath Website: This ministry has recently launched a new,The Bible Sabbathupdated Sabbath website, with lots of information and Bible truths concerning the seventh day Sabbath.

This world is nearing the final events before Jesus Christ returns, and the Sabbath issue will be one of the main focal points in last day events. So if you are a Sunday keeper, then I urge you to see our website and seek the truth concerning God's 4th commandment. And if you are a Sabbath keeper, then I urge you to share these truths with others.

Either click on the picture or CLICK HERE to see our new Sabbath website.